15:04 Ticket #772 (problem with xancil/ff2pp) created by anmcr
Hi, this is probably for Jeff. I used xancil to produce 4 ancillaries …
11:48 Ticket #734 (Submitting problem in the UM FCM tutorial) closed by willie
11:43 Ticket #753 (Startdump request) closed by willie
11:41 Ticket #756 (Problem compiling vn7.1 tutorial on Hector Phase3) closed by willie
11:40 Ticket #759 (Fail in dump reconfiguration) closed by willie
11:39 Ticket #763 (RCP8.5 ancillary files on Hector) closed by willie


12:09 Ticket #770 (problem with the ssh agent on Puma to Monsoon) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Celine, Glad it's all working again. If you ever get problems with …
11:50 Ticket #771 (Error reading dump headers) created by mx020105
Hi helpdesk, I have set a job up (xgvka) which was originally copied …
09:51 Ticket #770 (problem with the ssh agent on Puma to Monsoon) created by cplanche
Hi, I don't know why but I loose my ssh-agent on puma. So to install …


15:30 Ticket #769 (Error when attempting to run an ensemble) created by vn901215
I have been trying to run an ensemble job (xgfhk) with UMCET. The job was …
11:21 Ticket #768 (Initializing the UM vn7.3(7.8) with recent (Sep-Dec/2011) MO NAE ...) created by oma
Dear All, As part of the DIAMET project we've got a series of NAE …


17:24 Ticket #767 (Problem submitting job to HECToR phase 3) created by mx020105
Hi, I am trying to set-up a new job on phase 3 of HECToR. The job id is …
10:24 Ticket #762 (unrecoverable library error) closed by willie


14:28 Ticket #766 (User block limit reached on PUMA) created by eelsj
Hello, I am having problems submitting jobs to Hector because I am …
12:43 Ticket #765 (job won't compile) created by anmcr
Hi, I have a global model job which I got from Andy Elvidge. I can't …


18:47 Ticket #764 (Can't locate derivation of potential evaporation diagnostic variable) created by aidanfarrow
I am using HadAM3 with MOSES1 (v4.5) and am interested in the analysis of …
16:46 Ticket #763 (RCP8.5 ancillary files on Hector) created by mx020105
Dear UM helpdesk, I am attempting to copy across one of the CMIP5 jobs …


15:31 Ticket #590 (vn7.6 on hector) closed by willie
15:22 Ticket #757 (Segmentation fault in the UM7.3 LAM serie) closed by willie
15:19 Ticket #729 (model fails trying to build executables) closed by willie
15:18 Ticket #725 (Failure at the reconfiguration in 4km run of the NCAS standard LAM) closed by willie
15:17 Ticket #723 (No interpolation, but data field sizes/levels are different!) closed by willie
15:16 Ticket #719 (Over-writing due to dim_e_out size) closed by willie
15:15 Ticket #717 (Switching off SW radiation) closed by willie
15:15 Ticket #704 (Problems to build global executable) closed by willie
15:14 Ticket #682 (Descriptions of STASH list) closed by willie
15:08 Ticket #700 (Seg faults in converting N48 to N96) closed by willie


17:12 Ticket #762 (unrecoverable library error) created by sws07sib
Hi there, I get the following message when running the reconfiguration on …
13:47 Ticket #761 (Archiving on Hector for HadGEM2) created by watson
Hi, I was hoping you could clarify whether it is currently possible to use …
13:04 Ticket #760 (Base extract failed FCM_MAIN stopped with return code 2) created by cplanche
Hi, I am having difficulty submitting a model of the Parallel Suite 22 …


20:02 Ticket #759 (Fail in dump reconfiguration) created by cplanche
Hi, I have been using a vn7.3 LAM job (xgund). I use the same job than …


17:40 Ticket #758 (Error with dump (disk quota)) created by cplanche
Hi, I try to do the LAM series with UMvn7.3 on HECToR but it seems that …


18:06 Ticket #757 (Segmentation fault in the UM7.3 LAM serie) created by cplanche
Hi, In the global job of the NCAS example experiment on Hector, I have a …
11:02 Ticket #756 (Problem compiling vn7.1 tutorial on Hector Phase3) created by cplanche
Hi, Does the UM vn7.1 work on Hector phase 3? Because i found (owner: …
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