14:42 Ticket #921 (Startdump request 29 September 2011) created by oma
Dear Willie, Would it be possible to obtain MO global startdumps for the …
13:51 Ticket #919 (can't seem to run model or reconfiguration executable) closed by ros
13:48 Ticket #920 (problem with reconfiguration) created by anmcr
Hi Willie, I am trying to reconfigure a 1300x1300 sized job at 1.5km …


16:00 Ticket #908 (specification of LBC generation / number of rows) closed by willie
14:03 Ticket #919 (can't seem to run model or reconfiguration executable) created by anmcr
Hi Willie, I'm getting the error below all the time when I try to run a …


14:49 Ticket #893 (HadGEM2-ES: checksum failure in climate mean) closed by willie
14:38 Ticket #912 (PS22 global run fails) closed by willie
14:37 Ticket #918 (resouces requested / allocated) closed by willie
13:05 Ticket #889 (Reducing model output) closed by annette
fixed: Hi Simon, I'm closing this ticket as the original query has been …


16:39 Ticket #918 (resouces requested / allocated) created by anmcr
Hi, My last couple of UM runs have been bounced straight back with the …
14:26 Ticket #917 (increase space on HECToR/work) closed by grenville
fixed: Andrew I've upped your quota top 2TB - it might take a few hours to …
13:54 Ticket #917 (increase space on HECToR/work) created by anmcr
Hi, I could please have an increase of my available space on …
08:23 Ticket #911 (startdump required) closed by willie


15:03 Ticket #916 (UMUI clean build) closed by grenville
fixed: Lee Go to Model Selection→FCM Configuration→FCM Extract and Build …
14:43 Ticket #916 (UMUI clean build) created by ledm
Hi, Where in the UMUI job navigator/Model selection is there an option …
12:24 Ticket #896 (More space on puma) closed by ros
12:03 Ticket #915 (Compiling fortran on MONSOON) created by ledm
Hi, I'm currently attempting to compile Nemo 3.2 coupled with ERSEM on …
11:51 Ticket #914 (convert UMUI read only job to read write) created by ledm
Hi, I was logged out of my pc while editing a job in UMUI from …
11:27 Ticket #913 (problem with UMCET resubmission) created by jonny
Hello, I have another UMCET one for Simon. For the jobs xhnea (and …


13:10 Ticket #912 (PS22 global run fails) created by anmcr
Hi Willie, I am trying to run a job (xhldh) which is a 'PS22 Global run' …
12:07 Ticket #911 (startdump required) created by anmcr
Hi Willie, Could you possibly get me a startdump for 2004072300? Thank …


14:53 Ticket #910 (EQTOLL) created by gglmp
Hi, Please could you advise as to the best method of transforming a …
12:33 Ticket #909 (PUMA quota request) created by kipling
I am finding that I keep hitting my 5GB quota on PUMA, as I tend to be …


16:52 Ticket #908 (specification of LBC generation / number of rows) created by anmcr
Hi, I want to generate some LBC with 1300 columns x 1300 rows. However, …
15:09 Ticket #907 (UM FCM tutorial: revision keyword not defined) created by aq218
Hi. Very new user of the UM I have already a problem doing the phase 2 of …


12:24 Ticket #906 (job failed (xhgzd)) created by dh023729
Hello, My job (xhgzd) is failed to run. I cannot figure it out what is …


10:46 Ticket #905 (query about logging in to PUMA from home PC) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Dave, there are no restrictions on logging into puma. I see that …
09:54 Ticket #905 (query about logging in to PUMA from home PC) created by dstork
Hi, I tried doing the following from my home PC (linux): ssh -Y …


11:42 Ticket #904 (HadGEM2-ES crash) created by aschurer
Hi, my model (xhinc) has been running on the new phase of MONSooN with …


15:20 Ticket #882 (how do you compile NEMO when you have put new subroutines in?) closed by ros
fixed: Updating ticket with official solution: Having spoken with the Met Office …
14:05 Ticket #903 (Issue on setting Up ssh-agent on PUMA) closed by ros


18:40 Ticket #903 (Issue on setting Up ssh-agent on PUMA) created by dh023729
Hello, Currently, I'm re-running the HadGEM2-ES from PUMA to HECToR. I …
11:33 Ticket #887 (UM7.9 does not work on MONSooN) closed by ros


14:22 Ticket #902 (ERROR: 0031-808 Hostfile or pool must be used to request nodes) created by smigli
Hi, I have been trying to run job xgchd on Monsoon. This is an ensemble …
13:21 Ticket #901 (software available on PUMA?) created by aharper
Hello I'd like to run JULES and some diagnostic packages on PUMA which …


14:23 Ticket #900 (failed during compilation step) created by cplanche
Hi, My job xhnta failed during the compilation step and I have no idea …
12:41 Ticket #899 (High resolution configurations of HadAM3) created by simon.tett
Hi, I'm looking for a default configuration of HadAM3 at higher than …


09:50 Ticket #898 (Error moving data to the RDF) closed by grenville
fixed: Ben This is the UM helpdesk, I was suggesting that you try the HECToR …
09:41 Ticket #898 (Error moving data to the RDF) created by bharvey
Hi, I've just started trying to move some data to the RDF on HECToR. The …


09:44 Ticket #897 (start dump required) closed by willie
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