15:23 Ticket #1438 (Initial files for UM run.) closed by willie
14:34 Projects/SWAMMA edited by grenville
14:31 Projects/SWAMMA created by grenville
14:30 Projects edited by grenville
14:25 Projects/UM-NetCDF edited by grenville
11:32 Ticket #1445 (basename: missing operand, ambiguous error message) created by webber24
Dear CMS, I set a run going yesterday and have not gained any output in …
10:47 Ticket #1444 (archiving to /nerc/n02/n02) created by lsim
Dear CMS helpdesk, I am running some HadCM3 v4.5.1 jobs on Archer and …
10:18 Ticket #1443 (8.4 Run Crash Problem) created by pliojop
Hi, I have a version 8.4 job (xkmwb) running on Archer. It is a copy of …


16:36 Ticket #1312 (Running UKCA 8.4 on ARCHER) closed by annette
16:36 Ticket #1245 (compile problems on Archer) closed by annette
16:30 Ticket #1393 ("Not a typewriter" error in reconfiguration for large domain UM run.) closed by annette
16:26 Ticket #1390 (convsh) closed by annette
16:25 Ticket #1401 (Heating rate diagnostics) closed by annette
16:24 Ticket #1420 (Error in locking authority file) closed by annette
16:21 Ticket #1437 (umui not opening on puma) closed by annette
14:54 Ticket #1442 (Creating new branch with FCM) created by apm
I am trying to create a script mod for a UM8.6 job, but am running into …


18:34 Ticket #1441 (Xancil Permission denied error: cannot create new ancillary file) closed by jeff


10:53 Ticket #1441 (Xancil Permission denied error: cannot create new ancillary file) created by fcentoni
Hi, I am trying to create new UKCA emission ancillary files using Xancil …


09:59 Ticket #1440 (umui submit/extract not working) closed by grenville
09:24 Ticket #1440 (umui submit/extract not working) created by cryder
I'm getting strange problems trying to submit my job xjxof. When I submit …


17:12 Ticket #1439 (qsserver failure) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS Helpdesk, I'm trying to run a UM job on ARCHER under my account …
16:09 Ticket #1438 (Initial files for UM run.) created by fadzilmnor
Hi, I would like to request initial files, 6-hourly data …
15:22 Ticket #1437 (umui not opening on puma) created by cryder
When I try to run the umui from puma, I get the following error: …


14:59 Ticket #1436 (way to "switch on" stack trace in HadGEM3?) created by swr04ojb
Hello, I was wondering if there was anything in particular I could switch …


17:43 Ticket #1435 (weird glitch in submitting jobs to ARCHER) created by swr04ojb
I'm finding today that when I submit jobs to ARCHER sometimes the job will …
17:10 Ticket #1434 (problems finding MPL) created by luke
Some students on the UKCA training course are having problems with MPL. …
14:10 Ticket #1433 (Reset PUMA account) created by MikeN
Hi, Can you reset my PUMA account 'MikeN' please as I can't log in. I …


14:38 Ticket #1431 (Job submission failed) closed by ros
fixed: Solution to setup $HOME/.profile as detailed on the FCM UM Tutorial …
13:01 Ticket #1432 (UM Training) created by cereeves
I am attending the UKCA training course next week, but have not done the …


23:24 Ticket #1431 (Job submission failed) created by Fazrinhanif
Hello, I received an error message whilst completing the FCM tutorial. I …


14:37 Ticket #1428 (UM FCM Tutorial - Creating a branch fail) closed by ros
12:38 Ticket #1430 (running a hector job on archer) created by lboljka
Hi I am new to the UM and would therefore like to run an old job, that …
10:00 Ticket #1429 (problem with auto update of NEMO trunk?) created by dstork
Hi, It looks like there might be a problem with the update of the NEMO …
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