15:38 Ticket #884 (error in reconfiguration) created by anmcr
Hello, I have a job xhldc which has a problem with the reconfiguration. …
10:29 Ticket #883 (Job submission failure to Hector) created by watson
Hi, I tried submitting a number of jobs to Hector just now using the UMUI …


16:33 Ticket #882 (how do you compile NEMO when you have put new subroutines in?) created by bs
I have added a biogeochemistry model into NEMO (subdirectory MEDUSA in …
12:24 Ticket #881 (start dump required) created by anmcr
Hi Willie, Could I please get a startdump for 12UTZ 5 August 2011. Thank …
08:08 Ticket #880 (ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host) created by ptg21
I am unable to login to puma from my machine,, after a …


14:24 Ticket #879 (Unable to extract fcm branch) created by bparkes
I've been trying to complete the FCM tutorial and have run into the …


14:59 Ticket #877 (global start dump required) closed by willie


23:33 Ticket #878 (xconv crashing during conversion) created by a.elvidge
Hi, During conversion of pp files to a netcdf file xconv crashes. Because …
13:57 Ticket #871 (Is PUMA down?) closed by willie
13:56 Ticket #861 (Startdump request) closed by willie
13:54 Ticket #850 (Problem running old (Phase 2a or possibly even Phase 1) idealised job) closed by willie
13:53 Ticket #848 (MOGREPS vn7.8 run taking far too long) closed by willie
13:52 Ticket #844 (Generating LBCs from FRAMES files for MOGREPS-R) closed by willie


16:01 Ticket #877 (global start dump required) created by anmcr
Hi Willie, I would be very grateful if you could get me a startdump for …
14:41 Ticket #876 (Crash during the extracting step) created by cplanche
Hi, My xhixj job (which is an idealised job using the UM vn8.0) crashes …
11:58 Ticket #874 (Reconfiguring ECMWF dump to N512, 70 levels (vn7.6)) closed by willie
10:44 Ticket #875 (Umui errors - Invalid command name ".126") closed by ros
fixed: No problem. Glad you found the solution. Regards, Ros.
10:24 Ticket #875 (Umui errors - Invalid command name ".126") created by a.elvidge
Hi, I just tried opening the umui. Before I am able to do anyting I get …


22:44 Ticket #874 (Reconfiguring ECMWF dump to N512, 70 levels (vn7.6)) created by a.elvidge
Hi, I am attempting to run a vn7.6 job at resolution N512 with 70 levels …


12:07 Ticket #872 (Startdump request) closed by willie
10:04 Ticket #873 (UMUI unavailable?) created by ajc
I can log into puma, when I try to get the UMUI I get the following error …


14:08 Ticket #872 (Startdump request) created by a.elvidge
Hi, I'd like to request a UM start dump (though my request may well not …


10:17 Ticket #871 (Is PUMA down?) created by pclark
Is PUMA down? I lost communication with it about 1820 yesterday and now …


10:42 Ticket #870 (Crash during compilation of an idealised job) created by cplanche
Hi, I am doing the setup of an idealised case on Monsoon. My job (xhixb) …
09:35 Ticket #868 (problem submitting jobs to monsoon) closed by ros
09:33 Ticket #864 (creating branches on fcm) closed by ros
09:32 Ticket #859 (Problem submitting job to HECTOR) closed by ros
09:31 Ticket #849 (Adding files in FCM) closed by ros
09:28 Ticket #825 (Job time limit) closed by ros


17:33 Ticket #869 (failed extract) created by sws06gl
Hi, my compile job xhiag fails during the extract phase. I am not sure …
15:44 Ticket #868 (problem submitting jobs to monsoon) created by dstork
Hi, I'm trying to submit a NEMO-CICE 8.2 job xhjeb to Monsoon just to do …


14:55 Ticket #867 (can't submit UMUI job to Monsoon) created by dstork
I'm trying to submit a UMUI job from PUMA to Monsoon for the first time. …


12:03 Ticket #866 (Disk space request) created by dstevens
Hi Any chance I can have more space on /work? I recently had UM runs …
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