10:50 Ticket #116 (Albedo in the model) created by cbain
Hello NCAS, Quick Q: Has the albedo for the Sahara changed in the last …


13:25 Ticket #115 (What does QCF stand for in stash 00012?) created by cbain
Quick question: What does QCF stand for in stash 00012? Is there any way …
10:49 Ticket #114 (errno value of 29) created by jmarsham
I'm trying to do a 500m grid-spacing run (xcuxg) forced with BCs output …


10:17 Ticket #109 (Modifying an Ancillary file) reopened by gdevine
Hi Jeff, I am having a few problems with Xancil0.4. I have now …


15:29 Ticket #112 (UMDP 24 missing) closed by ros
fixed: Thanks for noticing this Jonathan. I have found the document and it is …


11:34 Ticket #113 (Job failures) created by jmarsham
I cannot see why /hpcx/devt/n02/n02-ncas/jmarsham/xcuxe …


16:42 Ticket #112 (UMDP 24 missing) created by jonathan
UMDP 24 is missing in the set of documents for 4.5. (It is the paper about …
13:28 Ticket #109 (Modifying an Ancillary file) closed by jeff
11:05 Ticket #111 (Rejected by n02-bjob) created by jmarsham
I just submitted a job (xcuxe) to HPCx on tic—code n02-bjob. The submit …
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