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UM FCM tutorial: revision keyword not defined

Reported by: aq218 Owned by: um_support
Component: FCM Tutorial Keywords: tutorial extract failed revision keyword not defined
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UM Version: 7.1


Hi. Very new user of the UM I have already a problem doing the phase 2 of the tutorial: running jobs. I receive this error message when submitting the job:

Calling FCM_MAIN_SCR - local…
(This may take several minutes.)

FCM_MAIN: Calling Extract …
Base extract: failed
See extract output file /home/aq218/um/um_extracts/xhoja/umbase/ext.out
FCM_MAIN: Extract failed
Tidying up directories …
FCM_MAIN stopped with return code 255

Your job directory on host is:


Your compilation output will be sent to file:


Your model output will be sent to file:


I am pretty sure that I have all the parameters set as in the tutorial pages. I also have my .fcm which includes the revisions.cfg.

Below you will find what there is in the ext.out.

Many thanks in advance for your help!
Best regards,

aq218@puma:/home/aq218> more /home/aq218/um/um_extracts/xhoja/umbase/ext.out
Extract command started on Fri Sep 14 14:54:18 2012.
→Parse configuration: start
[FAIL] svn://puma/UM_TUTORIAL_svn/UM/branches/dev/ros/VN7.1_machine_cfg/src/conf
igs/bindings/container.cfg@vn7.1_cfg: revision keyword not defined

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Hi Aurelien,

It will work now, so please try again.


[Note for self: Added vn7.1_cfg keyword to subversion properties. With the upgrade of FCM keywords are no longer read in from the .cfg files.]

comment:2 Changed 8 years ago by ros

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