09:48 Ticket #144 (starts dumps - ticket for Willie McGinty) created by s.i.l.d.bohnenstengel@…
Hi Willie, I would like to run the UM in version 6.1 on the hpcx for the …


17:58 Ticket #143 (Hector tic code) closed by lois
fixed: You are now in the n02-casc sub project so when HECToR returns you should …
12:25 Ticket #143 (Hector tic code) created by gdevine
Hi, I have been trying to run the sample job on HECToR (xczia (my …


15:22 Ticket #142 (Row length is larger than maximum defined in AMAXSIZE) created by umdoc
Hi, I am trying to run a UM job (xddka) on Hector having copied it across …


14:02 Ticket #139 (devt quota) closed by ros
duplicate: This ticket is now resolved. See #141


13:57 Ticket #141 (Diskspace) closed by lois
fixed: Hello John, I have doubled your personal quota but please be aware that …


10:43 Ticket #141 (Diskspace) created by jmarsham
Although xcuxj is now queueing and starting it still fails due to a lack …


15:23 Ticket #136 (500m run - faulty output) closed by ros
fixed: Thanks for letting us know the solution. I'm now closing this query. …
15:19 Ticket #131 (UM version) closed by ros
15:16 Ticket #121 (Reconfiguration problem - "Error encountered while attempting to allocate ...) closed by ros
15:12 Ticket #118 (Negative theta detected) closed by ros
15:08 Ticket #113 (Job failures) closed by ros
15:06 Ticket #110 (1km simulation failing to converge) closed by ros
fixed: No further comments have been made to this query so I'm closing this …
14:59 Ticket #108 (Invalid blocklength (-16) in type constructor MPI_Type_vector) closed by ros
14:56 Ticket #96 (Number of Land Points for new LAM) closed by ros
14:52 Ticket #26 (How is soil moisture analysed in UM?) closed by ros
fixed: Ticket closed at user's request.
14:38 Ticket #134 (Continuation run) closed by ros
14:35 Ticket #133 (Login and password) closed by ros
fixed: Authorisation for the example jobs page has been fixed. For admin …
14:24 Ticket #140 (UM vn4.5 on Hector) created by Guang.Zeng@…
Dear UM support, I wonder if you have provided any standard job of the UM …
10:01 Ticket #139 (devt quota) created by jmarsham
I'm getting qsmncompile(76): * cprdlevln: Cannot exceed the user …


12:04 Ticket #138 (updating ancil more frequently than times in file) closed by jeff
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