11:21 Ticket #1650 (Working with UM data) created by simon.tett
Hi, after some fighting with the UM at version 8.5 I'm ready to do some …


15:45 Ticket #1649 (HadGEM2 v6.6.6 on CRAY) created by PUMA_GarryHayman
Garry - copying our email trail to the helpdesk so other members of the …
07:06 Ticket #1648 (stat-view error) created by simon.tett
Hi, my model has crashed :-( due I think to some stashy problem. I'm …


17:37 Ticket #1647 (has NEMO3.4 been installed on the XCM?) created by till
Dear CMS Team, I am migrating my UKESM experiments from the old MONSooN to …
15:41 Ticket #1634 (Writing to standard out) closed by jeff
15:26 Ticket #1644 (CAP versions on the CRAY missing) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Emma, CAP vn9.0 is now installed under /projects/um1/vn9.0/cray/ancil …
12:31 Ticket #1646 (UM jobs running very slowly) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, I submitted an ensemble of 10 UM jobs (vn8.4+UKCA) on ARCHER, …
12:22 Ticket #1645 (Various keys not working in umui) created by cryder
Hi, When I open the umui, and try to make changes to a job, the arrow keys …
12:15 Ticket #1644 (CAP versions on the CRAY missing) created by ggejs
I have been using the CAP version 8.3 on the ibm MONSooN machine. However …
11:00 Ticket #1619 (job id xlqid) closed by avanni
fixed: Hey, Just to let you know, the model has completed successfully. We can …
07:56 Ticket #1643 (SCM documentation update?) created by fpithan
Hi, could you update the SCM documentation on the documentation page? …


16:13 Ticket #1642 (XCM qsreconf times out - does not exit PBS script) created by markr
Hello, (see job xlsqe) I have an error with qsreconf (not sure yet what it …
16:05 Ticket #1621 (jobs not compiling) closed by annette
16:00 Ticket #1631 (Doughnut shape feature) closed by annette
15:48 Ticket #1641 (_pmi_daemon_barrier error) closed by grenville
15:48 Ticket #1641 (_pmi_daemon_barrier error) created by grenville
If you see this error on ARCHER — in this case from a UM 8.6 …
14:40 Ticket #1640 (segmentation fault when converting from double-call to time-stepping) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, I'm attempting to convert a job (xltp.a) configured to use …
13:39 Ticket #1639 (global model build job not compiling) created by anmcr
Hello, This is related to previous ticket #1612 which was a request for a …


20:24 Ticket #1638 (Crashing with new SST and seaice ancilleries) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, My UM job of vn8.4+UKCA, tdyoo, crashed. The only change made …
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16:19 Projects/MONSooN-XC40 edited by ros
16:08 Projects/ESiWACE edited by ros
11:56 Ticket #1636 (Extending a run) closed by grenville


12:43 Ticket #1637 (Segmentation fault on Cray) created by JuwonKim
I encountered the following message when a run killed. …
12:42 Ticket #1636 (Extending a run) created by s1251469
Hello, I ran for 2 years. Now I would like to run for an extra year. How …
12:21 Ticket #1635 (Problems with auto-archiving from v7.3 nudged HADGEM3-UKCA jobs on ARCHER. ...) created by ee10hp
Dear NCAS-CMS helpdesk, Thank you for your help. I am having some …
12:00 Ticket #1634 (Writing to standard out) created by richie
I am trying to track down a FPE in the JULES part of the UM and have put …
08:29 Ticket #1632 (ff2pp(vn8.5) on Cray(xcs) MONSooN2) closed by grenville


18:59 Ticket #1633 (Compilation error) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Leighton, This has now been fixed. We were undertaking some …
17:32 Ticket #1633 (Compilation error) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, I've received a compilation error I don't understand, but which …
14:38 Ticket #1632 (ff2pp(vn8.5) on Cray(xcs) MONSooN2) created by JuwonKim
I have a 64bit field file which i need to change into a 32bit pp file in …


14:06 Ticket #1631 (Doughnut shape feature) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, I feel strange about the feature I found in several output …


11:59 Ticket #1630 (fcm commit fails -- no space left on device) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Claudia, /tmp has now been sorted out and you should now be able to …


12:15 Ticket #1630 (fcm commit fails -- no space left on device) created by csteadman
Hello, I tried to fcm commit and received the error 'No space left on …


10:05 Ticket #1629 (Explicit llsubmit in UMUI generated scripts from SUBMIT) closed by ros
answered: Hi Mark, Yes, I am indeed aware of this. We have not sorted out …
09:46 Ticket #1629 (Explicit llsubmit in UMUI generated scripts from SUBMIT) created by markr
Hi You probably know this already but there is explicit lsubmit in the …


11:55 Ticket #1628 (Compilation with NetCDF on Cray) created by PUMA_GarryHayman
I have successfully upgraded one of my jobs (xlrlc) to compile and run on …


17:03 Ticket #1627 (meteorologies in double call simulations) created by ggxmy
Dear CMS, We run the UM RJ4.0 with some modifications. We use nudged …
11:12 Ticket #1563 (N512 job ported to Monsoon?) closed by avanni
duplicate: Hi, No worries! I guess this issue has now been extended to the ticket …
10:58 Ticket #1539 (UM run error, Error in routine: inbounda) closed by willie
answered: Closed as no further response.
10:51 Ticket #1612 (i need a LAM running on ARCHER) closed by willie
10:50 Ticket #1625 (Error for running xleph: .leave file attached) closed by willie


21:00 Ticket #1609 (Model output on different grids) closed by dsergeev


21:02 Ticket #1626 (UMUI STASH errors with >512 items and >300 user prognostics) closed by luke
16:56 Ticket #1626 (UMUI STASH errors with >512 items and >300 user prognostics) created by luke
Hello, I'm trying to diagnose an issue with UKCA, and to do so I have …


11:43 Ticket #1615 (Extracting island data from a UM4.5 Ocean dump) closed by grenville
11:28 Ticket #1614 (ff2pp issue) closed by grenville
answered: closed for lack of activity
11:27 Ticket #1573 (Possibility of Single Column Runs at vn 8.6 on MONSooN) closed by grenville
11:24 Ticket #1545 (Misunderstood error in check setup) closed by grenville
11:23 Ticket #1581 (JASMIN login via ARCHER cray-mpich conflict error) closed by grenville
11:15 Ticket #1587 (8.2 dump in 7.5 model reconfiguration job) closed by grenville
answered: Chris I'll close this for now. Grenville
10:37 Ticket #1599 (Adding new diagnostics) closed by grenville
answered: Closed for lack of activity
10:34 Ticket #1624 (Conversion of rotated pole to regular lat lon grid) closed by grenville
completed: Alex Thanks for the information - I'll close this for now. Grenville


16:02 Ticket #1625 (Error for running xleph: .leave file attached) created by scottyiu
I am trying to run xleph using the start dumps that I have generated in a …
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