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10:33 Ticket #1544 (UMv7.7 crun fail on Monsoon) created by sara123fenech
Hi I am trying to run a job having id xlhca which is a copy of a working …


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16:29 Ticket #1543 (Problem loading STASHmaster file into xancil) created by ih280
Hello, I have problems loading a STASHmaster file into xancil with the …
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11:43 Ticket #1542 (Jobs timing out on ARCHER) created by dcw32
Hi, I've been having some trouble with my jobs running overnight on …
10:34 Ticket #1541 (ERROR: REMOTE_SHELL: not a valid TOOL) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Hannah, Sorry about that. We upgraded FCM a few days ago and the …
10:01 Ticket #1541 (ERROR: REMOTE_SHELL: not a valid TOOL) created by ee10hp
Hi, After a few job submissions I keep receiving the following error …


17:25 Ticket #1511 (Nemo CDF tools) closed by annette
17:25 Ticket #1504 (Changes to UMUI) closed by annette
17:10 Ticket #1529 (converting UM output data to PP) closed by annette
16:54 Ticket #1526 (Job with no compilation or reconfiguration) closed by annette
16:03 Ticket #1476 (UM-UKCA crash on first attempt to nudge to ERA-Interim data) closed by James
fixed: Thanks for spotting this Annette, This is now resolved. Many thanks, …
15:49 Ticket #1520 (Disk quota on ARCHER) closed by annette
fixed: Hi Graham, Sorry that we didn't reply to this. For some reason the …
15:40 Ticket #1519 (compile problems) closed by annette
15:34 Ticket #1510 (crun failing) closed by annette
fixed: Hi Sara, I see your disk quota has been increased. I assume this has …
15:30 Ticket #1508 (Weird glitch/error on PUMA. (Problem with vi / tmp on PUMA)) closed by annette
answered: Hi Massimo, We haven't seem this behaviour before so assume it is a …
15:27 Ticket #1507 (vn 8.6 no CRUN/NRUN option available) closed by annette
15:10 Ticket #1506 (crun issues) closed by annette
fixed: Hi Jamie, I assume this fixed your problem, so I'm closing the ticket. …
15:01 Ticket #1505 (Extract/build failures) closed by annette
14:55 Ticket #1499 (Adding "Help" information to a user-defined STASH diagnostic/prognostic) closed by annette
14:52 Ticket #1494 (Puma problem) closed by annette
fixed: I assume Andy resolved this, so am closing the ticket. Regards, Annette
14:48 Ticket #1486 (Starting the UM from a different date) closed by annette
14:44 Ticket #1483 (Recommended standard N216e and N512e GA6.0 at v8.5 or v8.6 please?) closed by annette
14:37 Ticket #1480 (Problems with extract failures) closed by annette
answered: This is an intermittent but ongoing issue which we are investigating. The …
14:13 Ticket #1473 (Job not running as long as expected) closed by annette
fixed: Claudia, I assume this solved your problem so am closing the ticket. …
14:08 Ticket #1465 (pe_output) closed by annette
answered: Hi Jamie, As we didn't receive a response, we assume this issue has been …
13:19 Ticket #1516 (cannot access RDF server on ARCHER) closed by annette
13:10 Ticket #1451 (Model long run crashed) closed by annette
answered: As this ticket has been inactive for some time, I'm going to close it, but …
13:10 Ticket #1417 (UKCA future climate (RCP8.5) set-up) closed by annette
answered: As this ticket has been inactive for some time, I'm going to close it, but …
13:06 Ticket #1523 (UMRECON build failed) closed by annette
fixed: Hi Masaru, As there's been no response, we assume this fixed your issue, …
09:04 Ticket #1540 (ensemble jobs, qsserver error?) created by ggxmy
Dear Grenville, My jobs failed in a bit mysterious way and I thought it …


16:24 Ticket #1539 (UM run error, Error in routine: inbounda) created by fadzilmnor
Hi, I've look at the same error message in this ticket …
14:19 Ticket #1459 (ff2pp on MONSooN) closed by annette
14:17 Ticket #1449 (Further UMUI options to help Debug HadGEM3-A) closed by annette
14:15 Ticket #1509 (UM submit failed ARCHER) closed by annette
14:13 Ticket #1498 (problem with .profile entries) closed by annette
worksforme: Hi Mark, As this ticket has been inactive for 4 weeks I'm going to close …
13:45 Ticket #1538 (Reconciling old start dumps to model input requirements) created by kieranmrhunt
Hi there, I'm trying to use an old MO start dump (July 2007) in a basic …
12:04 Ticket #1537 (stage_1_submit and umuisubmit_run not created when processing job) created by peatman
I am trying to submit UM jobs from PUMA to ARCHER but it fails to generate …
09:10 Ticket #1536 (ff2pp not working) created by kz821407
The file that I would like to convert can be found here: …


