14:12 Ticket #643 (Problems with ssh-add on PUMA) closed by ros
fixed: Glad that worked. Yes it is rather odd that only some people are …
12:43 Ticket #643 (Problems with ssh-add on PUMA) created by luke
Xin Yang at Cambridge has been having a problem with the UMUI asking for a …
09:58 Ticket #642 (Make file on Phase2b) created by elsd
Hi, I am trying to run job xfoof on HECTOR phase2b. This is the one …


13:58 Ticket #641 (HadGEM2-ES run with ExtTC - Climate Meaning Error) created by mhollaway
Hi, I am trying to get a version of HadGEM2-ES running with extended …
10:37 Ticket #620 (model crash - DERV_LAND_FIELD error) closed by ros
10:36 Ticket #601 (Error upon submission - start dump reconfigure job) closed by ros
10:33 Ticket #615 (GHUI errors and warning) closed by ros
duplicate: Hi Ali, I've tracked the problem down to an extraneous % sign in the use …


16:38 Ticket #587 (problem logging into PUMA ssh_exchange_ identification) closed by ros
fixed: This ticket is now being closed as it has been dormant for several months …
16:27 Ticket #630 (Problem running FCM tutorial job) closed by ros
16:25 Ticket #637 (new job with existig executable) closed by ros
fixed: UM scripts for hg6.6.3 have now been copied to $UMDIR on MONsooN. This …


18:02 Ticket #636 (Sea Ice Ancil Problem) closed by jeff


16:32 Ticket #640 (HadGEM2-AMIP run with different land sea mask) created by peterh
Hi I am trying to reconfigure and run the AMIP HadGEM2 job with a new land …


09:53 Ticket #639 (Error: no interpolation: but data field size/levels are different) created by a.elvidge
Hi, Job xfxkj. This is a 4km LAM job using a UM start dump. I am getting …
08:46 Ticket #628 (Start dump request) closed by willie
08:44 Ticket #638 (MO start dump request) closed by willie
fixed: Hi Jeff, Your data is now available on HECToR in …


15:20 Ticket #638 (MO start dump request) created by sws04jc
Hello, I would like to obtain global start dumps valid at the following …


13:17 Ticket #637 (new job with existig executable) created by abozzo
Hello, I created a copy (in the specific case xfkmk) of a job (xfkmj) and …
11:20 Ticket #636 (Sea Ice Ancil Problem) created by ata27
Hi, I am having an issue getting a job running using a sea ice field that …
10:15 Ticket #635 (Error opening IAU increment no.01) created by a.elvidge
Hi, Global job xfxki, using a UM start dump. During writing output LBCs I …


16:13 Ticket #634 (Failure of budget access/allocation validation) created by oma
Hello, I've been trying to run the UM with a case that usually runs fine. …


16:36 Ticket #616 (Cannot open a job in UMUI on puma) closed by ros
fixed: Clearing out the /tmp file system resolved this problem. A clean-up …
16:31 Ticket #632 (umui crashes on job submit) closed by ros
15:26 Ticket #633 ('TV1_SD_OPT' is unrecognized in namelist input) created by a.elvidge
I have a job that's falling over with the following error: […] Im …
11:27 Ticket #632 (umui crashes on job submit) created by ojs26
Hello, I have been trying to submit a job through the umui (xfutn), but …
08:30 Ticket #631 (OOM Killer (?)) closed by willie


14:33 Ticket #631 (OOM Killer (?)) created by oma
Hello, I'm having problems running a modified version of the UM. It is …
09:57 Ticket #630 (Problem running FCM tutorial job) created by laurahb
Hi, I've been going through the FCM tutorial and i'm getting an error when …


14:34 Ticket #624 (Regridding N96 ancils to N48) closed by jeff
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