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15:06 Ticket #1389 (Error in .leave file) closed by annette
fixed: This last comment has been moved to a new ticket #1414 Annette
14:55 Ticket #1414 (HadGEM2 failure) created by charlie
My job that we discussed a few weeks ago has been running, but has got to …
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16:25 Ticket #1413 (Number of MPI tasks per node?) created by swr04ojb
Hello, am I correct in thinking that the recent upgrade to ARCHER moved …
15:35 Ticket #1412 (HadGEM3-A v7.3 N96 on ARCHER) created by mbollasi
Hi, I am looking for the experiments files to run HadGEM3-A v7.3 N96 on …
10:07 Ticket #1411 (The UMUI on PUMA cannot establish an SSH link to the lander on MONSooN) created by till
Currently I cannot submit jobs to MONSooN from PUMA (through the UMUI) …


15:45 Ticket #1410 (Problems compiling job for AQUM) created by RPope
I get the error message: "Warning: Job killed after maximum memory …
09:33 Ticket #1409 (Puma umui no longer able to submit jobs to monsoon) created by ledm
There was a catastrophic failure of the monsoon lander last week. It is …


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12:43 Ticket #1408 (giving somebody else access to my files on the RDF) closed by ros
fixed: Excellent. Thanks for letting us know. Cheers, Ros.
11:53 Ticket #1408 (giving somebody else access to my files on the RDF) created by till
I would like to have another Archer user (j.i.robson@…) access …
09:22 Ticket #1407 (Converting coupled job to AMIP, or vice versa) created by mx020105
We would like to run a consistent set of AMIP and coupled jobs at UM8.4 …


15:52 Ticket #1405 (more quota on PUMA needed) closed by ros
14:10 Ticket #1404 (UMUI not starting up on Puma) closed by ros
10:22 Ticket #1406 (Access to puma) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Jonny, You should be able to login now. Cheers Andy
09:33 Ticket #1406 (Access to puma) created by jonny
Hi, I can't log into puma from my home pc. I get the following: …


15:47 Ticket #1394 (Xconv produces transparent display windows on Monsoon) closed by jeff
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09:31 Ticket #1405 (more quota on PUMA needed) reopened by till
I just tried to check out the branch of vn8.6. Even 3 GB are not enough it …
09:26 Ticket #1377 (CRUN run not re-submitting) closed by ros
09:25 Ticket #1388 (Unable to submit job from UMUI to ARCHER) closed by ros
09:22 Ticket #1395 (CRUN not re-submitting next month) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Steven, This was a bit of an unusual problem, I don't really have any …
09:14 Ticket #1398 (PUMA access from UMUI job) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Alex, Thanks for letting us know you have things working again. …


16:40 Ticket #1405 (more quota on PUMA needed) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Till, I have increased your quota to 3GB. Cheers Andy
16:36 Ticket #1405 (more quota on PUMA needed) created by till
Dear CMS team, I think I need more quota on PUMA. I tried to check out a …
05:15 Ticket #1404 (UMUI not starting up on Puma) created by dilshadshawki
Hello, When I type in 'umui &' after logging in to puma, the umui doesn't …


17:03 Ticket #1402 (UMUI has message qsub: Archer: Please specify walltime) closed by annette
fixed: Great! Annette
16:17 Ticket #1403 (Non-fatal compilation error) created by dps
When compiling xkooa (a vn6.1 HiGEM job) see …
15:05 Ticket #1402 (UMUI has message qsub: Archer: Please specify walltime) created by dps
I have compiled a vn6.1 HiGEM executable as a standalone compilation job. …
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