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Number of Land Points for new LAM

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the following question has been highlighted previously by another user but my query differs slightly. I am trying to get a 12km LAM working for a region over Africa. I have run the global model and created LBCs for the region of interest (I have used LAMPOS to make sure these were situated correctly). Following on from this I have created a new umui run for the 12km with linkages to the global run-created LBCs. I have told the model to reconfigure the global start file (I am not supplying any new higher resolution ancillary files). When I run this, the reconfiguration seems to work okay, i.e. I create a .astart file and when I use pumf on this I see that there are 101595 land points, which I have also set in my 12km UMUI settings. Upon running however, the following error arises - 'Number of land points does not agree with input namelist!'. As mentioned by the user in the similar ticket, the .leave file does not indicate how many land points there should be (as it says it should in the documentation). I have looked at the source code generated and notice that in the fortran file 'rcf_set_lsmout.f' there is output going to 2 destinations, i.e. write(0, and write(6,…obviously one of these is to the .leave file. Where is the other one going? To screen? I think this should tell me how many land points there should be? Anyway, my question is essentially am I doing something silly and this problem can be easily rectified or should I possibly create some modsets to get into the above mentioned routine? The I.D of the two runs are xcrfa(initial global run) and xcrfb(12km run). On an extra note, can you tell me why the model needs this quantity, i.e. # of land points? I cant seem to find this info in the documentation.

Anyway, as always, any help would be much appreciated.


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Hello again,

apologies - I have been reading through a few other tickets since posting the above ticket. Is it true that it is not possible to run a LAM using only values reconfigured from the global file, i.e., you need to supply high-resolution orog, soil moisture ancillaries etc?


comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by lois

Hello Gerry,

I know we have been in email contact about this issue but this reply is to re-iterate for other users that if they include an environment variable in the UMUI

submodel independent → script inserts and modifications

and set this to

This flushes the buffers so you should always find in the output .leave file what number of land points the model says it needs.


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