17:27 Ticket #1045 (problem with running hadgem3 job on hector) created by bs
Hello, I am trying to run umui job xiaea on hector, but get the following …
16:46 Ticket #442 (Help required with setting up a user STASH master file and ancillary) closed by jeff
16:45 Ticket #591 (meaning over days and hours) closed by jeff
16:39 Ticket #581 (Strange behaviour when archiving to MONSooN /nerc disk) closed by jeff
16:37 Ticket #530 (xconv bug) closed by jeff
16:00 Ticket #890 (Trouble using custom orography ancillary file (vn7.8)) closed by jeff
15:58 Ticket #947 (Help with understanding an xancil error?) closed by jeff
15:56 Ticket #1027 (convsh on postproc03) closed by jeff
14:19 Ticket #1044 (start dump requested) created by anmcr
Hi Willie, Could I please have a startdump for 00Z 13 July 2010. Thanks, …


16:24 Ticket #1017 (First attempt running of UKCA job: it is not submitted) closed by ros
16:22 Ticket #1043 (Restarting run from different start date) created by fcentoni
(New Ticket raised as topic has diverged sufficently from original …


12:50 Ticket #1042 (fcm conflict - skipped unhandled tree conflict) created by luke
I'm trying to merge in two branches, both of which are based on the same …


13:10 Ticket #1040 (STASH changes for Triffid diagnostics) closed by grenville


12:48 Ticket #1041 (problem loading new diagnostics) closed by willie
09:29 Ticket #1041 (problem loading new diagnostics) created by anmcr
Hello, I have a vn7.3/n48 job running for a case study. The job id is …
09:12 Ticket #1040 (STASH changes for Triffid diagnostics) created by eelsj
I have added 6 diagnostic fields (Triffid diagnostics from STASH section …


20:08 Ticket #892 (Error when reconfiguring a minimal start dump without physics) reopened by rmbyoung


17:57 Ticket #1039 (Different results from new runs and continuation runs) closed by grenville
16:42 Docs/Polaris edited by grenville
09:58 Ticket #1013 (CRUN error) closed by grenville
fixed: Ray I'm closing this ticket. Please open another if you are still having …
09:56 Ticket #902 (ERROR: 0031-808 Hostfile or pool must be used to request nodes) closed by grenville
09:55 Ticket #1008 (LW and SW net flux a the surface stash behaves oddly) closed by grenville
09:53 Ticket #1005 (Xancil error - Cannot read date from NetCDF file) closed by grenville
09:52 Ticket #1037 (Problems with C run. Diagnostics have not data => file cannot be created ...) closed by grenville
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Summary of HadGEM2 job Polaris scaling


12:54 Ticket #1039 (Different results from new runs and continuation runs) created by eelsj
Hello Helpdesk, I ran a job (XGTEI) as a new run from 1/1/2020. It ran …
12:31 Ticket #1038 (No time in budget) closed by grenville
fixed: Xin n02-chem has been topped up. Grenville
12:28 Ticket #1038 (No time in budget) created by emxin
Hi there, My job stopped with error messages: No time in budget n02-chem …


15:20 Ticket #1037 (Problems with C run. Diagnostics have not data => file cannot be created ...) created by RPope
Hi, I am trying to run a year long simulation of 2006 using the AQUM on …
09:48 Ticket #1034 (N48 job at vn7.3 required) closed by willie
09:11 Ticket #1021 (Info required on latitude/longitude grids) closed by willie


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16:16 Ticket #1026 (Problem with IOS crashing) closed by grenville
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13:48 Ticket #1036 (Access to UM) closed by grenville
fixed: Emma You can apply for an n02 (NCAS) account on HECToR through the SAFE …
13:40 Docs/Polaris edited by grenville
13:35 Ticket #1036 (Access to UM) created by Emma_Turner
I am a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh being supervised by …
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14:18 UmTraining/ExampleProgramme created by ros
09:57 Ticket #1035 (xancil - error) created by df019697
I'm currently trying to run my own experiment using ancillary files …
08:48 Ticket #1032 (problem with MAKEBC) closed by willie


20:53 Ticket #1034 (N48 job at vn7.3 required) created by anmcr
Hi, Is there a N48 job running on HECToR at vn7.3 which I can copy? …
10:22 Ticket #554 (HadISST data as ancillaries) closed by ros
10:16 Ticket #838 (MPI_Abort errors running FAMOUS on phase3) closed by ros
fixed: Resolved via email
10:15 Ticket #552 (HadCM3 doesn't run for the period of time I specify) closed by ros
fixed: Resolved via email
10:13 Ticket #662 (HadCM3 vn4.5 error forrtl: severe (104): incorrect STATUS= specifier value ...) closed by ros
10:12 Ticket #793 (Automatic Job Re-submission using UMUI Settings) closed by ros
fixed: Taken to email
10:11 Ticket #913 (problem with UMCET resubmission) closed by ros
fixed: Taken to email.
10:09 Ticket #940 (Submitting HadGEM2 from the command line?) closed by ros
10:07 Ticket #892 (Error when reconfiguring a minimal start dump without physics) closed by ros
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16:15 UmTraining created by ros


15:30 Ticket #1000 (using bottom script to change name of ancillary) closed by willie
wontfix: Sorry I couldn't be of more help Julia. Willie
13:27 Ticket #1033 (CICE restart file wrong, but job running) closed by annette


13:30 Ticket #1033 (CICE restart file wrong, but job running) created by pjn
Ticket moved from the NEMOCICE Trac. Hi, I recently restarted a …
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10:45 PumaRegistration edited by ros
Add registration form (diff)
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08:56 Ticket #1007 ("Unable to locate a modulefile": MetUM error at vn7.3) closed by ros
08:55 Ticket #1025 (Problem with UM submission) closed by ros
08:52 Ticket #1031 (gravity wave temperature parametrization in combination with UKCA PSCs) closed by ros


15:03 Ticket #1032 (problem with MAKEBC) created by anmcr
Hi, I'm trying to use MAKEBC to create lbcs with 140 vertical levels. …
12:22 Ticket #1031 (gravity wave temperature parametrization in combination with UKCA PSCs) created by anmcr
The gravity wave temperature parametrization of Dean et al. in combination …


13:54 Ticket #1030 (start dump requested) closed by willie


17:36 Ticket #1030 (start dump requested) created by anmcr
Hi Willie, Could I please get a start dump for 2010080106? Thank you, …
14:30 Ticket #1029 (CRUN problem) created by emxin
Dear helpdesker: Recently I experienced some problems with CRUN, though …


14:20 Ticket #1028 (theta on PV2) closed by willie
fixed: That's great, Caroline. I'll close this ticket. Willie
10:31 Ticket #1028 (theta on PV2) created by crely
I'm trying to run job xigaa, and have managed to successfully do so until …


09:48 Ticket #1027 (convsh on postproc03) created by pringle
Hi, I'd like to run the convsh script on postproc03 on Monsoon, it was …
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