18:20 Ticket #349 (Reconfiguration for new Ancillary) closed by jeff
16:05 Ticket #349 (Reconfiguration for new Ancillary) created by sws07sib
Hi, I encounter problems reconfiguring a new ancillary. Job xefge. In …


18:23 Ticket #347 (vn6.1 atmosphere doesn't integrate for more than a month or so) closed by jeff
fixed: Glad to hear its working okay now, not at all sure what went wrong. Jeff.
16:41 Ticket #348 (Error running tutorial job) created by a.elvidge
After submitting the job from section two of the FCM UM tutorial, I get …


18:21 Ticket #347 (vn6.1 atmosphere doesn't integrate for more than a month or so) created by agt
Dear all, I'm trying to run UM version 6.1 on hector. My job is xenkb …
11:52 Ticket #346 (Experiment should start with letter t) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Nav, Your user settings have been corrected and you are now part of …
11:26 Ticket #346 (Experiment should start with letter t) created by ggxns
Hi, I'm a new user from the University of Bristol. My experiment names …


10:04 Ticket #345 (UM START DUMP DATA REQUEST) created by sws04jc
Dear CMS, I would like to request global start dumps valid at 00UTC on …


13:43 Ticket #344 (Problem creating generalised ancillary file with Xancil) closed by jeff
fixed: Xancil fix solves this problem. All versions of xancil updated. Jeff.


14:35 Ticket #344 (Problem creating generalised ancillary file with Xancil) created by swr05keh
Hi, I've been running a 24km resolution NAE ensemble using initial …


16:44 Ticket #343 (concatenating lbc files) created by swr01hfd
Hi I've generated three, 24 hour lbc files for successive days and I'd …
11:50 Ticket #342 (Help with dumps) created by richie
Dear UM support, I have an experiment to run where I spin the model …


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14:09 Ticket #341 (OSError: (13, 'Permission denied')) closed by ros
12:54 Ticket #341 (OSError: (13, 'Permission denied')) created by kipling
I'm getting "permission denied" when I try to add an attachment (patch) to …
12:45 Ticket #340 (REPLANCA / UP_ANCIL errors when using UKCA_MODE with 365-day calendar) created by kipling
In job xelno, I have been trying to use the ERA-40 nudging code (from …


16:49 Ticket #339 (UM7.1 standard job failing to submit to queue) created by jmarsham
I'm at the UM turorial at the Met Office I have copied the NCAS v7.1 …


16:28 Ticket #319 (TEST) closed by ros
14:39 Ticket #338 (UM vn 4.5 hybrid sigma pressure coefficients ?) created by alindfor
Hello, I am running some experiments with HadAM3 (vn 4.5.1) and would …
13:56 Ticket #327 (daily means) closed by jeff
13:51 Ticket #337 (ssh refused) closed by jeff
11:09 Ticket #337 (ssh refused) created by ggtle
Hello, I can't login to puma from the Met Office: eld436:~/$ ssh …


15:00 Ticket #336 (Regional modelling with HadCM3) created by iamack
Hello, I'm planning to run HadCM3 vn4.5 on our local Edinburgh cluster to …


18:07 Ticket #335 (Failure at the reconfiguration in 4km run) created by eelgc
Hi, I'm doing nested runs (Global - 12km - 4km - 1km) over West Africa, …


13:08 Ticket #333 (UM Trac access) closed by ros
12:36 Ticket #334 (FCM base extract fails) created by rosalindwest
Hello, In my job xeisc, I have tried to include modifications from …


08:44 Ticket #325 (Manipulating UM start dumps) closed by willie
08:43 Ticket #328 (Temperature on pressure level) closed by willie


12:19 Ticket #333 (UM Trac access) created by kipling
Sorry, one more account request — I've got the UM running now, but could …
10:20 Ticket #332 (start dump request) created by sws04jc
Hello, I would like to obtain MO start dumps in both the global and NAE …
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