16:15 Ticket #1095 (Running the UM with SST anomalies) created by ab728
Hi, I am trying to force the model with a base SST climatology and an …
14:20 Projects/Rose created by ros
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17:06 Ticket #1094 (HadGEM-AO ocean start dump) created by earjcti
Hello, I am trying to run HadGEM-AO on Polaris (and Hector) I have used …
12:34 Ticket #1093 (HECToR: fcm not found error) closed by ros
fixed: Thanks. I've switched if off in xgwtg now too. Cheers, Ros.
12:19 Ticket #1093 (HECToR: fcm not found error) created by luke
Hello, We've been having problems running UM jobs at 8.2 after the HECToR …


15:11 Ticket #1092 (Radiation diagnostics on different timestep to other variables?) created by Emma_Turner
Hello, I am confused as to what has happened with my radiation timesteps …
15:03 Ticket #1091 (problems using sea ice and sst ancillaries) created by cwright
Hi, I'm trying to use some SST and sea ice ancillaries to drive the …
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10:22 Ticket #1085 (UM Reconfiguration Problems) closed by grenville
10:19 Ticket #1074 (N48 model fails when branch is included) closed by grenville
10:18 Ticket #1079 (Directory for user modification in UMUI) closed by grenville
10:17 Ticket #1082 (Problems with UMUI) closed by grenville
10:13 Ticket #1089 (Jobs stopping on Polaris) closed by grenville
fixed: Issue solved - just required an increase in run time. However, another …


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10:24 Ticket #1090 (IBM on Monsoon Login problems) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Richard, This problem has now been fixed and you should now be able to …


15:32 Ticket #1090 (IBM on Monsoon Login problems) created by RPope
Hi, I am logging into Lander using my Monsoon access key fob and then try …


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14:18 Ticket #1089 (Jobs stopping on Polaris) created by grenville
Thank you for setting up HadGEM2 to run on Polaris - I have been trying to …
13:05 Ticket #1088 (PS31 Euro4 on MONSooN) created by willie
Please install the Parallel Suite 31 Euro4 configuration on MONSooN. The …
13:01 Ticket #1087 (MOGREPS Ensembles on MONSooN) created by willie
Please install the Parallel Suite 31 MOGREPS-G and MOGREPS-UK …
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Interpolate from model to pressure levels
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16:31 Ticket #1062 (Renaming free tracers) closed by willie
16:30 Ticket #1063 (Problem running job ximec (copy of xgwtf) on MONSooN) closed by willie
15:50 Ticket #1078 (xconv large file problem) closed by jeff
15:18 Ticket #1076 (Running UKV in HECToR - mpirun: not found) closed by willie
13:42 Ticket #1086 (Compiling reconfiguration at UM4.5) created by manoj
I'm trying to compile a reconfiguration for a HadCM3 job (xiqfa) and it …


17:42 Ticket #1084 (Create a branch for hTVD+vPPM tracer advection scheme for NEMO based on ...) closed by ros
invalid: Hi Hedong, This is the CMS Helpdesk which is used only for raising …
15:59 Ticket #1085 (UM Reconfiguration Problems) created by RPope
Hi All, I have been having some problems with reconfiguration (RCF) of a …
14:35 Ticket #1084 (Create a branch for hTVD+vPPM tracer advection scheme for NEMO based on ...) created by heua
The branch is for NEMO vn3.4. The code is copied from NOCL's local …


08:40 Ticket #1080 (Atmosphere basis time mismatch error) closed by willie


15:58 Ticket #1083 (MOGREPS-UK data request) created by abarrett
Dear Willie, Can you please provide me with the following data. Apologies …
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Comment out pdf version of user_guide as no longer available as pdf (diff)


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Initial version
09:29 Ticket #1082 (Problems with UMUI) created by luke
Hello, When I loaded up the UMUI about 9am this morning it seemed to be …


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12:01 Ticket #1081 (Unknown problem in .leave file when submitting job) created by charlie
Hi, I'm trying to submit a job on Hector, that I have copied from someone …
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18:10 Ticket #1080 (Atmosphere basis time mismatch error) created by Emma_Turner
Hello, I am getting an atmosphere basis time mismatch error following a …
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Add Site Index (diff)
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11:13 Ticket #1079 (Directory for user modification in UMUI) created by vanniere
Hi, I am trying to run a UM Job on Hector with a 4km resolution over the …
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