17:22 Ticket #608 (startdumps) created by anmcr
Hi, Could I please get two startdumps for the following dates 1) …


14:22 Ticket #607 (um help) created by swr07dmm
Hi, I just have a couple of problems relating to the UM. 1. My user and …


15:23 Ticket #603 (Error in ancil versions file) closed by lois
08:12 Ticket #606 (Error in exit processing after model run... Failed in model executable) created by a.elvidge
Hi, I am working on hector on job xfxkd. It is a 1.5km LAM running off a …


14:47 Ticket #605 (Fortran compile error) created by danpeake
Hi, I've tried to run a job on HECToR that used to run a few months ago, …
13:02 Ticket #604 (Start dump request) created by cbirch
Hi, Could I have UM start dumps for 12Z on 6th and 7th April 2011 and 00Z …


16:44 Ticket #603 (Error in ancil versions file) created by a.elvidge
Job xfxkb, running on hector. I am getting an error - comes right at the …
16:05 Ticket #602 (Error in vertical levels specification for LBC output) closed by lois
fixed: Reading environment variables like $UMDIR doesn't always work from Fortran …
14:38 Ticket #602 (Error in vertical levels specification for LBC output) created by a.elvidge
[…] xfxka, running on MONSooN. The file …


16:32 Ticket #601 (Error upon submission - start dump reconfigure job) created by a.elvidge
Hi, I am simply trying to reconfigure a start dump. I am using MONSooN, …
09:42 Ticket #598 (New soil albedos in CAP) closed by grenville
09:21 Ticket #600 (LAM jobs now do not compile on phase2a and 2b) closed by ros


11:26 Ticket #544 (Error in submission box) closed by ros
fixed: Following investigations and suggestions from HECToR the following advice …
11:17 Ticket #567 (MetOffice script fails on MONSooN) closed by ros
11:16 Ticket #577 (phase2a.hector.ac.uk) closed by ros
11:11 Ticket #579 (MONSooN, vn7.7, archive to nerc disk) closed by ros
11:09 Ticket #593 (ssh passkey problems, vn7.3) closed by ros
fixed: This ticket is now being closed. For reference, the problem of the …
10:47 Ticket #585 (Cannot get new 1.5km LAM domain to run) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Cathryn, The problem with the absence of a $DATAW/bin directory has …


16:57 Ticket #600 (LAM jobs now do not compile on phase2a and 2b) created by cbirch
Hi, Whilst testing my UM 12km LAM jobs on phase 2b I got this error when …


12:46 Ticket #599 (REPLANCA: PP HEADERS ON ANCILLARY FILE DO NOT MATCH) created by shosking
Hi, I've taken a standard UM 7.3 HadGEM3-A N96L85 job from Ros (xehrf) …


16:49 Ticket #595 (output 32bit UM pp-files) closed by jeff
16:45 Ticket #597 (AMIP II Ozone ancillary) closed by jeff
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