12:03 Ticket #506 (ECMWF/MO Startdump request) created by oma
Dear Willie, Can I have startdump files for the following two dates: * …


12:33 Ticket #501 (Programming environment no longer available) closed by ros
12:30 Ticket #505 (Programming environment no longer supported) created by sosprey
Hello, I believe this query was addressed for ticket #501. However, I am …
10:07 Ticket #504 (Problem running 1.5 km UM7.4 on Hector) created by pclark
I'm trying to run essentially an 'HRTM' setup at 1.5 km; this is pretty …


19:55 Ticket #503 (Ans yet another ECMWF startdump request) created by oma
Hi Willie, I'd like to have ECMWF startdumps for 04 and 11 December 1994 …
17:05 Ticket #502 (Sea-ice ancillary qrice_pcmdi) created by dstevens
I checked the sea-ice fractions in these (frequently used?) ancillary …


17:08 Ticket #478 (Problem with reconfiguring a HadAM3 run) closed by jeff
17:05 Ticket #493 (Symbolic links lead to problems with reconfiguration?) closed by jeff
15:20 Ticket #501 (Programming environment no longer available) created by kipling
Since the recent OS work on MONSooN, I no longer seem able to compile …
10:49 Ticket #500 (run fails) created by anmcr
Hi, I have a 4km run which is failing. The error is given below and is …


20:43 Ticket #499 (Global job on Hector with "Error in exit processing after model run") created by bethan.white
Hi, I've got a global UM job that I am trying to run on Hector with the …


10:38 Ticket #498 (ncl on HECToR?) created by iamack
Hello Is there any possibility of the NCAR Command Language, ncl, being …


14:15 Ticket #496 (error in reconfiguration) closed by grenville
13:21 Ticket #497 (problem with 'fcm commit') created by anmcr
Hi, I want to increase the value of orog_blend_max in …


19:31 Ticket #496 (error in reconfiguration) created by anmcr
Hi, I have a problem with the reconfiguration of a 4km resolution run. …
09:30 Ticket #492 (Problem with build of UM7.4 on Hector) closed by ros


11:03 Ticket #495 (Adding passive tracers to a UM job) created by cbirch
Hi, I want to add passive tracers to a 3 day UM LAM run and I am a bit …


12:24 Ticket #412 (some ancillary files missing) closed by grenville
12:23 Ticket #491 (ancillary file service) closed by grenville
11:20 Ticket #494 (Unable to log-in to PUMA from desktop machine) created by luke
I'm no longer able to connect to PUMA from my desktop here: …
11:01 Ticket #493 (Symbolic links lead to problems with reconfiguration?) created by dps
I don't require help as such as I have fixed the problem. However I wonder …


13:05 Ticket #492 (Problem with build of UM7.4 on Hector) created by pclark
I have been trying to build a 'plain vanilla' UM 7.4 on Hector - job …
11:11 Ticket #490 (problem ssh'ing to puma) closed by ros


12:41 Ticket #491 (ancillary file service) created by anmcr
Hi, I used the NCAS ancillary service retrieve the landmask and orography …


15:21 Ticket #490 (problem ssh'ing to puma) created by anmcr
Hi Andy, When I ssh to puma I get the following message […] If I …


16:34 Ticket #489 (New makebc issue) created by danpeake
I have been using the makebc program to generate LBCs for a LAM run, and …
13:09 Ticket #488 (Core files on MONSooN) created by kipling
Using version 7.1 on HECToR, I was able to get core files when the model …
13:01 Ticket #487 (Met Office startdump request) created by oma
Dear Willie, Would it be possible to get Met Office's startdump for 0Z 28 …
09:55 Ticket #485 (Test) closed by ros


16:54 Ticket #486 (Setting up an esemble run using UMCET) created by aschurer
Hi, I am trying to set up an ensemble run on the UM vn 4.5 using UMCET and …
14:48 Ticket #485 (Test) created by ros


10:16 Ticket #484 (UM 4.5 MPI without buffering?) created by mjm
I wonder if its worth trying MPI without buffering to see how performance …


13:43 Ticket #470 (Absence of Land Mask output) closed by willie
13:27 Ticket #473 (3 ecmwf startdumps required) closed by willie


18:10 Ticket #483 (A run on the NAE domain with 76 levels) created by oma
Dear All, I'm trying to run a simulation using vn7.1 on the NAE domain. …
17:26 Ticket #482 (problem reconfiguring with era40 startdump) created by anmcr
Dear Willie, You previously retrieved 3 era40 startdumps for me. This …
15:25 Ticket #481 (ksh version - AJM 93t+ 2010-02-02) created by mjm
Hello Does anyone have experience of this shell ksh version - AJM 93t+ …
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