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trouble running UMCET on hectorp3 with UM vn6.1

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UM Version: 6.1


I'm having a couple of problems with submitting an ensemble using UMCET. The ensemble SUBMIT script has a couple of errors in it. I've set up the job as described in My job is xhhoa.

The first is that it tries to execute a script:
/work/n02/n02/hum/setvars_6.1, which does not exist in this directory. I believe the equivalent for 6.1 is in $UMDIR/vn6.1/$TARGET_MC/scripts/.umsetvars_6.1

Also, the submit line (last line in SUBMIT) uses llsubmit which is not recognised on hectorp3. I guess this should be qsub. un p3.

Can these be modified in the UMUI, or do I need to modify the UMCET mods?


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I should be able to look into this. Unfortunately I'm on leave all next week so it'll
be a bit of a time before it's fixed.
I suspect UMCET has never been set up for 6.1 on hector.


comment:2 Changed 8 years ago by jonny

Hi Simon,
If you could look into it when you get back that would be great. I am intending to use this feature with vn6.1 quite a lot.


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Can you give me an example job and also let me know how you intend to use UMCET, such
as the ensemble number and also what sort of ensemble you intend running (initial
conditions or parameters or whatever…).


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Hi Simon,
the experiment is xhhoa. This is the one I have tried submitting with UMCET.

I want to run initial condition ensembles using different ocean dumps. The ensemble size may get as high at 48 members.


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It turns out that UMCET was set up for 6.1 on Hector but a number of fixes where required for it to work correctly on phase3. I made the changes and have managed to run your example ensemble.

You'll need to remove the
mod overwise it'll hang in the ocean.

You'll also need to restart the umui to pick up the changes before resubmitting.


comment:6 Changed 8 years ago by jonny

Hi Simon,
I've removed that mod file.

Now As I try to run xhhoa as a compile only job I get this message in the popup window:
Can only run ensemble with STEP=4. Any idea what that's about?


comment:7 Changed 8 years ago by simon

You are trying to compile with the "Setup Ensemble" switch turned on.

In general with ensembles it's always a good idea to set up two jobs, one for compilation and one to run.

comment:8 Changed 8 years ago by jonny

Hi Simon,
That's great, I can run the ensemble now as well. Thanks for all your help with that.


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Glad to be of service.


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