13:23 Ticket #743 (CCRad with v6.6.3) created by iamack
Hello I attempted to run HadGEM2 v6.6.3 (job xgrtd) with the 'Use CCRad' …


18:53 Ticket #742 (Problem compiling 6.6.3 on Hector) created by watson
Hi, following Grenville's email to PUMA users today I tried compiling a …


21:04 Ticket #741 (ssh to puma not working) created by simon.tett
Hi, when I ssh to puma from one of my school's computers I get an error …


16:37 Ticket #740 (request for startdump) created by anmcr
Hi Willie, Could I please have a startdump for 25 Jan 2011 12UTC. Many …
11:02 Ticket #739 (UM compiler issues following hector upgrade) created by sosprey
Hello, I understand that there has been compiler issues following the …


16:06 Ticket #738 (Errors in Reconfiguration Stage) created by SimonDriscoll
Hi, with regards to this ticket …


15:00 Ticket #737 (Compilation on HECToR) created by SimonDriscoll
Hi, I'm submitting a job on HECToR (xgole). This job has been run by …
13:22 Ticket #736 (Problem compiling 6.6.3 on Hector Phase3) created by watson
Hi, I tried to compile a 6.6.3 coupled atmosphere-ocean job on Hector …
12:20 Ticket #735 (Problems to build global executable) closed by grenville
fixed: Celine Regrettably, HECToR were not able to complete the work scheduled …
11:21 Ticket #735 (Problems to build global executable) created by cplanche
Hello, I'm having problems to recompile a global model executable. The …
10:25 Ticket #728 (AMIP SSTs and sea-ice up to 2010?) closed by grenville
10:13 Ticket #734 (Submitting problem in the UM FCM tutorial) created by cplanche
Hi, I try to do the ‘Running UM FCM jobs’ tutorial. I guess I correctly …
08:57 Ticket #731 (Errors in Reconfiguration Stage) closed by willie
fixed: OK Simon, I'll close the ticket then. == Willie ==


08:00 Ticket #733 (Haney Forcing run) created by ggxns
Hi, I am trying to run a FAMOUS job with Haney Forcing switched on. The …


15:55 Ticket #732 (problems logging into PUMA) created by sjh395
Attempting to logon to PUMA I got "Permission denied, please try again", …
13:13 Ticket #731 (Errors in Reconfiguration Stage) created by SimonDriscoll
Hi, I am trying to perform a number of short volcanic simulations with a …
12:42 Ticket #730 (test ticket) closed by grenville
12:40 Ticket #730 (test ticket) created by grenville
this is just a test


21:09 Ticket #729 (model fails trying to build executables) created by anmcr
Hi, I have a job called xffsc which compiles and runs with out any …
18:05 Ticket #728 (AMIP SSTs and sea-ice up to 2010?) created by iamack
Hello, The example AMIP HadGEM2-A job 'xgadd' comes with SST and sea ice …
16:56 Ticket #727 (Module file incompatible with compiling system) created by oma
Hello, I'm trying to recompile the UM including changesets that had …
16:48 Ticket #726 (Startdump request) closed by willie


16:15 Ticket #726 (Startdump request) created by oma
Hi Willie, Would it be possible to obtain MO startdumps for 21st and 22nd …
12:16 Ticket #725 (Failure at the reconfiguration in 4km run of the NCAS standard LAM) created by cplanche
Hi, I'm doing nested runs (Global - 12km - 4km), using the NCAS standard …


14:01 Ticket #724 (changes to pathscale compiler) created by luke
People in Cambridge have been having problems with the pathscale compiler. …


16:43 Ticket #723 (No interpolation, but data field sizes/levels are different!) created by oma
Hello, I've got a very recent NAE startdump (30th Sep 2011) together with …
14:51 Ticket #702 (WRF on HECToR) closed by willie
13:32 Ticket #720 (startdump required) closed by willie
10:47 Ticket #714 (Problem with puma passphrase) closed by ros
10:47 Ticket #716 (v6.6.3 CRUN isn't queued) closed by ros


12:36 Ticket #721 (Pinatuo stuff) closed by ros
invalid: Hi Sandip, I think you meant to create this ticket on the …
11:42 Ticket #722 (Error when processing) created by jchenery
When I try to process my jobs using the UMUI I get the following error. …
10:56 Ticket #721 (Pinatuo stuff) created by elsd
Update from Graham's code


12:22 Ticket #720 (startdump required) created by anmcr
Hi Willie, Could I please get a startdump for 3 Jan 2011 06Z? This is …
11:50 Ticket #713 (start dumps) closed by willie
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