13:14 Ticket #1512 (help with diagnosing error in leave file?) created by swr04ojb
Hi, a simulation of mine (xinh#g) on MONSooN seems to have crashed with …
11:48 Ticket #1511 (Nemo CDF tools) created by wx019276
Hi, I have some nemo data on the ORCA025 grid that I am trying to do …
11:29 Ticket #1510 (crun failing) created by sara123fenech
To whom it may concern, I am trying to run a job having id xktof. It …


18:54 Ticket #1509 (UM submit failed ARCHER) created by fadzilmnor
Hi, We had an error when submitting a job (UM compile job) from the UMUI …


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15:01 Ticket #1508 (Weird glitch/error on PUMA. (Problem with vi / tmp on PUMA)) created by mbollasi
Hello, I was trying to edit my SUBMIT file for job xlaxa on puma at 1pm …
14:15 Ticket #1507 (vn 8.6 no CRUN/NRUN option available) created by markr
Hello, I do not understand why the NRUN and CRUN buttons do not work in …
13:04 Ticket #1468 (Account Name) closed by ros
13:03 Ticket #1469 (slow short-job queue) closed by ros
13:02 Ticket #1472 ("UNRECOVERABLE library error" in makeBC run.) closed by ros
13:01 Ticket #1474 (PUMA login) closed by ros
13:00 Ticket #1475 (home quota on archer) closed by ros
12:59 Ticket #1478 (SSH Authentication Issues PUMA to Archer) closed by ros
fixed: See also FAQ: Resolving ssh errors
12:51 Ticket #1488 (FCM_MAIN: Extract failed) closed by ros
12:43 Ticket #1492 (PUMA: mkdtemp: private socket dir: No space left on device) closed by ros
12:31 Ticket #1500 (fcm branch version query) closed by ros
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11:08 Ticket #1506 (crun issues) created by s1374103
Dear Helpdesk, I have copied job xjnjn (vn7.3 with extended nitrate) and …


15:44 Ticket #1505 (Extract/build failures) created by simon.tett
Hi, I am often getting errors from the extract/build subsystem — of the …


12:35 Ticket #1504 (Changes to UMUI) created by simon.tett
Hi, I am doing a bit of work so the UM includes a simple representation …


11:36 Ticket #1503 (Project compute quota on MOOSooN) closed by grenville
answered: Oliver Please contact monsoon@… with an estimate of your …
10:43 Ticket #1503 (Project compute quota on MOOSooN) created by swr04ojb
Hello, I'm helping to run the final stages of the LastMIL project. I …
09:39 Ticket #1501 (Quota on puma) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Simon, I've increased your quota to 3GB. Cheers Andy


17:28 Ticket #1502 (Extract fail, svn cannot locate config file) created by dsergeev
Hi, I'm trying to run a reconfiguration of a global version of UM8.5, but …
17:21 Ticket #1501 (Quota on puma) created by simon.tett
Hi, can I have an increase in disk quota on PUMA. I'm doing some UM work …
11:19 Ticket #1500 (fcm branch version query) created by swr04ojb
Hello, I wanted to run the UMvn8.5, but with some small code changes. A …
10:44 Ticket #1499 (Adding "Help" information to a user-defined STASH diagnostic/prognostic) created by swr04ojb
Hello, I've been asked to add "Help" information to a user-defined STASH …


11:39 Ticket #1498 (problem with .profile entries) created by markr
Hello CMS, I am just recently back to using Archer. I did attend the …
08:31 Ticket #1495 (Account on Archer) closed by grenville
answered: Simon Details emailed separately. Grenville


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18:36 Ticket #1497 (Idealised UM cyclones) closed by ros
16:53 Ticket #1497 (Idealised UM cyclones) created by bobbeare
14:54 Ticket #1467 (Problem opening Jobs using umui) closed by ros
10:59 Ticket #1496 (Login problems - 'ssh_exchange_identification') closed by andy
fixed: Hi Jamie, This is an Archer issue as they look to be blocking both Puma …
10:29 Ticket #1496 (Login problems - 'ssh_exchange_identification') created by s1374103
Hi, Once logged into PUMA and trying to ssh into Archer I recieve the …
09:29 Ticket #1493 (Access to FCM) closed by ros
09:11 Ticket #1455 (Puma: "Connection reset by peer") closed by ros
09:10 Ticket #1453 (monsoon to archer job) closed by ros
09:09 Ticket #1484 (ARCHER password change) closed by ros


