14:14 Ticket #1387 (quota on puma incorrect?) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Peter, I will look into this and see if I can find where the problem …
11:36 Ticket #1392 (New Aerosol Emissions) closed by ros
invalid: Hi Steven, I think you meant to create this ticket in the …
11:26 Ticket #1392 (New Aerosol Emissions) created by StevenTurnock
Implementation of new aerosol emissions into UKCA to test a scenario using …
10:54 Ticket #1391 (Copy of vn8.4 GA4.0 N96 Int Dust amche/xipvp job on ARCHER?) created by luke
Hello, Has a copy of amche been copied to ARCHER? Jeremy Walton ported …


17:14 Ticket #1390 (convsh) created by oma
Hello, I'm just reading in previous tickets that convsh is available in …


14:50 Ticket #1389 (Error in .leave file) created by charlie
Hello again, Sorry about this, but I have another problem when trying to …
12:25 Ticket #1349 (PUMA suddenly closing) closed by ros
12:22 Ticket #1382 (Unable to start UKCA tutorial runs) closed by ros
09:23 Ticket #1388 (Unable to submit job from UMUI to ARCHER) created by mbareford
I am a new PUMA user and I've been trying to submit a UM job (xklpa) from …


11:01 Ticket #1387 (quota on puma incorrect?) created by peterh
I'm currently close to my quota on puma, and so cannot submit compilation …
10:52 Ticket #1386 (Flow over Hill on Archer) created by mvguarino
Hello, I am trying to submit a job (idealized case) on Archer but I am …
10:22 Ticket #1385 (Problem compiling the UM (loading netcdf)) created by mrusso
Hello, I'm working on a nudged UM job (xiuwt) and after compiling and …


15:38 Ticket #1381 (xancil error) closed by jeff
14:44 Ticket #1384 (cray-libsci/13.0.1 is not compatible with cce/8.2.1) created by oma
Hello, I'm trying to compile a version of the UM vn7.3 with modified code …
13:25 Ticket #1383 (Example UM Vn 8.5 Jobs on PUMA) created by pliojop
Afternoon, I am looking for the job IDs on PUMA for a standard …


15:16 Ticket #1382 (Unable to start UKCA tutorial runs) created by CatherineHardacre
Hi, I am attempting to run the UKCA tutorial experiment. However, …
14:44 Ticket #1381 (xancil error) created by charlie
Hi, Sorry to bother you, but I'm having some problems creating a new …
08:40 Ticket #1380 (Disk IO error for trac project wiki) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Nick, Disk quota has been increased for the trac user so you should be …


12:20 Ticket #1380 (Disk IO error for trac project wiki) created by neb
Hi - not sure if you are aware of this or not, but whenever I visit my …


12:19 Ticket #1379 (Creating a new SST ancillary file) created by s1251469
Hello, I am wanting to replace the SST ancillary file in my job. I have …


16:30 Ticket #1378 (Unable to directly login to PUMA and unable to open the umui once logged ...) created by CatherineHardacre
Hi, I have a couple of problems, perhaps related. 1) I can't directly …


16:38 Ticket #1345 (Job running out of CPU time) closed by annette
16:33 Ticket #1369 (problems running X11 stuff on PUMA) closed by annette
fixed: Thanks for letting us know that you managed to resolve this. Annette


17:56 Ticket #1377 (CRUN run not re-submitting) created by webber24
Dear Helpdesk, I am having difficulties regarding resubmission with a job …


17:11 Ticket #1376 (umui_ukmo) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Dan, Yes, sorry, PUMA rebooted yesterday and I forgot to restart the …
16:49 Ticket #1376 (umui_ukmo) created by dan
Hi Folks, The umui_ukmo appears to be broken - I get a "couldn't connect …
14:37 Ticket #1375 (puma trac/svn for JULES not working) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Doug, The JULES trac should now be working again. Cheers, Ros.
10:43 Ticket #1375 (puma trac/svn for JULES not working) created by dbcl
I can't see the JULES code on puma this morning: svn list …
09:28 Ticket #1374 (umui not available) closed by ros
fixed: Hi, I have now restarted the UMUI, please try again. Regards, Ros.
09:27 Ticket #1373 (UMUI failed to start up on PUMA) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Declan, Thanks for letting us know. I have now restarted the UMUI. …
09:11 Ticket #1374 (umui not available) created by pfield
Hello I can't start the umui from the puma command line.
09:08 Ticket #1373 (UMUI failed to start up on PUMA) created by s1251469
Hello, I have logged on to puma. Tried to open UMUI this morning and got …


16:44 Ticket #1372 (GC2 standard job on Archer) created by wx019276
Hi, I have been looking on the umui for a standard GC2 configuration for …
10:10 Ticket #1365 (UMUI Tutorial: Diagnostic errors) closed by ros


17:22 Ticket #1371 (Global Job Failing in Reconfiguration) created by LSaffin
I'm trying to run a global model (job xjjhx) using automatic resubmission …


16:09 Ticket #1370 (xconv1.92) closed by annette
fixed: Glad you sorted this out, and thanks for letting us know. Annette
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