15:30 Ticket #1535 (Global forecast job template) created by dsergeev
Hi, Could you please recommend an existing job in a global weather …


12:37 Projects/INSPECT/NEMOTAM edited by annette
12:34 Ticket #1532 (Start dump request) closed by willie


16:11 UmTraining edited by annette
12:30 Ticket #1534 (quota on /work (ARCHER)) closed by grenville
answered: Hi Felix Increased your quota to 1TB Grenville
10:53 Ticket #1534 (quota on /work (ARCHER)) created by fpithan
Dear CMS team, I am exceeding my quota on /work (Archer) of 10Gb. I can …


19:07 Ticket #1533 (qsserver -- probably archive failure to RDF) created by simon.tett
Hi, I'm getting failures from qsserver when I try and archive. I think …


15:07 Archer/DDT edited by grenville
14:54 Archer/DDT edited by grenville
12:54 Ticket #1531 (Problem running model on Monsoon) closed by ledm
fixed: Solution was the restart the job as an NRUN.
11:40 Archer/DDT edited by grenville
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11:01 ddt.png attached to Archer/DDT by grenville
picture of DDT startuo window
11:01 Archer/DDT edited by grenville
11:00 Ticket #1532 (Start dump request) created by kieranmrhunt
Hi, Would it be possible to get hold of the Met Office global start dump …
10:46 Archer/DDT edited by grenville
09:29 Archer/DDT created by grenville


16:02 Ticket #1531 (Problem running model on Monsoon) created by ledm
Hi, I'm working on a NEMO run on monsoon at the moment, and I've …
13:55 Ticket #1530 (Job Error) closed by grenville
answered: Shirley The lbc file for this run only contains data for 2007/07/11:1800 …
13:32 Ticket #1530 (Job Error) created by shirley.echendu
Please see this output error …


18:39 Ticket #1529 (converting UM output data to PP) created by simon.tett
Hi, do I need to convert UM output to PP data. If so how do I do it? many …
09:07 Ticket #1528 (UKV configuration with gaussian bumps) created by fd001150
I'm trying to run a version of the UM: UKV configuration with gaussian …


12:18 Ticket #1527 (New multi-level diagnositic) created by simon.tett
Hi, we've added two layer snow to the UM (for our own purposes). Is there …
11:47 Ticket #1526 (Job with no compilation or reconfiguration) created by simon.tett
Hi, I've got a job (xlds#g) which does no compilation or reconfiguration. …


09:13 Ticket #1525 (error when using newly created orography ancillary file) closed by fpithan
answered: thanks a lot - I probably should have checked the general settings in …
08:02 Ticket #1525 (error when using newly created orography ancillary file) created by fpithan
I want to do an atmosphere-only with modified orography files - but this …


14:26 Ticket #1524 (advanced debug of job) created by swr04ojb
Hi NCAS, we have a bug that is proving tricky to chase. What would be …


15:17 Ticket #1523 (UMRECON build failed) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS Helpdesk, I'm having a trouble with my UM job, tdvur, which is …


18:18 Ticket #1522 (Unsure error on UM run) created by fadzilmnor
Hi. We did a test run, and it didn't produce the output files. The job is …
13:06 Docs/Mobilis edited by karthee
10:19 Ticket #1521 (RDF on ARCHER) created by swr04ojb
Hello, ARCHER announced recently that the RDF was back up, so in response …
09:18 Ticket #1520 (Disk quota on ARCHER) created by gmann
Dear NCAS-CMS helpdesk, I'm running a copy of the xlavb UM-UKCA …
09:10 Ticket #1513 (Start dumps request. (ECMWF Op.)) closed by willie


14:32 Ticket #1519 (compile problems) created by simon.tett
Hi, if I turn off full extract/build etc and submit job then compilation …
12:39 Docs/Mobilis edited by karthee
09:42 UmTraining/TutorialJobsUMUI edited by ros


18:54 Ticket #1518 (Running UM interactively on Archer) created by simon.tett
Is there any guidance on how to run the UM interactively on Archer to take …


16:47 UmTraining/TutorialJobsUMUI edited by annette
16:46 UmTraining edited by annette
16:42 UmTraining/TutorialJobsUMUI edited by annette
16:39 UmTraining/TutorialJobsUMUI created by annette
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15:23 Ticket #1517 (Installation of the Central Ancillary Program version 8.4) created by ggejs
Hello, Would it be possible to port version 8.4 of the CAP to MONSooN …
12:09 Ticket #1515 (hand edit files no longer working) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Mark, No worries, it had me confused for a bit too!!! Cheers, Ros.
11:59 Ticket #1516 (cannot access RDF server on ARCHER) created by fadzilmnor
Hi, I tried to access /nerc/n02/ (RDF) on ARCHER but it was empty. (my …
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