18:14 Ticket #1495 (Account on Archer) created by simon.tett
Hi Can I have an account on ARCHER please? thanks Simon
18:12 Ticket #1494 (Puma problem) created by simon.tett
Hi, when I try to connect to puma I get an error message: stett2@burn ~ $ …
18:08 Ticket #1493 (Access to FCM) created by simon.tett
Hi can I have access to FCM for the UM and for JULES? (and a pointer to …
17:23 Ticket #1492 (PUMA: mkdtemp: private socket dir: No space left on device) created by ih280
Hello, My account in PUMA suddenly seems to have problems …
15:33 Ticket #1491 (tmp full?) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Oliver, /tmp on Puma filled up. I've deleted some files and will have …
15:10 Ticket #1491 (tmp full?) created by swr04ojb
Hello, a couple of minutes ago I started getting messages saying I …
10:09 Ticket #1490 (qsresubmit: Error: no resubmit details found) created by webber24
Dear CMS, Have been trying to configure a job labelled xldga, which …


15:01 Ticket #1489 (ERROR: COSP in ATM_STEP_4A) created by lsim
Dear CMS, An error occurs during the first timestep when I try to run …


14:32 Ticket #1488 (FCM_MAIN: Extract failed) created by sara123fenech
To whom it may concern I am currently running a copy of job (xjnjn) …


17:32 Ticket #1487 (Faster) closed by grenville
answered: Massimo The short queue is not really a queue - it is a special kind of …
14:18 Ticket #1487 (Faster) created by mbollasi
Hello, we are finding that our setup/debug cycle for UM jobs on ARCHER is …


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12:14 Ticket #1486 (Starting the UM from a different date) created by mbollasi
Hello, we have a UM atmosphere dump from a previous simulation (xhipq - …


18:05 Ticket #1485 (8.4 Run Crash Problem similar to ticket #1443) created by scottyiu
I have a similar problem to ticket #1443: When running my 8.4 model, I …


18:28 Ticket #1484 (ARCHER password change) created by ab728
Dear Helpdesk, My ARCHER password expires in the next 24 hours. However, …


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15:16 Ticket #1311 (Error in coupled HadGEM3-AO simulation: The latest NEMO restart dump does ...) closed by annette
completed: Peer and Luke found that the model failure was due to a NEMO crash at the …


14:54 Ticket #1483 (Recommended standard N216e and N512e GA6.0 at v8.5 or v8.6 please?) created by lsim
Dear helpdesk, Is there a N216e and N512e GA6.0 job which is ported to …
14:53 Ticket #1482 (recovery of STASHmaster file from PUMA) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Andrew, It's lucky Thursday! The oldest backup I generally keep is …
14:41 Ticket #1482 (recovery of STASHmaster file from PUMA) created by anmcr
Hi, I inadvertently deleted a STASHmaster file from PUMA …
12:23 Ticket #1481 (Model levels to pressure levels) created by avanni
Hello, Is there a reasonably straight forward way of converting from …


15:12 Ticket #1480 (Problems with extract failures) created by pclark
I seem to have intermittent, unpredictable problems with the fcm extract …
09:36 Ticket #1479 (Project n02-ncas is out of resource) closed by grenville
fixed: Sorry about that - n02-ncas topped up. Grenville
09:10 Ticket #1479 (Project n02-ncas is out of resource) created by webber24
Dear CMS, I have a job held in the queue (xkyoi_run) with the following …


12:04 Ticket #1478 (SSH Authentication Issues PUMA to Archer) created by pliojop
Hi, I logged in to PUMA today and when I tried to submit a job it asked …
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