11:38 Ticket #596 (Time varying Vegetation set up in UMUI) created by abozzo
Hi, I'm testing some new vegetation ancillaries for HadGEM2 (hg6.6.3) and …


15:30 Ticket #595 (output 32bit UM pp-files) created by shosking
Hi, I use ff2pp on Hector to convert my 64bit UM pp-files to 32bit before …
09:56 Ticket #594 (HadGEM3-A job not working on Phase2b) closed by ros


09:46 Ticket #594 (HadGEM3-A job not working on Phase2b) created by shosking
Over the last year I've been using HadGEM3-A based on the standard job …


10:28 Ticket #593 (ssh passkey problems, vn7.3) created by sws04jc
Hello, I'm attempting to submit a 7.3 job for the first time. My ext.out …
09:44 Ticket #592 (can't open umui from PUMA) closed by ros
08:16 Ticket #592 (can't open umui from PUMA) created by earkme
Hi, I logged in this morning, opened up the umui and tried to make some …


21:15 Ticket #591 (meaning over days and hours) created by salvatore
Hi, I have this problem with the umui. In job xfule I use daily means …


19:22 Ticket #590 (vn7.6 on hector) created by anmcr
Hi, I copied over a vn7.6 4km run to HECToR which Mark Weeks of the …
14:42 Ticket #589 (TIDL function scripts and programmes) closed by lois
fixed: Further information can be found by using the man pages when in the Met …
11:14 Ticket #589 (TIDL function scripts and programmes) created by brad1007
To who it may concern, I am a PhD student at the University of Leeds, I …
09:06 Ticket #578 (Timeout of extract when submitting to HECToR phase2a and phase2b) closed by ros
fixed: This ticket is now being closed. A suggested workaround is to compile on …
08:56 Ticket #588 (cumf on MONSooN) closed by ros


10:35 Ticket #588 (cumf on MONSooN) created by abozzo
Hi, I try to use cumf on MONSooN but I get various errors like: […] …
10:27 Ticket #587 (problem logging into PUMA ssh_exchange_ identification) created by sjh395
I have developed problems logging into PUMA using putty, I get the …


15:54 Ticket #481 (ksh version - AJM 93t+ 2010-02-02) closed by jeff


13:48 Ticket #586 (gridbox area diagnostic) created by rosalindwest
Hello, I would like to know how to switch on the diagnostic for gridbox …


12:43 Ticket #585 (Cannot get new 1.5km LAM domain to run) created by cbirch
Hi, I am trying to set up a new 1.5km LAM domain over the Sahara. I have …
12:32 Ticket #584 (Global vn 7.1 job has started failing in dump reconfiguration) created by cbirch
Hi, I have been using a vn7.1 global job to create LBC's for a LAM over …


17:57 Ticket #582 (slow listing of /work on HECToR) closed by lois
fixed: HECToR and Cray have put in detailed monitoring systems and they will …


19:50 Ticket #583 (12-hour and 6-hour means) created by salvatore
Hello, in my job xfulj I have tried to obstain 12hour means for some …


13:37 Ticket #559 (RCM stream function code) closed by willie
13:37 Ticket #558 (Model run not producing 'pm' files) closed by willie
13:36 Ticket #560 (Modifying raindrop size distribution in UM 6.1) closed by willie
13:33 Ticket #573 (Start dump request) closed by willie


22:58 Ticket #582 (slow listing of /work on HECToR) created by jonathan
Dear Lois The problem with slow listing of /work directories has not been …


12:11 Ticket #581 (Strange behaviour when archiving to MONSooN /nerc disk) created by luke
Hello, I am running a N96L85 UM7.3 HadGEM3-A r2.0 + UKCA job, which is …


15:52 Ticket #580 (interim history file deleted due to failure writing partial sum files) closed by lois
fixed: The good news is that both HECToR and Cray have responded promptly to our …
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