16:21 Ticket #1173 (Extract data from MASS) closed by willie
14:38 Ticket #1174 (carbon cycle HadCM3) created by mjm
Please could you give me some guidance on how to include the C cycle in …


13:27 Ticket #1173 (Extract data from MASS) created by pringle
Hi, I'd like to extract some data that is stored on MASS, I need one pp …
11:20 Ticket #1087 (MOGREPS Ensembles on MONSooN) closed by willie
11:16 Ticket #1067 (Failure of model run using IAU scheme - segmentation fault) closed by willie
11:14 Ticket #1105 (Segmentation fault when using the PC2 cloud scheme) closed by willie
10:53 Ticket #1172 (Install PS31 UKV on MONSooN) created by sam89
Please install the Parallel Suite 31 UKV set up on MONSooN according to …


17:16 Ticket #1160 (some un-needed UM dumps are not deleted) closed by jeff
17:11 Ticket #1154 (UMUI does not display correctly) closed by jeff
17:10 Ticket #1092 (Radiation diagnostics on different timestep to other variables?) closed by annette
answered: Emma, I'm assuming we can close this ticket as there hasn't been a …
17:04 Ticket #1151 (no output from UM job) closed by annette
fixed: I'm closing this ticket as it was dealt with offline. The issue was the …
17:01 Ticket #1081 (Unknown problem in .leave file when submitting job) closed by annette
fixed: Closing this ticket as it was dealt with offline. Charlie just had to …
15:59 Ticket #1144 (UM run fails because thist file is lacking) closed by annette
fixed: No response for a while so we're assuming this is sorted. Annette
15:59 Ticket #1108 (HiGEM run crashes, job xgvwg) closed by annette
fixed: No response for a while so we're assuming this is sorted. Annette
12:27 Ticket #1149 (problems with archiving to moose at UM7.3 on monsoon) closed by luke
worksforme: After further investigation, using the latest revision of Jeff's archiving …
12:20 Ticket #1156 (Setup new PUMA & Hector user) closed by annette
12:19 Ticket #1120 (Extracting a subdomain from pp files using convsh/xconv) closed by annette
12:18 Ticket #1113 (SST and Sea ice ancillaries for UM4.5 (1960-2100)) closed by annette
12:15 Ticket #1061 (segmentation fault when running HadCEM) closed by annette
12:06 Ticket #1161 (HECToR --> ARCHER... HiGAM1?) closed by annette
12:04 Ticket #1146 (UM support on HECToR and plans for ARCHER) closed by annette
10:03 Ticket #1170 (FCM commit by other user) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Eike, Thanks for letting us know. I shall close this ticket now. …
08:44 Ticket #1152 (Start dump request) closed by willie


18:42 Ticket #1159 (cannot submit job from umui) closed by annette
17:38 Ticket #1171 (Problem with the build stage of the UKCA tutorial) created by s1251469
Hello, I am trying to do the UKCA tutorial. I've copied the initial job …
17:29 Ticket #1170 (FCM commit by other user) created by mgross
Another user (eike) tries to commit to a branch I have created, but …
13:26 Ticket #1166 (Starting a run using a previous CICE restart dump) closed by annette
12:51 Ticket #1169 (Reconfiguration error - item 511 not in input dump) created by mk1812
Hi, I want to use the output dumps from one of my existing jobs (xizka) …
12:33 Ticket #1168 (UKV data request) created by abarrett
Dear Willie, Can you please provide me with the following data. I would …


15:48 Ticket #1147 (UMUI stash help function) closed by jeff
15:42 Ticket #1162 (UMUI diagnostics help screen) closed by jeff


15:20 Ticket #1167 (HiGEM runs crashed, reason unknown) created by till
Dear CMS Team, one of my HiGEM jobs has crashed again I'm afraid. This …
14:23 Ticket #1126 (um 7.7/ 7.8 configuration) closed by annette
fixed: Hi Ruth, We agreed offline that it would be better for you to run on …
14:11 UM/Configurations/HectorHadgem3aoR40 edited by annette
14:10 UM edited by annette


17:12 Ticket #1166 (Starting a run using a previous CICE restart dump) created by mk1812
Hi, I'm using the coupled atmosphere-ocean model on MONSooN (UM vn8.2, …
08:48 Ticket #1165 (MPAS installation on HECToR) created by grenville
Dear Support, I do not have an account that I can remember on PUMA. I am …


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Add link to 8.5 code (diff)


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11:24 Ticket #1164 (Incomplete FCM Checkout for Vn8.4) closed by ros


16:06 Ticket #1164 (Incomplete FCM Checkout for Vn8.4) created by pliojop
Afternoon, I'm working on a project to add Oxygen Isotopes to HadGEM3, …
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Finalise vn8.5 documents (diff)
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11:26 Ticket #1163 (Identical jobs giving different results) created by laurahb
I have two jobs that are identical but are giving different results. The …


11:34 Ticket #1162 (UMUI diagnostics help screen) created by dan2012
UMUI:Atmosphere —> STASH —> STASH.specification of diagnostic requests …


12:00 Ticket #1161 (HECToR --> ARCHER... HiGAM1?) created by swr04ojb
Hello, I was just wondering if there is a plan to port HiGAM1 to ARCHER, …


15:49 Ticket #1160 (some un-needed UM dumps are not deleted) created by luke
Hello, I am running a UM7.3 N48L60 HadGEM3-A r2.0 UKCA job on HECToR, …


12:11 Ticket #1159 (cannot submit job from umui) created by mgross
Hi, I am trying to submit a job from the umui (new account) but it fails. …


11:50 Ticket #1158 (Segmentation fault running with customised SST and sea ice ancils) created by jscreen
Hi I am trying to set up some AMIP-style runs with HadGEM2 using …


15:36 Ticket #1157 (ftp from PUMA) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Apostolos, ftp is not an allowed service from or to puma hence you …
14:43 Ticket #1157 (ftp from PUMA) created by avoulg
Hi, I am trying to ftp some data from some NASA machines to Monsoon. As …
10:23 Ticket #1156 (Setup new PUMA & Hector user) created by shosking
Hi, we have a new PhD student with us at BAS who will need access to the …


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