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16:32 Ticket #1095 (Running the UM with SST anomalies) closed by luke
invalid: Hi Willie, cc Tara, Running at UM8.2 isn't really feasible at the moment, …
16:23 Ticket #1053 (Model instability) closed by luke
worksforme: Hi Tara, I don't think this is related to the sea-ice, but to a model …
11:45 Ticket #1113 (SST and Sea ice ancillaries for UM4.5 (1960-2100)) created by elsd
Sorry all, but I am still using UM4.5. I want start some long-term …
11:22 Ticket #1112 (Running UKCA v7.3 (job xieph) outputting new diagnostics) created by fcentoni
Dear Luke (cc Ros), I made the code changes you suggested in order to …
10:11 Ticket #1111 (um continuation job problem) created by bs
Hello, I am running HadGEM3 on hector via puma (job xaieb), and can get …


10:26 Ticket #1110 (Puma disk space) closed by andy


10:16 Ticket #1110 (Puma disk space) created by seruth
Hi Reading folk, I'm now using the FCM and exceeding my disk space …


09:05 Ticket #1088 (PS31 Euro4 on MONSooN) closed by willie


21:42 Ticket #1109 (CRUN problems) created by emxin
Hi, Recently my CRUN has problems. Some long run jobs crashed as the …
08:24 Ticket #1101 (PS31 MOGREPS on MONSooN) closed by willie


16:31 Ticket #1107 (PUMA disk space) closed by andy
16:28 Ticket #1108 (HiGEM run crashes, job xgvwg) created by till
Dear helpdesk, unfortunately HiGEM crashes again. It's the run xgvwg. I've …
16:27 Ticket #1107 (PUMA disk space) created by ab728
Hi, Is it possible to obtain more disk space on PUMA? I currently have a …


11:25 Ticket #1106 (set up a serial batch job for rsync from Hector to RDF) closed by grenville
10:35 Ticket #1106 (set up a serial batch job for rsync from Hector to RDF) created by till
Dear help desk, I would like to set up a large rsync job to copy data from …


12:13 Ticket #1105 (Segmentation fault when using the PC2 cloud scheme) created by Emma_Turner
Hello, I am trying to run a previously working job but with the new PC2 …


14:51 Ticket #1104 (UM4.5.1 on HECToR (July 2013)) created by dstevens
Hi I am trying to re-run variants of a successful UM experiment carried …
10:46 Ticket #1103 (Error in umui) created by SimonDriscoll
Hi, when I type umui, I get the following: "SimonDriscoll?@puma:~> X11 …


09:14 Ticket #1099 (Request for UKV operational forecast products) closed by willie
08:50 Ticket #1102 (Global operational start data) closed by willie
fixed: I no longer require the global data which i asked for on my previous email …


16:16 Ticket #1073 (Run failed, Segmentation fault, Failed in qsexecute) closed by willie
16:15 Ticket #1083 (MOGREPS-UK data request) closed by willie
15:43 Ticket #1054 (segmentation fault in HadGEM2 v 6.6.3) closed by willie
15:28 Ticket #1086 (Compiling reconfiguration at UM4.5) closed by willie
fixed: The lines […] are not necessary for 4.5. With this change the …
11:02 Ticket #1102 (Global operational start data) created by sam89
Please pull across some global operational data prods and prodm files for …
10:29 Ticket #1101 (PS31 MOGREPS on MONSooN) created by seodey
I have copied your jobs (experiment xipq for the global jobs, user …
10:22 Ticket #1100 (MOGREPS-R data request) created by ncghart
I am looking for start files to run MOGREPS-R ensemble of cyclone Ulli (3 …


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17:50 rose-logo.png attached to Projects/Rose by annette
15:52 Ticket #1094 (HadGEM-AO ocean start dump) closed by grenville
fixed: Hi, Tim's paper on HadGEM1 …
15:42 Projects/Performance-Modelling created by grenville
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13:46 Ticket #1099 (Request for UKV operational forecast products) created by oma
Hi Willie, I need data from the operational forecast products produced …
08:13 Ticket #1096 (HadGEM2 not resubmitting at qsserver step) closed by ros


12:50 Ticket #1098 (large drift in HadGEM2 concides with change to phase2b..) created by swr04ojb
Hello, for the LastMil? project we are running HadGEM2 from 850 through to …
10:51 Ticket #1097 (Sending files straight to local computer) created by SimonDriscoll
a while since I ran the UM. If I want to run a simulation, but sent it …


12:19 Ticket #1096 (HadGEM2 not resubmitting at qsserver step) created by swr04ojb
I'm trying to perform a HadGEM2 simulation (jobid is xinha), and it …
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