13:33 Ticket #361 (Ensembles at 4.5) created by simon.tett
Hi, I'm trying to setup an ensemble using the setup ensemble in the …
11:38 Ticket #355 (Model crashes when orographic height is changed) closed by willie


18:04 Ticket #360 (job xeoxb submits on MONSooN but is held in queue as output is directed to ...) created by lherma
This is what I get when I hit submit from PUMA: […] …
17:51 Ticket #357 (Error while processing job xeoxb on PUMA for MONSooN) closed by jeff
16:47 Ticket #359 (ssh to puma) closed by jeff
14:05 Ticket #359 (ssh to puma) created by simon.tett
Hi when I try and ssh to puma from my windows machine using putty or if I …
13:09 Ticket #358 (Setting environment variable NLSPATH) created by anmcr
Hi, I get the error message 'Unrecoverable library error Unable to find …
10:36 Ticket #332 (start dump request) closed by willie
10:36 Ticket #329 (qsexecute error at point of job resubmission) closed by willie


08:58 Ticket #334 (FCM base extract fails) closed by ros
08:55 Ticket #339 (UM7.1 standard job failing to submit to queue) closed by ros


16:33 Ticket #357 (Error while processing job xeoxb on PUMA for MONSooN) created by lherma
I have set up my job on PUMA to compile the executable and I pressed …
15:31 Ticket #356 (Loading STASHmaster files into convsh) created by kipling
I'm using convsh (v1.91) to convert UM fieldsfiles to netCDF (via the …
15:26 Ticket #355 (Model crashes when orographic height is changed) created by jsau
I am trying to get a basic UM vn6.1 run (xemqa) with modified ancillary …
14:17 Ticket #354 (LAM job error) created by a.elvidge
Hello, I am attempting to run a LAM job for the Antarctic Peninsula. I …


16:24 Ticket #353 (Example 4.7 job for monsoon) created by lherma
Hello At the MONSooN opening day at the MO Lois said that v4.7 had been …


14:39 Ticket #352 (Additional PC2 diagnostics) created by kipling
In the PC2 documentation (annexe to UMDP29, s5.3) it is mentioned that the …


17:07 Ticket #351 (UM vn 4.5 SST ancil for 2000s ?) created by alindfor
Hello, I am running a UM4.5 (HadAM3) experiment for the 2000s, and would …
10:39 Ticket #350 (info to help with a bottom script please) created by mjm
Hello I want to have a bottom script, run after UM jobs. It needs to …
09:34 Ticket #345 (UM START DUMP DATA REQUEST) closed by willie


18:20 Ticket #349 (Reconfiguration for new Ancillary) closed by jeff
16:05 Ticket #349 (Reconfiguration for new Ancillary) created by sws07sib
Hi, I encounter problems reconfiguring a new ancillary. Job xefge. In …


18:23 Ticket #347 (vn6.1 atmosphere doesn't integrate for more than a month or so) closed by jeff
fixed: Glad to hear its working okay now, not at all sure what went wrong. Jeff.
16:41 Ticket #348 (Error running tutorial job) created by a.elvidge
After submitting the job from section two of the FCM UM tutorial, I get …


18:21 Ticket #347 (vn6.1 atmosphere doesn't integrate for more than a month or so) created by agt
Dear all, I'm trying to run UM version 6.1 on hector. My job is xenkb …
11:52 Ticket #346 (Experiment should start with letter t) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Nav, Your user settings have been corrected and you are now part of …
11:26 Ticket #346 (Experiment should start with letter t) created by ggxns
Hi, I'm a new user from the University of Bristol. My experiment names …


10:04 Ticket #345 (UM START DUMP DATA REQUEST) created by sws04jc
Dear CMS, I would like to request global start dumps valid at 00UTC on …
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