13:09 Ticket #851 (Submitting a HadGEM2-ES job on HECToR) closed by grenville
fixed: Message to help desk Spoke with Liang - ssh issue
11:22 Ticket #851 (Submitting a HadGEM2-ES job on HECToR) created by dh023729
Hi, I try to run HadGEM2-ES from PUMA to HECToR. First, I copy the test …


10:04 Ticket #803 (AMIP sst, ice and ozone to end of 2010?) closed by grenville
09:49 Ticket #843 (Reproducibility of results by restarting) closed by grenville


17:57 Ticket #850 (Problem running old (Phase 2a or possibly even Phase 1) idealised job) created by laurahb
I am trying to run the job xfffc on Phase 3. This previously ran ok but …


16:03 Ticket #849 (Adding files in FCM) created by oma
Hello, Hopefully a very simple question. I'm adding a new file with a …


14:03 Ticket #821 (Compilation error after adding subroutines for nudging) closed by willie
14:01 Ticket #832 (problem moving from 2 nodes to 4 nodes) closed by willie
11:05 Ticket #786 (Bit reproducibity issues on Phase 3 with HiGEM) closed by grenville
fixed: Hi, I think I've solved the job divergence issue, it appears to be down …


16:25 Ticket #848 (MOGREPS vn7.8 run taking far too long) created by abarrett
Hi, I have created a version of MOGREPS-R to run on vn7.8, but it seems …
08:59 Ticket #847 (fcm gui does not work) created by frec
Hello, I'm trying to patch a branch across but when I type "fcm gui" I …


16:27 Ticket #846 (N320 run fails) closed by willie
08:33 Ticket #841 (n96L85 run fails to reconfigure) closed by willie


19:19 Ticket #846 (N320 run fails) created by anmcr
Hi Willie, I have a N320 vn7.3 job xhagg which is a copy of the 'umui' …


17:22 Ticket #845 (Internal compiler error: upgrade phase 2b- phase 3) created by dan2012
Dear Sir/Madam?, After following the instructions to upgrade from phase 2b …
11:59 Ticket #844 (Generating LBCs from FRAMES files for MOGREPS-R) created by abarrett
I'm not sure whether this is the right place to be asking this question, …


16:41 Ticket #843 (Reproducibility of results by restarting) created by watson
Hi, I was wondering if a run is initiated from a restart dump of an …
08:34 Ticket #837 (unable to get vn7.6 LAM to run over Antarctica) closed by willie


16:13 Ticket #828 (MPPIO error when trying to read start dump) closed by annette
13:28 Ticket #842 (two Had-GEM2-ES runs crashed - ukca_tropopause warning) created by glzjk
Dear Sir or Madam, I'm running HadGEM2-ES simulations on hector with …


13:29 Ticket #840 (increase space on HECToR/work) closed by grenville
fixed: Andrew Your disc quota has been increased to 1TB. Grenville


19:01 Ticket #841 (n96L85 run fails to reconfigure) created by anmcr
Hi, I am trying to run a N96L85 model which was recommended to me by Luke …
13:16 Ticket #840 (increase space on HECToR/work) created by anmcr
Hello, Could I please have my amount of space on HECToR increased on …
12:25 Ticket #839 (Problems compiling the UM with a user working copy) created by oma
Hello, I'm trying to compile the UM using a working copy without …
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