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IDL script to read and write start dumps

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I need to be able to read start dumps into IDL, edit them manually, and then write the edited file out again. When I used vn4.5 I used to use the and files from, which were perfect.

However, these no longer seem to work as they are. I think I can see a fairly circuitous way to get them to work, but before I try that I was wondering whether there is a newer script available for reading/writing start dumps using IDL. I know of the PVWAVE/IDL library but that seems only to be able to deal with PP output.



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I think I have worked out how to do this now, but if there is a recommended script people use to do this I would like to have it. Unpacking the data using the recon mostly fixed it, but obviously that makes the dump take up much more space, so if there is a script that can deal with packed data in particular that would be very useful.

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Hi Roland,

I've used the rdancil and wrancil IDL scripts to edit dumps from UM versions later than 4.5 without problem. I'm afraid I don't know much about packing though, and I'm not aware of a version of the scripts to deal with this - although that's not to say there isn't something out there.


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Thanks Annette. In the end the only changes I had to make other than reconfiguring the dump were (1) the point where it reads in the lookup table as that was all integers in 4.5 but in later versions it is part integer and part real. I don't think that is strictly required as long as the read and write scripts are reversible, unless you are changing the values in the lookup table themselves (which wouldn't be wise anyway). (2) if the dump needs bit-swapping then Alan Iwi's script needs a small edit as swap_endian doesn't work on pointer arrays (but it works fine on the data the pointer points to). I think in that isn't a problem.


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