15:23 Ticket #1346 (New Dry Dep Branch) created by fcentoni
Need to create a copy of orginal Wesely Dry Dep branch without any error.


15:34 Ticket #1345 (Job running out of CPU time) created by laurahb
I'm trying to run a job that keeps timing out, despite having doubled the …


14:54 Ticket #1344 (Start dump request) created by oma
Hello, Would it be possible to retrieve the Met Office global startdump …


19:02 Ticket #1343 (Build job on Archer just sits in queue) created by pclark
I seem to have a return of the 'sits there doing nothing' issue. This is a …


17:04 Ticket #1342 (can't submit jobs to monsoon - umui says my passcode isn't valid, although ...) created by bs
Dear help, I can't submit jobs to monsoon - the umui says my passcode …
17:03 Ticket #1341 (Open test branch) created by skolusu
Opening up a test branch to look at the code.


16:07 Ticket #1340 (Start dump request) created by vanniere
Hello, I have lost a start dump in the transfer from Hector to Archer. …
10:23 Ticket #1339 (.leave files empty during crun on ARCHER) created by ih280
Hello, I am running a CheST job with the UM@vn7.3. I have no problems …
10:14 Ticket #1338 (ARCHER vn8.2 job hangs on normal completion) created by swr05npk
I have been testing an aquaplanet UM configuration on ARCHER at vn8.2. At …


13:24 Ticket #1313 (Ancillary files - path setting and location on ARCHER) closed by ros
13:20 Ticket #1321 (Compile error) closed by ros
13:18 Ticket #1322 (Reconfiguration problems for an atmospheric tracer in the AQUM) closed by ros
13:16 Ticket #1332 (Build job on Archer just sits in queue) closed by ros
13:14 Ticket #1334 (Job stuck on archer) closed by ros


12:44 Ticket #1337 (um6.1 hanging on hector) created by jonny
Hi, I have a um job (xjurb) which runs for about a model month, then stops …


12:10 Ticket #1336 (Job failure: floating point exception (SW diagnostics)) created by jchamber
My job xkglf is failing on day 3 of a 7-day run. I have looked at the …


19:00 Ticket #1335 (problem submitting reconfiguration job to monsoon) created by anmcr
Hi, I'm been running Stuart Webster's 'nested suite'. However, when I …


12:58 Ticket #1334 (Job stuck on archer) created by pclark
Hi Back to job xkfza. This has built and reconfigured OK and appears to be …


15:56 Ticket #1333 (ssh key passphrase forgotten) closed by grenville
14:52 Ticket #1333 (ssh key passphrase forgotten) created by cryder
I have setup an ssh key from PUMA to ARCHER as described in …
10:05 Ticket #1332 (Build job on Archer just sits in queue) created by pclark
I'm attempting to build an executable (to run the idealized UM) for the …


15:22 Ticket #1326 (failure reading new ancillary file) closed by grenville
fixed: Julia Glad it's going - if you put subroutines in modules you should get …


01:08 Ticket #1331 (cant find required STASH item 1 section 39 model 1 in STASHmaster) created by cwright
Hi, I'm still working to move a job from Archer to Monsoon (see …


14:27 Ticket #1330 (UNRECOVERABLE library error) created by oma
Hello, I am trying to run a MetUM global run without success. I have …


10:11 ToolsAndUtilities/UMMCIP edited by ros
Add links to missing document and tarball (diff)


11:27 Ticket #1329 (Set up PS31 MOGREPS-G ensemble on MONSooN) created by sam89
I require an ensemble job to be set up on MONSooN. The PS31 MOGREPS-G set …


16:38 Ticket #1328 (Start dump request) created by oma
Hello, I'd like to request global Met Office startdumps for 19 Jan 2011 …
12:32 Ticket #1327 (Problem ssh into puma using putty) created by ahodgson
When I try to log into PUMA using putty from my home computer I get the …
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