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Add link to UMUI Survey (diff)
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10:02 Ticket #151 (Disk space on HPCx) closed by lois
10:01 Ticket #152 (No .leave/.workstat files in umui_out) closed by lois
10:01 Ticket #154 (access problems) closed by lois
fixed: You need to be in the n02-hgem group on HPCx to access these directories. …


12:39 Ticket #154 (access problems) created by keeley
Hi, I am wanting to run a N144 version of NUGAM and therefore need …


10:47 Ticket #153 (copy stash) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Sarah, Yes the copy_stash utility is on PUMA. It's under …
10:33 Ticket #153 (copy stash) created by keeley
Hi, Sorry to pester you. Just wondering if a copy stash program exists on …


14:11 Ticket #152 (No .leave/.workstat files in umui_out) created by swr06rjk
I am not getting any UM output in the directory $DEVTDIR/um/umui_out (eg …


17:26 Ticket #122 (start dumps request) closed by willie
14:09 Ticket #151 (Disk space on HPCx) created by keeley
Hi, I am planning on doing some HiGEM runs and I think I need some disk …


18:39 Ticket #145 (Hector run producing spurious output on a few lines) closed by jeff
11:36 Ticket #149 (Help with co-ordinate transformations) closed by jeff
fixed: Hi Bethan, I think that although you've input regularly spaced points the …


16:56 Ticket #150 (um documentation on land and ice surfaces component) created by renfrew
hi all, I'm looking for a science document on "land and ice processes …


08:22 Ticket #149 (Help with co-ordinate transformations) created by bethan.white
To whom it may concern, I am having problems with model/real co-ordinate …


17:21 Ticket #148 (Tic code for running NAE domain at 76 levels on HECToR) created by oma
Dear All, I'm trying to run the UM over the NAE and 76 vertical levels on …
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13:39 Ticket #147 (periodic updating of soil moisture or deep soil temperature from smow and ...) created by agt
UM vn4.5, atm-only Previously in ticket 138, Jeff managed to get snow …


11:01 Ticket #146 (Migrating from HPCx into HECToR) created by oma
Dear All, I just started trying to move a job that already runs on HPCx …


10:07 Ticket #145 (Hector run producing spurious output on a few lines) created by fuensd@…
Hi, Two of us here are trying to get a global UM run at 40 km resolution …


09:48 Ticket #144 (starts dumps - ticket for Willie McGinty) created by s.i.l.d.bohnenstengel@…
Hi Willie, I would like to run the UM in version 6.1 on the hpcx for the …


17:58 Ticket #143 (Hector tic code) closed by lois
fixed: You are now in the n02-casc sub project so when HECToR returns you should …
12:25 Ticket #143 (Hector tic code) created by gdevine
Hi, I have been trying to run the sample job on HECToR (xczia (my …
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