11:11 Ticket #457 (Finding jobs created by other people in the UMUI) closed by ros
11:08 Ticket #468 (Cannot see Trac tickets) closed by ros


15:47 Ticket #469 (Lampos freezes) created by a.elvidge
Lampos on PUMA doesn't appear to be working for me. It opens but freezes …


18:17 Ticket #468 (Cannot see Trac tickets) created by lecmtw
Hi, I've tried to create a new Trac ticket (182) for FCM and it has not …
15:01 Ticket #466 (Using pp_merge on linux) closed by willie
fixed: Source code sent by email. Rebuild on linux machine solved problem.
13:59 Ticket #467 (problems submitting jobs from the new PUMA to Monsoon) closed by ros
fixed: After a series of failed login attempts MONSooN got added to the list of …
12:39 Ticket #467 (problems submitting jobs from the new PUMA to Monsoon) created by earkme
I followed all the advice in Andy Heaps' email (see below) and can ssh …
11:01 Ticket #466 (Using pp_merge on linux) created by swr05keh
Hi, I have previously used pp_merge_sparc to merge pp files stored on a …


16:12 Ticket #465 (MAKEBC with lots of files?) created by danpeake
Hi Willie and Chris - I'm emailing you as I wasn't sure who to email, so I …


19:37 Ticket #464 (error in reconfiguration) created by anmcr
Hi, My reconfiguration failed with the error 'REPLANCA: PP headers on …


18:09 Ticket #463 (model failed in executable) created by anmcr
Hi, I have a LAM run at 4km resolution over part of Antarctica which has …
16:07 Ticket #462 (can't see branch with ticket) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Andrew, Saw your comment attached to the UM Tutorial ticket. You are …
14:13 Ticket #462 (can't see branch with ticket) created by anmcr
Hello, I'm trying to create a branch to change the maximum number of rows …


14:32 Ticket #461 (Start dump requests) created by a.elvidge
Hi, Can I please request ECMWF start dumps for: 04/03/2010 at 00, 06, …
10:48 Ticket #460 (Problem getting CAPEP and CAPER out of NDdiag) created by mglinton
When runing NDdiag_HECRoR, only extracting the diagnostics CAPEP and …


15:07 Ticket #459 (problem with um 4.5.1 (HadAM3) reconfiguration) created by sjh395
My experiment tcyqb is nearly identical to another experiment of mine …


10:28 Ticket #458 (ssh -L no longer works?) created by willie
Hi, The command ssh -L 24356:lander:22 <user>@exxvmmonsoonssh 'sleep 60' …


16:45 Ticket #457 (Finding jobs created by other people in the UMUI) created by bethan.white
Hi, I spent some time with Carol Halliwell on Monday looking at setting up …
15:56 Ticket #456 (UMUI and start up files) created by mtjb25
Hi, I am doing my first run of the UM. I have an account on Hector, and …
13:15 Ticket #455 (access to UM start up files) created by mtjb25
I have been on the ncas web page …
12:01 Ticket #447 (Start dump request) closed by willie
12:01 Ticket #452 (reconfiguration/ancillary problem) closed by willie


16:12 Ticket #453 (problems with mods) closed by lois
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