16:07 Ticket #522 (Error code 10 - date mismatch - XFIIA) closed by willie
16:06 Ticket #540 (Error code 6 - UM_READDUMP) closed by willie


16:30 Ticket #532 (Archiving files on Phase 2a) closed by willie


15:54 Ticket #545 (Problem with start dump reconfiguration for 1.5km LAM over Africa) created by cbirch
Hi, A few months ago Grenville let me copy his 12, 4 and 1.5km LAM jobs …
15:15 Ticket #544 (Error in submission box) created by a.elvidge
Hi, Since Lois topped up the n02-ncas budget (ticket #543), I am unable …
08:46 Ticket #543 (No time in budget n02-ncas) closed by lois
fixed: This is just the sub group allocation for all the postgrads and visitors …


16:06 Ticket #543 (No time in budget n02-ncas) created by a.elvidge
Hi, My job fails with "No time in budget n02-ncas Job terminated on …


12:52 Ticket #458 (ssh -L no longer works?) closed by ros
12:46 Ticket #526 (Unable to attach files to UM Trac ticket) closed by ros
11:21 Ticket #542 (HadGEM3 run on MONSOON) created by PUMA_GarryHayman
Ros, I recently started an experiment (xfbfh) on MONSOON to simulate a …


14:58 Ticket #489 (New makebc issue) closed by willie
fixed: Dan, I believe this has been superseded by #465, so I'll close this …
14:40 Ticket #480 (Reconfiguring ECMWF startdump for vn 7.1) closed by willie
14:37 Ticket #504 (Problem running 1.5 km UM7.4 on Hector) closed by willie
10:56 Ticket #537 (Not sure about compilation errors) closed by willie
fixed: Hi Sarah, There no more compilation errors and other actions relating …
10:52 Ticket #538 (Changing start dump model year) closed by willie
10:37 Ticket #465 (MAKEBC with lots of files?) closed by willie
09:28 Ticket #534 (Trouble submitting job) closed by willie


17:21 Ticket #541 (HadCM3 job that ran ok on Phase2A blows up on Phase2B) created by jcrook
I had a job xesac which I ran successfully on Phase2A earlier in the year. …
16:38 Ticket #531 (ECMWF Startdump request) closed by willie
16:30 Ticket #520 (start dump request) closed by willie
12:49 Ticket #540 (Error code 6 - UM_READDUMP) created by danpeake
I am trying to run a LAM for 4 days, but I am having trouble with the …


17:07 Ticket #539 (Job crashing on before first time step) created by keeley
Sorry to bother you again… My model is crashing and I really can't …
14:24 Ticket #538 (Changing start dump model year) created by keeley
Hello, In the past I have edited the start dump model year - I thought I …
11:28 Ticket #533 (Using an ancillary file that updates hourly) closed by jeff


15:48 Ticket #537 (Not sure about compilation errors) created by keeley
I have put the start and end of my compilation file here but the main file …
13:44 Ticket #536 (UM intro courses) created by jmarsham
Hi, We have new UM users here who are asking about getting started with …
12:37 Ticket #535 (Problems running HadCM3 on phase2a) created by aschurer
Hi, I have been running several HadCM3 experiments on both phase2a and …


15:57 Ticket #534 (Trouble submitting job) created by keeley
Sorry it has been a long time since using the UM and I am a bit rusty on …


16:15 Ticket #533 (Using an ancillary file that updates hourly) created by cbirch
Hi, I am trying to run a LAM job over West Africa with hourly updated …


15:33 Ticket #519 (Error Code 10 (Ancillary files have not been found) in 12km job) closed by grenville
14:31 Ticket #532 (Archiving files on Phase 2a) created by eead
Hi, I was wondering if there was any information anywhere as to how to …
14:15 Ticket #531 (ECMWF Startdump request) created by oma
Dear Willie, Now that HECToR is back I'd like to run a couple of new …
08:24 Ticket #530 (xconv bug) created by a.elvidge
Hi, I have noticed that, when converting UM output files to netcdf using …


12:16 Ticket #527 (Cannot open the umui from PUMA) closed by jeff


15:46 Ticket #529 (transfer from lat lon winds to RCM grid winds) created by ggxjd
Hi, I'd like to be able to compare winds on a lat long GCM grid with winds …
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