14:58 Ticket #177 (ancillary files required) created by anmcr
username: anmcr email: anmcr@… Hello, Could you please …
13:51 Ticket #176 (Running UM 6.1 on Hector - standard mesoscale runs) created by jmarsham
Regarding email message from Bethan White (below), we have now solved this …
10:17 Ticket #175 (Sea ice periodicity problem) created by rjel@…
Dear UM support, I have been trying to set up an experiment on HECToR with …


16:18 Ticket #174 (difficulty setting up LAM in southern hemisphere) created by anmcr
Hello, I used LAMPOS to setup a UM 6.1 LAM centered on the Antarctic …


13:12 Ticket #173 (Problem with job xczxi) created by laurahb
Hi, I'm having problems with the UM job xczxi - it runs ok (ie no errors) …
12:04 Ticket #172 (Exte nding a UM run) created by mjm
Hello I've run the v4.5 HadCM3 model on Edinburgh's ECDF for 60 model …


11:41 Ticket #171 (no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable) closed by jeff
08:45 Ticket #171 (no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable) created by anmcr
Hello, I am unable to run the umui from PUMA due to the warning 'no …


10:25 Ticket #81 (reconfigured ECMWF global dump) closed by lois
10:25 Ticket #55 (SCM Setup) closed by lois
10:24 Ticket #28 (Reconfiguration Step Freezes) closed by lois
10:23 Ticket #13 (creating daily ancillary files from NetCDF) closed by lois
10:17 Ticket #170 (dearchiving on HPCx) closed by lois
fixed: Hello Jonathan, It is tough to find spare space on a mature system like …
08:41 Ticket #170 (dearchiving on HPCx) created by jonathan
Dear Lois I'm working on copying the data I want from HPCx to local disk. …


17:35 Ticket #167 (error message 'no time in budget n02' on hector) closed by lois
fixed: This issue was closed after Alexey was put in the appropriate sub-group on …


15:54 Ticket #166 (problems with ff2pp on hector for re-initialized um output) closed by jeff
14:02 Ticket #169 (Test) closed by annette
12:37 Ticket #169 (Test) created by a.osprey@…
Just testing the famous-esm-info mailing list -please ignore!!


18:11 Ticket #168 (6 hourly FAMOUS output variables are separated into several ones) created by m.yoshioka@…
6 hourly FAMOUS output variables should have 120 time steps in a monthly …


12:14 Ticket #167 (error message 'no time in budget n02' on hector) created by akarpech
Dear all, I've got 'No time in budget n02 ' message after trying to run a …


18:15 Ticket #166 (problems with ff2pp on hector for re-initialized um output) created by sws07sib
Hi, I try to convert my 64 bit Um output to 32 bit pp output on hector in …


15:30 Ticket #165 (ECMWF operational data) created by carito
Hello, I'm interesed about running an experiment in a limited area for …


15:55 Ticket #127 (Request for start dumps) closed by willie
15:54 Ticket #150 (um documentation on land and ice surfaces component) closed by willie
15:53 Ticket #144 (starts dumps - ticket for Willie McGinty) closed by willie
14:54 Ticket #164 (Start dumps on HECToR) created by gdevine
Hi, I have a number of start dumps that I copied across from HPCx to a …
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