13:59 Ticket #404 (n02-clim has run out of CPU time) closed by jeff
13:59 Ticket #405 (out of budget?) closed by jeff
fixed: Replying to kipling: > This applies to the n02-ncas budget as …


17:18 Ticket #408 (No time in budget n02-ncas) created by mx020105
Dear helpdesk, I have received an error message for all of my jobs …


14:48 Ticket #407 (forgotten my puma password) closed by ros
fixed: PUMA password has been reset and details have been sent via email.
11:28 Ticket #407 (forgotten my puma password) created by wroberts
Hello, The summary says it all really! Can you reset my puma password so …
11:03 Ticket #406 (Ubiquitous segmentatiopn fault) created by sosprey
Hello, I am running a job named xeshc which has run for approximately 18 …


10:15 Ticket #405 (out of budget?) created by agt
Hi, A continuing hector job failed over the weekend and I got the …


15:53 Ticket #404 (n02-clim has run out of CPU time) created by jonathan
n02-clim has run out of CPU time on HECToR, so I can't run any jobs. …


17:01 Ticket #403 (N144 HadAM3 vn4.5 compiles but doesn't run) closed by lois
fixed: Great, I am glad that it is fixed. Have you told HECToR to cancel the …
13:25 Ticket #403 (N144 HadAM3 vn4.5 compiles but doesn't run) created by agt
Dear all, I'm trying to run vn4.5 at N144 in the atmosphere only. I am …


14:08 Ticket #402 (UM new SPARC ozone ancillaries) created by shosking
Hi Ros, I want to assess differences in tropospheric Antarctic …
12:07 Ticket #401 (Generating a time varying vegetation cover ancillary) created by aschurer
Hello, I am trying to generate a ancillary for time dependent vegetation …


15:30 Ticket #399 (REPLANCA: PP HEADERS ON ANCILLARY FILE DO NOT MATCH) closed by jeff


11:35 Ticket #389 (Cannot use 'home-made' vegetation ancillary (vegfunc)) closed by jeff
11:34 Ticket #390 (DIAG3A.401) closed by jeff
10:06 Ticket #400 (Job stopped working - used to work before Christmas) created by danpeake
My job xeuib is not running for an unknown reason - this job was working …


19:41 Ticket #399 (REPLANCA: PP HEADERS ON ANCILLARY FILE DO NOT MATCH) created by ggxjd
Hello, I made some periodic sst and sea ice ancils using xancil0.40. They …
09:46 Ticket #398 (Disk quota increase request) closed by lois
fixed: Hello Amanda, I have doubled your HECToR disk allocation however the …
07:58 Ticket #398 (Disk quota increase request) created by mx020105
Hello, I am having trouble at the moment with disk space on Hector since …


12:57 Ticket #383 (complete umui beginner failing dismally with monsoon job) closed by ros
12:55 Ticket #375 (Sample job set up for monsoon) closed by ros
10:42 Ticket #397 (ssh refused) closed by ros
fixed: Andy has removed the machine from the denied hosts file and sent an email …


16:03 Ticket #397 (ssh refused) created by ggtle
Hello, I can't connect to puma anymore from my laptop on the University …
16:03 Ticket #396 (Trac account) closed by ros
fixed: Account created. Login details have been sent by email.
15:24 Ticket #396 (Trac account) created by lecmtw
I've previously used UM vn6.1 on HECToR, so already have a PUMA account. …


11:25 Ticket #395 (No output files) closed by grenville


15:48 Ticket #343 (concatenating lbc files) closed by willie
15:41 Ticket #382 (stash time profile TMEAN6) closed by willie
11:24 Ticket #395 (No output files) created by a.elvidge
Hi, After changing the stash for my 4km LAM job xenoc, I am no longer …


11:54 Ticket #394 (how to compare 32bit PP files?) created by mjm
Hello We routinely convert output to 32bit PP files using ff2pp. I;ve two …


17:45 Ticket #393 (HaDRM3 example job on HECToR?) created by iamack
Hello, I'm having some problems with v4.5 HadRM3 (running on a local …
11:52 Ticket #386 (Failed to submit UM job on Hector) closed by jeff
11:51 Ticket #388 (UM model hogs entire node on MONSooN) closed by jeff


15:19 Ticket #392 (Increasing the maximum number of GHG data points) created by aschurer
Hi, I am interested in increasing the maximum number of designated years …
10:00 Ticket #391 (problem with rsync from monsoon to puma when running REMCOMMS) created by sgalde
Hello, sorry to bother you. I did have a umui job that submitted and ran …
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