16:19 Ticket #570 (Problem with ancillary file) created by nathaelle
Hi, I'm trying to run a simulation with an ancillary file but I get the …
14:45 Ticket #569 (Quota exceeded on PUMA) created by earkme
Luke Abraham and Graham Mann have been merging their respective vn7.3 …


14:22 Ticket #568 (netCDF library for NEMO on HECToR) closed by ros


19:54 Ticket #568 (netCDF library for NEMO on HECToR) created by iwi
I had a job on HECToR fall down with errors saying: […] Searching for …
16:56 Ticket #567 (MetOffice script fails on MONSooN) created by abozzo
Hi there, I'm trying to run a MetOffice? script on MONSooN but I get an …
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20:40 Ticket #566 (script modifications) created by iwi
Hi, Please could you confirm that for making changes to scripts, I do it …
15:19 Ticket #233 (modifying the entrainment coefficient) closed by lois
15:18 Ticket #488 (Core files on MONSooN) closed by lois
15:12 Ticket #446 (problem invoking umui) closed by lois
15:11 Ticket #536 (UM intro courses) closed by lois
fixed: We try to keep up to date the list of UM courses on the web pages. Please …
15:10 Ticket #402 (UM new SPARC ozone ancillaries) closed by lois
15:07 Ticket #394 (how to compare 32bit PP files?) closed by lois
15:06 Ticket #392 (Increasing the maximum number of GHG data points) closed by lois
15:04 Ticket #438 (Optimal settings for runs on Hector) closed by lois
15:04 Ticket #444 (Problem with ancillary file) closed by lois
15:03 Ticket #432 (Problems with STASH domain profiles) closed by lois
15:02 Ticket #433 (HiGEM job crash on Hector) closed by lois
15:01 Ticket #367 (Error while trying a basic trial run) closed by lois
15:01 Ticket #385 (xconv job for pp to nc processing running out of time in serial queue) closed by lois
15:00 Ticket #362 (UMCET Ensemble) closed by lois
14:58 Ticket #363 (HadRM3 reading multiple LBC files) closed by lois
14:57 Ticket #279 (vn4.5 Lam ancillarc creation) closed by lois
fixed: CAP for UM version 4.5 is available on the NCAS CMS web page
14:55 Ticket #277 (memory leak in UM4.5 on HECToR ?) closed by lois
fixed: There is an issue about the memory usage of MPI on the XT systems which …
14:54 Ticket #280 (changing MPI on Eddie for HadCM3 - guidance about an MPI problem please) closed by lois
14:51 Ticket #285 (responding to a run with negative pressure) closed by lois
14:50 Ticket #302 (query about upper levels data availability) closed by lois
14:49 Ticket #313 (UM 4.5.1 +MOSES2.1 experiment runs for a year then stalls) closed by lois
14:45 Ticket #445 (Disk quota exceeded when running UM on HECToR) closed by lois
14:44 Ticket #314 (Queue time for HadGEM2-AL60 on HECTOR) closed by lois
14:43 Ticket #316 (running HadGEM on HECToR) closed by lois
14:42 Ticket #524 (HadGEM2-ES on MONSooN) closed by lois
fixed: Hadgem2-ES using UM version6.6.3 is available on MONSooN and on HECToR …
14:39 Ticket #263 (Perturbing thr critical relative humidity) closed by lois
14:39 Ticket #336 (Regional modelling with HadCM3) closed by lois
14:35 Ticket #338 (UM vn 4.5 hybrid sigma pressure coefficients ?) closed by lois
14:29 Ticket #301 (convsh slow on Hector) closed by lois
fixed: This is a long term issue for HECToR.
14:28 Ticket #556 (Problem with reconfiguration on Phase2b) closed by lois
fixed: Instructions for running the Um on pahse 2b are awiating a final decision …
14:27 Ticket #535 (Problems running HadCM3 on phase2a) closed by lois


08:59 Ticket #563 (umcet doc: default value for ID_STYLE) closed by ros
fixed: Documentation modified.
08:54 Ticket #561 (umcet documentation) closed by ros
fixed: Documentation Modified.
08:27 Ticket #551 (Base HadGEM2-ES job on PUMA) closed by ros
08:25 Ticket #549 (Starting up on MONSooN) closed by ros
fixed: This ticket has been unchanged for 6 weeks so I am now closing it. If the …


21:42 Ticket #565 (NEMO interpolation for visualisation?) created by iwi
Please could you point me to whatever utility you would recommend for …
21:38 Ticket #564 (NEMO says "no resubmit required" when run is not complete) created by iwi
I imagine this is probably very basic, but I'm stuck. I'm experimenting …
16:21 Ticket #563 (umcet doc: default value for ID_STYLE) created by iwi
Page …


20:20 Ticket #562 (umcet) created by iwi
umcet on puma is producing a SUBMIT script for HECToR which contains …
17:31 Ticket #561 (umcet documentation) created by iwi
At …


12:36 Ticket #560 (Modifying raindrop size distribution in UM 6.1) created by bethan.white
Hi NCAS, I've been trying to modify the size distribution of raindrops in …


14:27 Ticket #546 (HadGEM2-ES on Monsoon - crash for insufficient space) closed by willie
fixed: Hi Alessio, May be it is a gradual instability and restarting from the …


09:28 Ticket #559 (RCM stream function code) created by ggxjd
Hi, I was wondering if you have any code, IDL or otherwise for calculating …


18:05 Ticket #194 (Using ERA-40 to force the LAM) closed by lois
09:04 Ticket #558 (Model run not producing 'pm' files) created by earkme
Hi, The output from my UM7.3 run has not given me any monthly mean files …


20:42 Ticket #557 (baffling error messages and crash in 4.5 job on HECToR) closed by jonathan
fixed: Dear Lois Thank you for your reassurance that the module and mc errors …
14:29 Ticket #557 (baffling error messages and crash in 4.5 job on HECToR) created by jonathan
Dear helpdesk Today my 4.5 FAMOUS-Glimmer job xdnyp is crashing on …
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