16:38 Ticket #1600 (operational UKV forecast request) closed by willie
16:10 Projects/MONSooN-XC40 created by grenville
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15:11 Ticket #1556 ('SIGFPE - Floating-point exception' and 'Due to memory limitation eager ...) closed by grenville
answered: Ticket closed - lack of activity
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14:13 NEMOVAR_cylcing_suite.png attached to Projects/NEMOVAR by annette
Graph showing NEMO-NEMOVAR cycling suite.
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11:26 Ticket #1602 (running the SCM on ARCHER - cannot build (fcm not found)) closed by grenville
answered: Add these lines to your .profile module use /work/n02/n02/hum/modules …
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10:23 Ticket #1602 (running the SCM on ARCHER - cannot build (fcm not found)) created by fpithan
Hi, I am trying to run the SCM on ARCHER following the instructions …
09:55 Ticket #1585 (OOM Error on Archer Running UM8.4+UKCA) closed by grenville
answered: James If you rebuild the entire model now, you will pick up cce8.3.7 as …
09:51 Ticket #1535 (Global forecast job template) closed by grenville
answered: Denis I am closing this ticket - it's getting too long and mixes too many …


18:23 Ticket #1601 (Compilation of UKCA vn8.4) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hi, I'm experiencing compilation failure using vn8.4 of UKCA after the …
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16:21 Ticket #1600 (operational UKV forecast request) created by sws98slg
I would like the operational UKV forecast data (prodm and prods files) for …
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11:34 Ticket #1599 (Adding new diagnostics) created by sara123fenech
Hi I have been running a job having id xlhcx which works successfully …
11:07 Ticket #1596 (Cannot access UM Trac) closed by dsergeev
11:03 rose-kpp-prototype-v2.docx attached to Projects/KPP by grenville
Rose prototype KPP documentation
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10:46 Ticket #1598 (Segmentation fault) created by ih280
Hello, I am trying to continue running a job (xleos) that has run …
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NOC logo
09:55 Ticket #1597 (Creating general ancillaries) created by michmcr
I am currently trying to set up my model to run for 60 years, however a …
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12:48 Ticket #1596 (Cannot access UM Trac) created by dsergeev
Good afternoon, The UM Trac system seems not to be working today: the URL …
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14:49 Ticket #1595 (computational resources question) created by renfrew
Good afternoon I have a question about running (wallclock) time for some …
10:05 Ticket #1593 (Disk Quota on /work ARCHER) closed by grenville
fixed: Claire Increased as requested - it may take a few hrs to be usable. …


16:56 Ticket #1592 (model experiment stops running after few years) closed by grenville
16:22 Ticket #1594 (UM reconfigureation error : Ancillary files have not found) closed by grenville
11:13 RoseCylc edited by annette


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18:25 Ticket #1594 (UM reconfigureation error : Ancillary files have not found) created by fadzilmnor
Hi, I am using a copy of cascade-with-dust (xktr.e from training course) …
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11:20 Ticket #1590 (Ancillary for 1974 (SST and seaice) error: GAS_CALC: no gas data for this ...) closed by grenville
09:13 Ticket #1593 (Disk Quota on /work ARCHER) created by cryder
Hello, Would it be possible to increase my quota on /work/n02/n02/cryder …


15:42 Ticket #1592 (model experiment stops running after few years) created by mbollasi
Hello, I am running the atmospheric component of HadGEM3 with prescribed …


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16:02 Ticket #1591 (OpenIFS) created by oma
Hello, According to the NCAS-CMS Projects site, OpenIFS was installed in …
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13:19 Ticket #1590 (Ancillary for 1974 (SST and seaice) error: GAS_CALC: no gas data for this ...) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, Jobid: xlkjp. In attempting to sun a simulation starting at …
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14:06 Ticket #1589 (REPLANCA: PP HEADERS ON ANCILLARY FILE DO NOT MATCH) created by s1374103
Dear CMS Helpdesk, Original job: xjnjn My job: xlnah The original job …
12:33 Ticket #1588 (passphrase and umui compilation fail) created by Leighton_Regayre
Since ARCHER jobs stopped running a few days back, my passphrase and …
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17:59 Ticket #1587 (8.2 dump in 7.5 model reconfiguration job) created by chollow
Hi, I'm testing a 7.5 reconfiguration job (for a limited-area 12-km …
15:14 Archer/SCM edited by grenville
11:58 Ticket #1544 (UMv7.7 crun fail on Monsoon) closed by ros
answered: No further comment has been made on this ticket in the last few weeks and …
11:53 Ticket #1576 (Archiving problem UMvn7.7) closed by ros


