15:26 Ticket #1284 (Run xjvfa crash) closed by willie
10:15 Projects/New-Code edited by grenville
10:13 Projects/New-Code created by grenville
10:01 Projects/UM-NetCDF edited by grenville
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09:46 Projects/UM-NetCDF edited by grenville


20:50 Ticket #1285 (problem with ~ros/HadGEM3-A/vn7.3/HGPKG1/fcm_checks.scr hand-edit) created by luke
Hello, I am attempting to run jobs xjvyc - xjvyg. These are vn7.3 jobs …
12:43 Ticket #1284 (Run xjvfa crash) created by swsdong
Dear Sir/Madam? I am running HadGEM3-A N96 experiment (xjvfa). The model …
12:13 Ticket #1283 (Problem with FCM extraction on submitting UM job) created by jcrook
I have copied a job that I used to run on Hector and have modified it to …


14:03 Ticket #1247 (Minimum requirements for running UM7.3) closed by willie
14:01 Ticket #1228 (History Files) closed by willie
14:00 Ticket #1209 (ACUMPS error on MONSooN) closed by willie
13:41 Ticket #1254 (Unexpected Segmentation violation error) closed by willie
13:36 Ticket #1244 (vn8.4 crash at beginning of 2010) closed by willie
13:35 Ticket #1243 (Generate UM start dump) closed by willie
13:34 Ticket #1242 (Problem with recon job for a LAM domain) closed by willie


16:55 Ticket #1282 (Problems compiling on ARCHER today) created by s1251469
Hello, I am trying to run a UKCA job (xjhxf). I was running it fine …
13:20 Archer/PortingStatus edited by karthee
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12:24 Ticket #1281 (quota // compiled job submission // long compile times) created by cwright
Hi, I'm having a few problems with my job submissions, which I've put in …


13:06 Ticket #1280 (fcm as a module on archer) created by cmaynard
Dear helpdesk, ticket #1262 answer my question about fcm. Is there a …


12:01 Ticket #1279 (Resubmitting a reconfiguration-only job) created by charlie
Hi, I'm trying to resubmit one of my jobs, after it fell over yesterday. …


15:00 Ticket #1278 (NEMO compilation problems - FCM/UMUI changes?) created by dstork
Hi, I am having problems running the compile step in a NEMO-CICE UMUI …
12:43 Ticket #1269 (Data request) closed by willie
11:47 Ticket #1277 (ARCHER compile running out of time) created by chollow
I'm testing my first UM job on ARCHER, but I haven't been able to compile …


15:43 Archer/NercArchiving edited by jeff
10:15 Ticket #1276 (occassionally model does "nothing" but use up time) created by agt
(nb Component drop-down menu: hector —> archer) Hi, I've been …


16:55 Ticket #1273 (change_dump_date) closed by jeff


15:38 Ticket #1274 (Failed job submission) closed by ros
15:38 Ticket #1262 (status of fcm on Archer) closed by ros
15:37 Ticket #1259 (Permission denied error when submitting a job to ARCHER) closed by ros
09:53 Ticket #1275 (Archer job not compiling) closed by grenville
fixed: Chris It should go now - Grenville
09:31 Ticket #1275 (Archer job not compiling) created by cflee
Morning, I've made a couple of attempts at compiling and running my first …


12:43 Ticket #1274 (Failed job submission) created by wx019276
Hi, I am trying to submit some jobs to MONSooN. I submitted a few NRUNs …


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Update for ARCHER (diff)
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Update for ARCHER (diff)
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Update for ARCHER (diff)
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Update for ARCHER (diff)
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12:18 Faq/ConvertMonsoonJobToArcher created by ros


15:21 Ticket #1273 (change_dump_date) created by wx019276
Hi, I am trying to run an ensemble with the GC2 configuration, fully …


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17:16 Ticket #1272 (Kicked off Puma from Leeds?) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Ruza, You had entered the incorrect password too many times from your …
17:00 Ticket #1272 (Kicked off Puma from Leeds?) created by ri5774
I can’t seem to log on to Puma at the moment from our Leeds machines …
11:43 Ticket #1255 (Changing nodes for ARCHER) closed by grenville
11:15 Ticket #1264 (no time left on n02-ncas budget) closed by grenville
11:13 Ticket #1268 (CRUN clarification) closed by grenville
fixed: Ruth I think you are OK - it depends what model you are running, what …
10:42 Ticket #1271 (Odd output from HadGEM2-L60 run) created by jscreen
Hi I've just started analysing the output from two HadGEM2-L60 runs …


17:30 Archer/NercArchiving created by jeff
14:12 Ticket #1270 (Porting job from MONSooN to ARCHER) created by hn110
Hello, I am trying to port a job from MONSooN to ARCHER and could do with …
11:21 Ticket #1269 (Data request) created by abarrett
Dear Willie, I have another, quite large, data request. Could you please …
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