17:11 Ticket #1376 (umui_ukmo) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Dan, Yes, sorry, PUMA rebooted yesterday and I forgot to restart the …
16:49 Ticket #1376 (umui_ukmo) created by dan
Hi Folks, The umui_ukmo appears to be broken - I get a "couldn't connect …
14:37 Ticket #1375 (puma trac/svn for JULES not working) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Doug, The JULES trac should now be working again. Cheers, Ros.
10:43 Ticket #1375 (puma trac/svn for JULES not working) created by dbcl
I can't see the JULES code on puma this morning: svn list …
09:28 Ticket #1374 (umui not available) closed by ros
fixed: Hi, I have now restarted the UMUI, please try again. Regards, Ros.
09:27 Ticket #1373 (UMUI failed to start up on PUMA) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Declan, Thanks for letting us know. I have now restarted the UMUI. …
09:11 Ticket #1374 (umui not available) created by pfield
Hello I can't start the umui from the puma command line.
09:08 Ticket #1373 (UMUI failed to start up on PUMA) created by s1251469
Hello, I have logged on to puma. Tried to open UMUI this morning and got …


16:44 Ticket #1372 (GC2 standard job on Archer) created by wx019276
Hi, I have been looking on the umui for a standard GC2 configuration for …
10:10 Ticket #1365 (UMUI Tutorial: Diagnostic errors) closed by ros


17:22 Ticket #1371 (Global Job Failing in Reconfiguration) created by LSaffin
I'm trying to run a global model (job xjjhx) using automatic resubmission …


16:09 Ticket #1370 (xconv1.92) closed by annette
fixed: Glad you sorted this out, and thanks for letting us know. Annette


15:38 Ticket #1370 (xconv1.92) created by a.elvidge
Hi, I use xconv 1.92 all the time, it's a great tool and the benefit of …


16:45 Ticket #1356 (problems starting NRUN) closed by annette
14:46 Ticket #1367 (Access to the UM repository) closed by annette
11:53 Ticket #1369 (problems running X11 stuff on PUMA) created by jcrook
I have been using puTTy and Xming to connect to PUMA and run the umui for …


13:49 Ticket #1368 (Problem with SSH into Puma) closed by andy
fixed: Dear Ines, You had got your password wrong ten or more times from the …
12:43 Ticket #1368 (Problem with SSH into Puma) created by ih280
Hello, I am unable to login to PUMA from my work station with the …
11:16 Ticket #1367 (Access to the UM repository) created by dan
Hi All, Would it be possible to have access to the UM repository? …


11:55 Ticket #1366 (can we use version 9.1 on this system) created by earjcti
Hello, I would like to make some coding changes to the latest version of …


11:16 Ticket #1362 (Computational cost of running JULES on Archer) closed by grenville
answered: Pete We have no experience of running JULES independently from the UM. I …


15:19 Ticket #1365 (UMUI Tutorial: Diagnostic errors) created by James
I've followed the instructions re 'Setting Up for the UM FCM Tutorial' and …
12:20 Ticket #1364 (GA6-try) closed by ros
invalid: See #1363
12:19 Ticket #1363 (GA6-try) closed by ros
invalid: Hi Sandip. I think you meant to create this on the UM Trac …
11:50 Ticket #1364 (GA6-try) created by elsd
11:48 Ticket #1363 (GA6-try) created by elsd
09:54 Ticket #1362 (Computational cost of running JULES on Archer) created by p.j.irvine
I'm trying to work out estimates of computational costs of running various …
09:39 Ticket #1361 (JLUES svn/fcm access) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Oliver, This has now been done. You should shortly receive an email …


16:36 Ticket #1361 (JLUES svn/fcm access) created by swr04ojb
Hi, can someone grant me permission to download JULES from the fcm …


11:00 Ticket #1360 (HadGEM2 run - xhosk) created by PUMA_GarryHayman
Hi I needed to rerun an existing job (xhosj) with a new ancillary file …
10:29 Ticket #1331 (cant find required STASH item 1 section 39 model 1 in STASHmaster) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Corwin, Thanks for letting us know what the problem was and I'm glad …


12:14 Ticket #1359 (Attempting to run from a new branch : failing during compilation) created by fcentoni
Hi, I am trying to get running from a committed version of new branch but …


14:22 Ticket #1358 (Start dump request) created by oma
Hello, Would it be possible to retrieve the Met Office global start dump …


12:40 Ticket #1357 (Problems with CRUN (and climate meaning) for diagnostics s30i310-316 (EP ...) created by luke
I am porting MONSooN job xkawa across to ARCHER, basing it on Karthee's …
12:01 Ticket #1356 (problems starting NRUN) created by swr04ojb
I ran xinif as a CRUN. It worked. Woohoo, good start! :) Now I'd like …


10:50 Ticket #1298 (Compile problems on Archer using the GCOM library) closed by grenville
10:49 Ticket #1296 (Error in run job output for a limited area domain) closed by grenville
answered: Since this ticket has seen no activity for some time, it will be closed
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