16:45 Archer/SCM edited by grenville
10:16 Ticket #1586 (Ancillary files are needed) created by dh023729
Dear CMS, I have been using HadGEM2 on ARCHER to do a series CMIP5 type …
09:46 Ticket #1585 (OOM Error on Archer Running UM8.4+UKCA) created by pliojop
Morning, Since late March I have been running teh UM at version 8.4 with …


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15:37 Ticket #1584 (Archiving to ARCHER's RDF failed) created by dsergeev
Hi, I tried running a global UM with archiving to the RDF (/nerc) …
15:24 Archer/SCM edited by grenville


15:47 Ticket #1582 (UM error Wrong Dimensions) closed by grenville
answered: Fadzil xkynf still has the Endgame switch on - look in …
15:27 Ticket #1571 (SSTs for AMIP experiment) closed by grenville
fixed: Problem fixed.
15:26 Ticket #1558 (Replacing missing start dump fields) closed by grenville
answered: Kieran I think this has been addressed in your ticket 1570, so, we'll …
15:05 Ticket #1570 (Near-identical job failing to converge) closed by grenville
answered: Kieran I got a model running with a couple of extra tweaks to the …
14:39 Ticket #1583 (Running on ARCHER - umui settings) created by pringle
Hi, I've copied a job from someone and I'm just adapting it to run from …
14:35 Archer/SCM created by grenville
11:37 Ticket #1553 (ensemble run stopped) closed by annette
fixed: This was answered offline, and was to do with the user's environment. …
11:36 Ticket #1549 (killed jobs) closed by annette
fixed: This was answered offline. For reference see: #1485
11:27 Ticket #1477 (nudging the new release job 4.0) closed by annette
answered: This ticket is being closed due to lack of activity. Annette
11:24 Ticket #1461 (Changing from Nudged mode back to free-running) closed by annette
answered: This ticket is being closed due to lack of activity. Annette
11:22 Ticket #1416 (problem with duplicated variables in dumps from UKCA run) closed by annette
answered: Ticked closed due to inactivity. Annette
11:18 Ticket #1577 (UM build fails after adding subroutines to vn8.6 in UKCA subdirectory) closed by annette
fixed: From offline communication, this turned out to be a typo. Annette
09:42 Ticket #1580 (qsexecute not found) closed by ee10hp
fixed: Thanks Annette, that's fixed it! Hannah


13:57 Ticket #1485 (8.4 Run Crash Problem similar to ticket #1443) closed by scottyiu


16:26 Ticket #1538 (Reconciling old start dumps to model input requirements) closed by annette
answered: This ticket has been superseded by #1558
15:05 Ticket #1575 (xancil wants formula_terms @ vertical coordinate) closed by jeff
answered: Hi Lina Good to hear it worked. It looks like they moved the VERT_LEV …
14:09 Ticket #1582 (UM error Wrong Dimensions) created by fadzilmnor
Hi, I am trying to get my job running, but I got to this error: […] …
13:46 Ticket #1567 (convsh on Archer RDF) closed by jeff
13:28 Ticket #1581 (JASMIN login via ARCHER cray-mpich conflict error) closed by annette


13:37 Ticket #1579 (tested job failed on ARCHER) closed by grenville
answered: Tobia The reconfiguration didn't fail (or there is no leave file to …
13:14 Ticket #1578 (Change the NEMO iodef file) closed by grenville
12:51 Ticket #1581 (JASMIN login via ARCHER cray-mpich conflict error) created by Leighton_Regayre
In attempting to login to JASMIN so that I can transfer data from /work …
09:52 Ticket #1580 (qsexecute not found) created by ee10hp
Hello, I'm trying to get my job xkzsa up and running on ARCHER. The base …


15:58 Ticket #1579 (tested job failed on ARCHER) created by tt282
Dear all, I am currently running a job (xlldg) on ARCHER with the UM …
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