18:42 Ticket #1070 (running HadCEM at Bristol) created by ggjhtw
Hi Jeff My name is Jonny Williams and I am a postdoc at Bristol …
14:35 Ticket #1069 (MetUm NAE start dumps / lbcs needed) created by sws04jc
Hello, I would like to obtain MetUM start dumps + lbcs in the NAE domain …
11:16 Ticket #1068 (trying to run a um job but fails to extract ATM) created by bs
Hello I am trying to run a job that Tim Graham (tigrah) ran with the …


08:30 Ticket #1057 (Data request - Ensemble start data) closed by willie


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Add link to 8.4 code (diff)
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10:14 Ticket #1067 (Failure of model run using IAU scheme - segmentation fault) created by cflee
I'm trying to run a series of short (32 day) jobs, using the IAU scheme to …


10:01 Ticket #1042 (fcm conflict - skipped unhandled tree conflict) closed by grenville


15:45 Ticket #1060 (qsub umuisubmit_clr not being found) closed by willie
13:26 Ticket #1065 (Problem running NDdiag on high-resolution data) closed by willie
fixed: Problem solved by byte swapping the PP file obtained from MONSooN.
09:49 Ticket #1066 (Trac Login Password) created by fcentoni
Dear NCAS staff, my name is Federico Centoni and I am doing a PhD at the …


15:58 Ticket #1065 (Problem running NDdiag on high-resolution data) created by laurahb
I'm trying to run NDdiag on some data from a 1.5km forecast on a small …


11:39 Ticket #1064 (Sporadic problems submitting to MONSOON (error msg: "system has no more ...) created by gmann
Dear NCAS-CMS helpdesk, I am getting sporadic problems submitting UM jobs …


13:21 Ticket #1063 (Problem running job ximec (copy of xgwtf) on MONSooN) created by yl238
Hello, I'm a new user of the UM/Hector/MONSooN, and I've been trying to …


18:17 Ticket #1062 (Renaming free tracers) created by rmbyoung
I am trying to include a number of free tracers in a run. The model runs …
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13:56 Ticket #1061 (segmentation fault when running HadCEM) created by ggjhtw
Hi there I am trying to run HadCEM, the high res ocean coupled GCM at …
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10:50 Ticket #1052 (Vertical levels in idealised mode output files) closed by grenville
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16:18 Ticket #1060 (qsub umuisubmit_clr not being found) created by Emma_Turner
Hello, I just submitted a HadGEM2-A job, that has worked in the past …


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15:13 Ticket #1059 (ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host) created by D.Hamilton
Hi I could log on to my account a moment ago, but after logging out I …


17:59 Ticket #1058 (Problem with post-processing/archiving with v7.3 nudged HadGEM-UKCA ...) created by gmann
Dear NCAS-CMS helpdesk, I contacted Grenville yesterday about HECToR …
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Determine the max/min of UM diagnostics
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Time and spatial averages of UM diagnostics
12:57 extract_timesteps.f90.gz attached to ToolsAndUtilities/PpFileTools by ros
Extract PP fields from a large file
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Relative difference formula
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PP Tools Tarball
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pp_unpack Source Code
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MDIAG Design Notes
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Initial version
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11:00 Ticket #1057 (Data request - Ensemble start data) created by abarrett
Hi, I require quite a large volume of data to run multiple ensemble …
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16:00 Ticket #1043 (Restarting run from different start date) closed by ros


18:32 Ticket #1048 (Job crashes with segmentation fault.) closed by willie


09:57 Ticket #1056 (UKCA ancillary emissions file) created by fcentoni
Dear Ros (or Luke), I was trying to look at the emissions file …


15:54 Ticket #929 (convert output .p* files from from 64bit to 32bit) closed by grenville
15:53 Ticket #1045 (problem with running hadgem3 job on hector) closed by grenville
15:52 Ticket #1046 (No time in budget n02-chem) closed by grenville
15:51 Ticket #1049 (Resource estimate) closed by grenville
10:24 Ticket #1055 (Sea ice concentration convention in UM7.3) created by aq218
Hi, Sorry for this probably trivial question, but I didn't find a …


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12:27 Ticket #1054 (segmentation fault in HadGEM2 v 6.6.3) created by jcrook
I have a run xgezd (user jcrook) which is based on the RCP4.5 job xgtee …
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