18:20 Ticket #296 (HadCM3 4.5 on HECToR) created by mjm
Hello We might in some circumstances find that we need to use HECToR, as …


17:19 Ticket #291 (recompilation on HECToR) closed by jeff
15:46 Ticket #278 (Sea Ice ancillary reconfiguration) closed by jeff
fixed: Hi Benjamin Glad you have got it all sorted. Jeff.


15:49 Ticket #293 (Resources on Hector) closed by lois
10:15 Ticket #290 (Jobs not running after error-free compilation) closed by lois
10:11 Ticket #295 (Job terminated at HECTOR) closed by lois


11:45 Ticket #295 (Job terminated at HECTOR) created by akarpech
Hi, My jobs (xebbd, xebbe, xebbf) have been terminated with a message 'No …
11:43 Ticket #287 (UMUI on PUMA error message when using Eddie) closed by jeff
11:20 Ticket #294 (Multi-level user ancillaries) created by swr01hfd
Hi I'm trying to reconfigure a job (xeamt) to include a multi-level user …


16:56 Ticket #293 (Resources on Hector) created by chan1
Hi, I need some help to estimate the resources for HadGEM1 runs on …
15:33 Ticket #292 (porting 6.1 UM job from Met Office to Hector?) created by mjm
Hello We are trying to port a job to Hector from a basis file of a …
11:29 Ticket #291 (recompilation on HECToR) created by jonathan
Does the recent change on HECToR and the need for recompilation mean that …
10:53 Ticket #290 (Jobs not running after error-free compilation) created by swr06rjk
I have submitted jobs xdofh and xdofe a few times since yesterday evening. …
10:30 Ticket #289 (UM Tools to convert between pressure/height/model levels) created by isssjp
Hi, A week or so ago I found a utility on the NCAS CMS web site that …


12:45 Ticket #288 (slab hadam3 job not ticking over more than 1 month) created by agt
Hi all, I have a strange problem with the slab model of vn4.5. This …


15:48 Ticket #287 (UMUI on PUMA error message when using Eddie) created by mjm
Hello When submitting a job from the UMUI on PUMA to Eddie (ECDF), we now …
14:59 Ticket #269 (Problem building HadCM3 on Eddie) closed by jeff


17:12 Ticket #282 (Problem with rotate function) closed by willie
fixed: Hi Kirsty, I've now decided the rotate program doesn't work. I have …
10:48 Ticket #286 (ERROR: bi_linear_h warning over-writing due to dim_e_out size) created by swr01hfd
Hi I'm trying to run a nested series of UM vn6.1 limited area domains on …


15:40 Ticket #285 (responding to a run with negative pressure) created by mjm
Hello! A run fell over with negative pressure after 8 or 9 model years. …
14:58 Ticket #284 (error in nupdate after job transfer from hpcx) created by alexrap
I have transferred one of my HPCX jobs to Hector and after changing the …


14:03 Ticket #283 (Output from scatter_field is misaligned) created by swr06rjk
I am doing essentially a 'null case', where I gather field A from all …
11:33 Ticket #276 (puzzle with processing some ocean data in HadCM3) closed by jeff


11:51 Ticket #282 (Problem with rotate function) created by swr05keh
Hi, I am running a LAM with a rotated grid on version 6.1 and now 7.1. …
10:02 Ticket #281 (unexpected end of the run) created by salvatore
Hi, I have a problem with my job xdzuz: this is a kind of job I have run …


13:26 Ticket #280 (changing MPI on Eddie for HadCM3 - guidance about an MPI problem please) created by mjm
Hi Simon/Jeff? I'd like to see if you have any thoughts to help with a …


17:44 Ticket #279 (vn4.5 Lam ancillarc creation) created by ggxjd
Hi there, I'm wondering how I can make a full set of ancillary files for a …


12:07 Ticket #275 (checking land sea masks) closed by jeff
10:49 Ticket #278 (Sea Ice ancillary reconfiguration) created by beh27
Hi, I'm wanting to add some sea ice to a LAM job that I have running …
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