16:43 Ticket #723 (No interpolation, but data field sizes/levels are different!) created by oma
Hello, I've got a very recent NAE startdump (30th Sep 2011) together with …
14:51 Ticket #702 (WRF on HECToR) closed by willie
13:32 Ticket #720 (startdump required) closed by willie
10:47 Ticket #714 (Problem with puma passphrase) closed by ros
10:47 Ticket #716 (v6.6.3 CRUN isn't queued) closed by ros


12:36 Ticket #721 (Pinatuo stuff) closed by ros
invalid: Hi Sandip, I think you meant to create this ticket on the …
11:42 Ticket #722 (Error when processing) created by jchenery
When I try to process my jobs using the UMUI I get the following error. …
10:56 Ticket #721 (Pinatuo stuff) created by elsd
Update from Graham's code


12:22 Ticket #720 (startdump required) created by anmcr
Hi Willie, Could I please get a startdump for 3 Jan 2011 06Z? This is …
11:50 Ticket #713 (start dumps) closed by willie


13:11 Ticket #719 (Over-writing due to dim_e_out size) created by oma
Dear All, I've one again encountered the problem described in #710. I'm …
11:51 Ticket #718 (Startdump request) closed by willie


11:25 Ticket #718 (Startdump request) created by oma
Hi Willie, Would it be possible to obtain MO startdumps for 29th …


17:07 Ticket #717 (Switching off SW radiation) created by a.elvidge
Hi, I would like to run without SW radiation. On the umui Section 1: SW …
14:06 Ticket #707 (Changing the UM code) closed by annette
14:05 Ticket #710 (Over-writing due to dim_e_out size) closed by annette


15:13 Ticket #716 (v6.6.3 CRUN isn't queued) created by iamack
Hello I'm trying my first run of UM v6.6.3 on HECToR, job xgogk. As far …
13:21 Ticket #706 (Wrong no of atmos prognostic fields) closed by willie
12:44 Ticket #709 (Cannot add diagnostics to STASH panel due to error in menu system) closed by willie
12:34 Ticket #715 (xancil, orography, um7.8, missing fields for x, y component gradient.) created by agt
Hi Jeff, I'm trying to do some experiments with orography- I've done some …
10:11 Ticket #714 (Problem with puma passphrase) created by cbirch
Hi, I while ago my passphrase on puma stopped working. After I logged …


17:08 Ticket #713 (start dumps) created by anmcr
Hi, Could I please get two startdumps for the following times: 15 Feb …
14:21 Ticket #712 (Archiving UM 6.6.3 on HECToR) created by iamack
Hello Are there any instructions on how to archive output from UM v6.6.3 …
11:49 Ticket #711 (No time in budget n02-weat) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Oscar, I've just topped up the n02-weat account. Regards, Ros.
11:35 Ticket #711 (No time in budget n02-weat) created by oma
Hello, I'm finding a 'No time in budget n02-weat' error message in my …
11:28 Ticket #710 (Over-writing due to dim_e_out size) created by oma
Hello, After solving the problems described in #706 then I found the …
10:47 Ticket #708 (aprun on hector phase 2b) closed by ros


17:03 Ticket #709 (Cannot add diagnostics to STASH panel due to error in menu system) created by cbirch
Hi, I'm trying to add some diagnostics to a UM job (xfxsd). I am unable …
08:31 Ticket #708 (aprun on hector phase 2b) created by jonathan
Dear NCAS-CMS I am trying to continue a HadCM3 run on HECToR which I did …


09:35 Ticket #707 (Changing the UM code) created by vn901215
I have a UM branch and want to make changes to my working copy in order to …


17:16 Ticket #706 (Wrong no of atmos prognostic fields) created by oma
Hello, I'm trying to run the UM vn7.3 with a very recent startdump (from …
13:58 Ticket #705 (HadGEM2-A xgadd) created by iamack
Hello A couple of questions about the HadGEM2-A example job xgadd. It's …


14:53 Ticket #704 (Problems to build global executable) created by oma
Hello, I'm having problems to recompile a global model executable. This …
10:10 Ticket #701 (ECMWF startdump) closed by willie


11:22 Ticket #703 (Help with HG6.6.3 code modification - conflict resolution?) created by peterh
Hi, I'm trying to modify the values of 2 parameters in the dust_src …


10:54 Ticket #702 (WRF on HECToR) created by iamack
Hello I'm going to be running WRF on HECToR. Can you tell me if there is …


17:30 Ticket #701 (ECMWF startdump) created by oma
Hi Willie, May I request startdump files for 28th Sept 2011? I'd prefer a …


12:40 Ticket #700 (Seg faults in converting N48 to N96) created by watson
Hello, In continuing to try to get an N96 L60 atmosphere-only version of …


13:31 Ticket #699 (Forgot to change NRUN, can I still continue?) created by jchenery
I was doing a run of FAMOUS which aborted with a negative theta detection. …


12:27 Ticket #599 (REPLANCA: PP HEADERS ON ANCILLARY FILE DO NOT MATCH) closed by jeff
12:26 Ticket #659 (Converting UM output files to NetCDF) closed by jeff
12:25 Ticket #629 (ancillary file for new ocean tracer) closed by jeff
12:20 Ticket #657 (Model hangs at end of first month) closed by jeff


15:49 Ticket #695 (Vn6.1 UM with 2011 start dump fails in reconfiguration) closed by willie
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