19:35 Ticket #990 (connection to monsoon through umui fails) created by momm
Since a couple of hours my jobsubmissions to monsoon through the umui on …
15:18 Ticket #989 (Can't seem to create a new v7.3 UM branch within FCM) created by gmann
I created a new ticket within UM Trac (number 454) to refer to a new v7.3 …
14:20 Ticket #988 (Network timeout submitting jobs to MONSooN) created by kipling
I'm currently having problems submitting jobs from PUMA to MONSooN. The …


14:08 Ticket #987 (Byte Swap - taking dumps from MONSooN to HECToR) created by SimonDriscoll
Hi, I've been told that to use MONSooN dumps on HECToR to run the same …
10:44 Ticket #986 (ibm02 unavailable?) created by ledm
Hi, I've been completely unable to connect to ibm02 or hpc2clogin01 from …


17:25 Ticket #985 (MONSooN archiving problems at 6.6.3) created by sosprey
Hi, my jobs running on MONSooN are crashing when I attempt to archive. It …
15:24 Ticket #957 (Grid point storm) closed by willie
14:26 Ticket #984 (Looking for ancillaries with climatological values) created by demory
Hello, I would like to setup a run with HadGEM3-A (UM7.8) at N96 and N216 …
12:18 Ticket #983 (qxreconf file missing) created by jcrook
I have copied a UM6.6.3 job from a colleague and modified it to be a …


15:56 Ticket #982 (Request for start dump and analysis data) created by rm024650
This ticket is created for Mike Wong's request Please supply global UM …
14:57 Ticket #981 (Sea ice ancillary file causing model crash) created by ab728
I have running with some newly created SST and sea ice ancillary files but …


11:42 Ticket #980 (unable to create branch on PUMA UM repository) created by dstork
Hi, I'm having trouble creating a branch in the UM repository. The …


12:09 Ticket #979 (serial 6 queue run not progessing) created by seruth
Hi Ros, I have two jobs in the serial 6 queue that I submitted last …
10:13 Ticket #978 (Can't open window (e.g. umui or nedit) on PUMA.) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Richard, you had run out of quota on PUMA and this caused the X11 …


18:50 Ticket #978 (Can't open window (e.g. umui or nedit) on PUMA.) created by RPope
When logging onto PUMA, I ssh -Y RPope@… or ssh -X …
13:25 Ticket #977 (Problem with fcm conflicts) created by ptelford
I have checked out a branch fcm checkout …


16:59 Ticket #976 (fcm access/password) created by momm
Hi, I was trying to create a branch for NEMO code development for the …
14:35 Ticket #975 (UKCA out of memory on compilation) created by mx020105
Dear NCAS Helpdesk, I am trying to run the UM7.3 UKCA model on MONSooN …
13:20 Ticket #974 (patching branches across from Met Office to PUMA) created by challi
I am trying to patch a branch over from the Met Office to PUMA. I have …
09:48 Ticket #962 (corrupted files on hector's /nerc disk) closed by grenville
fixed: HECToR problem with the RDF now fixed


15:24 Ticket #973 (Starting new code branch on PUMA) created by axy
Hi there, I've been using PUMA, the UMUI, FCM and MONSooN for a few …
10:40 Ticket #972 (netcdf4 on monsoon) created by bs
Hello, am running NEMO on Monsoon (as part of JOMP and IMARNET projects) …


13:09 Ticket #969 (Start dump request) closed by willie
12:02 Ticket #971 (MONSooN job time limit) created by mk1812
Hi, I'm a new user of the UM on MONSooN. When setting up a UM job with …


14:42 Ticket #970 (Sent job to Monsoon using PUMA failed) created by pjn
Tried to save, process, submit job to IBM machine on MONSooN, but …
11:19 Ticket #969 (Start dump request) created by cbirch
Hi, Can I have a start dump for 12 UTC, 30th Sept 2010 (if not 06 UTC on …
10:04 Ticket #968 (Ancillary file error) closed by ros
10:03 Ticket #964 (Cannot see /nerc/n02/n02/seruth) closed by ros
fixed: The RDF came back up successfully yesterday after the scheduled HECToR …


13:11 Ticket #968 (Ancillary file error) created by avoulg
Dear Sir/Madam?, I am a new user of the UM on MONSooN. I recently managed …


