09:12 Ticket #1302 (Job failure) created by sjbush
Hello, My job xjxja just failed again. I don't recognise the error, but …


14:05 Ticket #1301 (Submitting a standard CRUN) created by charlie
Hello, Sorry to bother you again, but I seem to have the same problem as …
09:58 Ticket #1300 (Problem opening Jobs in umui) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Steven, /tmp filled up at the weekend and I cleared it on Saturday …


21:22 Ticket #1300 (Problem opening Jobs in umui) created by StevenTurnock
Hi, I have just been trying to open a job on the umui and have got the …


15:58 Ticket #1299 (Copy of job not compiling/building) closed by grenville
fixed: Charlie This problem has been ongoing at ARCHER for some time - we too …


17:04 Ticket #1299 (Copy of job not compiling/building) created by charlie
Hi, I'm trying to run a copy of one of my own jobs (which itself works …
14:55 Ticket #1298 (Compile problems on Archer using the GCOM library) created by gn907779
The LEM used GCOM3.0 on Hector where the main include file was named …


08:54 Ticket #1297 (Exceeded time limit for compilation) created by fcentoni
Hi, I have been attempting to run a job (xjmwd,xjmwe) yesterday several …


14:32 Archer/PortingStatus edited by karthee
11:51 Ticket #1296 (Error in run job output for a limited area domain) created by sam89
Hi, I have set up a limited area domain of 1.5km resolution which covers …


11:06 Ticket #1295 (Disk quota exceeded on PUMA) created by till
Hi there, I am trying to compile a job on MONSooN from PUMA. The problem …
10:22 Ticket #1294 (Access to data on MONSooN) created by eelsj
Dear Helpdesk, I work on the NERC/EPSRC funded project IAGP and have an …


18:12 Ticket #1293 (xxdiff crashing on puma during dcm conflicts) created by pclark
I'm attempting to upgrade a branch from 8.2 to 8.3. Having checked out a …
09:09 Ticket #1292 (difficulty submitting a job) created by s1251469
Hello, Yesterday evening I started having problem running a job that I …


09:58 Ticket #1291 (fcm branch create broken on puma) created by pclark
Dear helpdesk I'm setting ubout ubgrading some of my branches to UM 8.5 …
09:00 Ticket #1248 (disk quota exceeded on RDF) closed by ros
fixed: Disk quota was increased.
08:56 Ticket #583 (12-hour and 6-hour means) closed by ros
08:54 Ticket #1117 (Model hangs after one month) closed by ros
08:53 Ticket #1124 (submission of UM jobs from Puma command line) closed by ros
08:53 Ticket #1169 (Reconfiguration error - item 511 not in input dump) closed by ros
08:52 Ticket #1174 (carbon cycle HadCM3) closed by ros
08:51 Ticket #1201 (fcm conflicts: problem with PATH specification in UM FCM Tutorial) closed by ros
fixed: FCM UM Tutorial updated.
08:51 Ticket #1246 (porting an existing job to ARCHER) closed by ros
08:49 Ticket #1181 (input variables for modules) closed by ros
completed: Discussions occurred offline.


12:21 Ticket #1290 (Endianess of pp-files after converting with ff2pp) created by ih280
Hello, I use python and the iris library for analysis. There are no …


14:28 Ticket #1203 (Ozone and methane budgets) closed by luke
09:44 Ticket #1222 (Porting my UKCA job on ARCHER) closed by luke
fixed: Hi Federico, I'm going to close this ticket as I believe it has been …
09:43 Ticket #1194 (UKCA tutorial task5) closed by luke
invalid: Were you able to get this working? If you are still having problems, you …
09:39 Ticket #1182 (problems with cray compiler on ARCHER) closed by luke
fixed: Grenville helped with this - a small section of code needs to be removed …


11:21 Ticket #1287 (problems with nudged runs) closed by grenville
fixed: Corwin Thanks. ARCHER are trying to understand the poor compile …


13:39 Ticket #1286 (netCDF on ARCHER?) closed by ros
13:38 Ticket #1285 (problem with ~ros/HadGEM3-A/vn7.3/HGPKG1/fcm_checks.scr hand-edit) closed by ros
13:37 Ticket #1283 (Problem with FCM extraction on submitting UM job) closed by ros
13:35 Ticket #1278 (NEMO compilation problems - FCM/UMUI changes?) closed by ros
13:33 Ticket #1266 (Unexpected error running a job on ARCHER) closed by ros
fixed: Note: This problem was caused by a stale NFS handle. If this happens …
13:31 Ticket #1261 (making variables available in a UKCA routine) closed by ros
13:24 Ticket #1240 (no time in budget n02-NEK016083) closed by ros
11:57 Ticket #1289 (Pumf/Cumf errors on Polaris) created by isssjp
Hello, We are trying to use the pumf and cumf utilities on Polaris. …


16:17 Ticket #1288 (Error job not resubmitted because of error in qsatmos) created by RPope
Hi, I'm trying to run the AQUM for job xjnbk for 25th June 2006 onwards …


21:47 Ticket #1287 (problems with nudged runs) created by cwright
Hi, I'm having a problem with nudged runs (using the UKCA nudged version …


16:40 Ticket #1258 (Errors when trying to run job on Archer for first time) closed by ros
16:40 Ticket #1267 (Out of AU time) closed by ros
fixed: Resolution: AUs were topped up.
16:38 Ticket #1270 (Porting job from MONSooN to ARCHER) closed by ros
16:31 Ticket #1280 (fcm as a module on archer) closed by ros
10:47 Ticket #1286 (netCDF on ARCHER?) created by luke
I'm trying to debug a model for use on ARCHER, but I'm getting the …


15:26 Ticket #1284 (Run xjvfa crash) closed by willie
10:15 Projects/New-Code edited by grenville
10:13 Projects/New-Code created by grenville
10:01 Projects/UM-NetCDF edited by grenville
09:49 Projects/UM-NetCDF edited by grenville
09:46 Projects/UM-NetCDF edited by grenville


20:50 Ticket #1285 (problem with ~ros/HadGEM3-A/vn7.3/HGPKG1/fcm_checks.scr hand-edit) created by luke
Hello, I am attempting to run jobs xjvyc - xjvyg. These are vn7.3 jobs …
12:43 Ticket #1284 (Run xjvfa crash) created by swsdong
Dear Sir/Madam? I am running HadGEM3-A N96 experiment (xjvfa). The model …
12:13 Ticket #1283 (Problem with FCM extraction on submitting UM job) created by jcrook
I have copied a job that I used to run on Hector and have modified it to …
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