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10:32 Ticket #1188 (No time in budget n02-hgem) closed by grenville


12:04 Ticket #1188 (No time in budget n02-hgem) created by till
My HIGEM runs are not resubmitting because of: No time in budget n02-hgem …


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10:21 Ticket #1187 (Logging in to PUMA) created by ggxns
I can not log into PUMA. I think this may have been associated with me …
09:12 Ticket #1186 (MPI errors in HadGEM3 job) created by apm
I am running a HadGEM3 job (UM v8.0, NEMO v3.2) on Monsoon and am trying …


14:50 Ticket #1183 (HadGEM3 on HECToR users?) closed by ros
completed: Alex I am only aware of Bablu running a coupled model on HECToR. For the …
11:56 Ticket #1185 (Another segmentation fault in HadGEM2 6.6.3) created by jcrook
Some time ago I had a segmentation fault in a couple of UM runs of mine …


09:04 Ticket #1184 (No time in budget n02-hgem) closed by grenville
fixed: Till I increased the allocation. Grenville


10:09 Ticket #1184 (No time in budget n02-hgem) created by till
Dear CMS Team, my HiGEM run xgvwk has stopped, with a very short .leave …


15:39 Ticket #1183 (HadGEM3 on HECToR users?) created by apm
I have been working with a HadGEM3 job on HECTOR (xjcja) and still not …


12:49 Ticket #1182 (problems with cray compiler on ARCHER) created by luke
I am having problems compiling and running on ARCHER using the Cray …


11:06 Ticket #1181 (input variables for modules) created by chollow
Hi, I've successfully created fcm branches that implement constant …


15:01 Ticket #1179 (ran out of space on HECToR) closed by grenville
fixed: Andrew I increased your quota by 800GB. Grenville
13:55 Ticket #1180 (HIGEM run doesn't behave as specified in the UMUI) created by till
Dear NCAS-CMS Team, I've got an issue with my run xgvwl. In the umui I had …
11:01 Ticket #1179 (ran out of space on HECToR) created by anmcr
Hi, I've ran out of space on my 'work' domain on HECToR. I'm running the …


16:18 Ticket #1178 (Request to increase my PUMA quota) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Laura, I've increased your quota to 2GB. Cheers …
15:54 Ticket #1178 (Request to increase my PUMA quota) created by laurahb
Would I be able to have a bit more space on PUMA? I need to check-out a …
11:59 Ticket #1177 (More space on PUMA requested) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Charlie, I've increased your quoa to 2GB. Cheers Andy
11:56 Ticket #1177 (More space on PUMA requested) created by charlie
Hello, Would it be possible to have my quota/disk space on PUMA increased …
11:56 Ticket #1175 (NAE data) closed by willie
11:55 Ticket #1168 (UKV data request) closed by willie


15:48 Ticket #1139 (Errors when trying to run HadGEM2 AMIP job) closed by grenville
11:57 Ticket #1176 (Ensemble run at HadGEM2 (vn6.6.3)) created by dh023729
I'm trying to setup an ensemble run of HadGEM2-ES. I'm planning to do a …
09:35 Ticket #648 (UM version 4.5.3 (FAMOUS) compilation problem) closed by ros
09:33 Ticket #1163 (Identical jobs giving different results) closed by ros
completed: Ticket closed. Note: Laura solved her own problem. The problem was …
09:24 Ticket #1150 (fcm gui failure) closed by ros
worksforme: No further response has been received on the ticket so I am assuming the …
09:19 Ticket #892 (Error when reconfiguring a minimal start dump without physics) closed by ros
completed: Questions moved to UM collaboration newsgroups
09:03 Ticket #1059 (ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host) closed by ros
fixed: User was added to denied hosts file after several failed logins. User was …
09:01 Ticket #529 (transfer from lat lon winds to RCM grid winds) closed by ros
08:59 Ticket #273 (updating snow ancil in vn4.5) closed by ros
completed: Conversation migrated to email/offline.


14:44 Ticket #1175 (NAE data) created by fd001150
I have been unable to find the analysis data for the, 00, 06, 12 and 18Z …


16:21 Ticket #1173 (Extract data from MASS) closed by willie
14:38 Ticket #1174 (carbon cycle HadCM3) created by mjm
Please could you give me some guidance on how to include the C cycle in …
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