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How to copy MMRs of CO2 and other gases from one job to another

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I have a copy of a HadGEM2ES-CCL60 job which was used for an RCP8.5 climate projection run on Monsoon. I also have a job which was run for historical climate (1850-2010) on Hector. These do not have all the same FCM mods and environment variables etc. I now want to create a job based on the historical run but copying the mass mixing ratios of gases from the RCP8.5 job. Is there a quick way to import this data alone or do I have to delete each entry (1850-2010) and create a new entry for 2010-2100?


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Hi Julia,

If this is just copying STASH items, then there is a tool to do it:

It's called copy_stash and it runs on PUMA.



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No it's not STASH. It's under Atmosphere→Scientific Parameters and Sections → General Physics Constants / Spec of trace gases.

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Hi Julia,

The numbers end up in the file CNTLATM (in the job directory umui_jobs<jobid> in PUMA) under the namelist CLMCHFCG, but I am not sure of the structure. All I can suggest at the moment is that you copy the bits of this file that you want and then incorporate them into a hand edit for the new job.



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My jobid is xgezb but there is no directory with that name under umui_jobs. I have never compiled and run this job and I just copied a job from a colleague and started editing my copy. There is a file called HIST_xgezb under umui_jobs/job_hist. This seems to have some simple changes in it but not everything. I have started manually editing the mass mixing ratios. I saved after each gas I had changed and I have managed to change all but HCFC134A. This used to have 1850-2005 specified and then 2006 onwards it was set up for 0% compound growth (the other gases did not have anything in this second table). After setting up all the mass mixing ratios for 2000-2100 for HCFC134A I tried to close the window, got a warning about the second table containing year 2006 which was specified in the first table and then I tried to change 2006 to 2101 but I just got an error and it seemed like the window was confused about the table entries because it then wouldn't let me edit anything. I then had to abandon changes to close the job and log off to go home. Now when I try to open the HCFC134A window I get the error
ERROR: Table gvals6 already exists gvals6,MaxDisplay? gvals6,0 gvals6,Values gvals6,1 gvals6,InSuper? gvals6,nCols gvals6,StartNumber? gvals6,Width gvals6,MinLength? gvals6,Numbered gvals6,nSuper gvals6,TableId? gvals6,Heading gvals6,LengthType? gvals6,State,0 gvals6,State,1 gvals6,Indexed gvals6,nRows gvals6,StringLength? gvals6,Title gvals6,LinkVar? gvals6,MaxLength? gvals6,LengthAdjustment? gvals6,SortOrder? gvals6,DataType? gvals6,VarList?

The mass mixing ratios I did manage to change are not listed in the HIST_xgezb file so where is this information stored and what can I do about the error?

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I have tried going in and out of this window a few times and reopening the job and I got different errors each time. The window eventually opened with the old values showing so I have now been able to get the values I want in the table.

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