15:20 Ticket #629 (ancillary file for new ocean tracer) created by nathaelle
Hi, I've added ocean tracers to FAMOUS. It runs ok when I initialise them …
10:30 Ticket #613 (Stash help) closed by willie
10:27 Ticket #622 (Start dump request) closed by willie
10:24 Ticket #626 (Error in vn6.1 HiGEM job: ACUMPS: Data corruption during I/O) closed by willie
08:34 Ticket #628 (Start dump request) created by a.elvidge
Hi, I would like to request a UM start dump for 00z 14th March 2011 …


16:33 Ticket #627 (Compilation error with continuation lines) created by luke
Hello, Xin in Cambridge is having problems compiling UKCA code on HECToR …
10:52 Ticket #626 (Error in vn6.1 HiGEM job: ACUMPS: Data corruption during I/O) created by swrshaff
Hi, I'm getting the following error in the job xgaqg …


13:25 Ticket #621 (startdumps) closed by willie
12:40 Ticket #625 (Running UMCET on phase2b) created by agt
Hi all, I'm not sure if you're still supporting UMCET or not, but if you …


14:11 Ticket #624 (Regridding N96 ancils to N48) created by ata27
Hi, I am trying to regrid a set of ancils from N96 to N48. I have a …
12:02 Ticket #623 (Error with processing jobsheet at UM vn7.7) created by frec
When I process any UM vn7.7 job with the "Copy jobsheet to the job …
11:13 Ticket #622 (Start dump request) created by cbirch
Hi, Could I have a UM start dump for 00Z 16th June 2010? If midnight is …


18:13 Ticket #621 (startdumps) created by anmcr
Hi, Could I please get two global startdumps for the following dates …


11:05 Ticket #620 (model crash - DERV_LAND_FIELD error) created by abozzo
Hi, I'm running a millennium run with HadGEM2-ES, job xfkmj. In the past …


14:28 Ticket #619 (Failed compilation of mod in different version of UM) created by mx020105
Dear helpdesk, I have written a mod (attached) and tested it in the UM …
11:48 Ticket #618 (Error generating lbcs) created by a.elvidge
Hi, I am getting the following error when running my LAM job xfxkg. …


12:21 Ticket #584 (Global vn 7.1 job has started failing in dump reconfiguration) closed by grenville
fixed: Cathryn I made a start file for the April 2011 case (with reconfigured …
09:48 Ticket #617 (command line UM submit script) created by iwi
Is there a command-line UM submit script on puma please? This would be …


16:57 Ticket #616 (Cannot open a job in UMUI on puma) created by dh023729
I had no problem to launch UMUI on PUMA, however, when I try to open a job …


14:45 Ticket #615 (GHUI errors and warning) created by vn901215
I get the following error at the end of the process step. I ignored it and …


14:39 Ticket #614 (File transfer from PUMA keeps stalling) created by cbirch
Hi, I've been trying to scp a file from PUMA to Hector by using: scp …
11:21 Ticket #613 (Stash help) created by a.elvidge
Hi, I have a couple of stash related queries. In my job xfxkb (on hector …
10:36 Ticket #574 (Run failure on job xfsya) closed by willie
10:35 Ticket #586 (gridbox area diagnostic) closed by willie
10:31 Ticket #610 (atmosphere basis time mismatch error) closed by willie
10:30 Ticket #611 (UNRECOVERABLE library error) closed by willie
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