15:08 Ticket #967 (in model archiving for HadGEM2-CC) created by swr07dmm
I am currently trying to set up archiving for HadGEM2-CC using the …
09:54 Ticket #941 (Global model fails after 1 day) closed by willie


16:40 Ticket #751 (Problem compiling vn7.1 tutorial on Hector Phase3) closed by ros
16:38 Ticket #847 (fcm gui does not work) closed by ros
16:36 Ticket #946 (apsched: the confirmed user ID is different from this claim's user ID) closed by ros
16:34 Ticket #952 (sulpoxi ancillary files which are on Monsoon required on Hector) closed by ros
16:32 Ticket #963 (UKCA copy of Graham's AEROCOM job) closed by ros
fixed: Query moved to email. Here is a summary of the problem and the solution: …
15:30 Ticket #965 (FCM error extracting from UMUI) closed by ros
15:30 Ticket #966 (UMUI Job fails to submit to monsoon) closed by ros
14:25 Ticket #966 (UMUI Job fails to submit to monsoon) created by ledm
Hi, The job I've been running recently (xhone) has suddenly stopped …
14:00 Ticket #965 (FCM error extracting from UMUI) created by gmann
I am getting a strange FCM error today when submitting a UM job from the …


16:08 Ticket #964 (Cannot see /nerc/n02/n02/seruth) created by seruth
hi, I cannot see my data in the above directory. I get files/directory …


10:23 Ticket #963 (UKCA copy of Graham's AEROCOM job) created by bparkes
10:19 Ticket #900 (failed during compilation step) closed by willie
10:17 Ticket #906 (job failed (xhgzd)) closed by willie


17:18 Ticket #962 (corrupted files on hector's /nerc disk) created by jonny
Hi, I have some issues with UM files I transferred to the /nerc disk using …
16:38 Ticket #961 (unable to access UM code browsers) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Jonny, Website username and password sent in a separate email. …
14:28 Ticket #961 (unable to access UM code browsers) created by ggjhtw
Hi there I am able to access the UM 4.5 code (without a user name and …
12:15 Ticket #951 (empty output .p* files) closed by grenville
fixed: Ewa Restarting from a recent start dump is about all you can do. It's …
09:02 Ticket #956 (Submission failed on Monsoon) closed by willie


17:04 Ticket #960 (Compile error submitting UKCA job to HECToR (looks like a general UM ...) created by gmann
I have trying to port across to HECToR a HadGEM3-A UKCA job that has been …
12:22 Ticket #924 (Segmentation fault in global run) closed by grenville
12:21 Ticket #938 (MONSooN disk space) closed by grenville
12:20 Ticket #939 (How to copy MMRs of CO2 and other gases from one job to another) closed by grenville
12:19 Ticket #910 (EQTOLL) closed by grenville
12:17 Ticket #948 (Compilation fail) closed by grenville
11:43 Ticket #958 (XCONV documentation link broken) closed by ros
11:27 Ticket #953 (UMUI unusable on netbook) closed by grenville
11:26 Ticket #955 (Quota on puma) closed by grenville
11:17 Ticket #954 (quota on Hector) closed by grenville
11:08 Ticket #959 (more problems getting started) closed by grenville


17:00 Ticket #959 (more problems getting started) created by cwright
Hi, me again, sorry. I've copied over a working set of settings from …


17:50 Ticket #958 (XCONV documentation link broken) created by mdalvi
The link to xconv and its documentation from the NCAS website (Tools and …
09:59 Ticket #957 (Grid point storm) created by dh023729
Hi As I'm running the HadGEM2-ES, the model stops as the vertical …


16:37 Ticket #956 (Submission failed on Monsoon) created by cplanche
Hello, I tried to submit the xhveb job (job to create executables) on …
15:27 Ticket #955 (Quota on puma) created by cplanche
Hello, I would like to submit a new job on Monsoon but the submission …
13:31 Ticket #954 (quota on Hector) created by cwright
Hi, I've had an account set up on Puma and Hector, but I'm having trouble …


11:40 Ticket #953 (UMUI unusable on netbook) created by ledm
Hi, In preparation for the UMUI tutorial tomorrow in Reading, I've tried …


11:02 Ticket #952 (sulpoxi ancillary files which are on Monsoon required on Hector) created by jcrook
I have copied a job which runs on Monsoon and requires some ancillary …
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