18:32 Ticket #1723 (obtaining latest xconv / convsh) created by iwi
We are using and distributing xconv / convsh at CEDA. Currently we have …
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22:54 Ticket #1722 (Archiving error and "Stale NFS Handle" issue on ARCHER RDF archive) created by gmann
This evening I just logged in to ARCHER to check the status of a model run …
13:38 UM/CodeBrowsers edited by ros
10:30 Ticket #1721 (Model hangs running but with no output) created by michmcr
I have attempted to run my model xlell, which is a direct copy from xlelf …


14:22 Ticket #1720 (Issue with IAU file in a UMUI job) created by sam89
Hi I am having trouble including a IAU perturbation file into a UM run. …


17:25 Ticket #1719 (Error with CRUN, NEMO restart dump no consistent with the UM .xhist file) created by dilshadshawki
Hello Helpdesk, I have been trying to run a job xlzcg and I have managed …


16:35 Ticket #1718 (ideal resubmission frequency on ARCHER) created by fpithan
I would like to reduce the time my jobs spend in ARCHER queues to speed up …
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11:04 Ticket #1717 (UM-UKCA v8.4 ARCHER job xlrfv reconfiguration cannot find STASH section ...) closed by luke
duplicate: Hi Graham, This is a duplicate of #1324 and #1169. This is probably an …
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10:29 Ticket #1717 (UM-UKCA v8.4 ARCHER job xlrfv reconfiguration cannot find STASH section ...) created by gmann
Dear NCAS-CMS helpdesk, My UM-UKCA v8.4 job xlrfv on PUMA —> ARCHER is …
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09:09 Blog: CAP9.0 Installed on ARCHER created by willie
09:04 AboutCMS/People created by ros
08:29 Ticket #1716 (vn7.3 AO CICE headers on Monsoon) created by dcw32
Hi, I'm currently using the vn7.3 AO coupled to stratospheric chemistry …


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15:47 Ticket #1715 (Model run crashed) created by im13009
Hi, I'm a new user of Archer and I have tried to run several jobs and I …


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15:53 Ticket #1662 (Problem of submission and compilation of jobs to/on ARCHER Sat 19 & Sun 20 ...) closed by ros
15:49 Ticket #1713 (Broken links on collab wiki) closed by ros
fixed: Thanks Mark. I have now fixed this links. Cheers, Ros.
14:53 Ticket #1714 (REMCOMMS: Bad file descriptor) closed by ros
14:11 Ticket #1714 (REMCOMMS: Bad file descriptor) created by luke
When trying to submit a coupled vn7.3 job to the MONSooN XCM I get the …
14:00 Ticket #1713 (Broken links on collab wiki) created by markr
Hello, on this page there are links to non-existent CMS pages at "NCAS". …
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12:04 Ticket #1712 (UMUI panel subindep_SubmitMethod and subindep_ResQsub differs XC30 and ...) created by markr
Hello CMS, using the XC40 (Monsoon) I see that the qsub panel offers …
11:51 Ticket #1711 (How can I use CrayPAT with UM vn8.6 on XCM) created by markr
Hello CMS, I would like to use craypat to analyse the performance of the …
11:27 Ticket #1706 (Segmentation Fault) closed by willie


16:28 Ticket #1708 (How retrieve a deleted experiment: identifier xkhq) closed by ros
fixed: No probs. Cheers, Ros.
12:46 Ticket #1707 (Model Failure - INBOUNDA) closed by grenville
12:26 Ticket #1710 (Disk space on n02) closed by grenville
answered: topped up


10:04 Ticket #1710 (Disk space on n02) created by webber24
Looks like I'm not the only one being affected by this (jobs on hold). I …
09:57 Ticket #1705 (Adding new STASH diagnostics) closed by willie


20:56 Ticket #1709 (FCM) created by simon.tett
Hi, I've been working with my own working copy and editing it. I am now …
16:41 Ticket #1708 (How retrieve a deleted experiment: identifier xkhq) created by dilshadshawki
Hello, I made the huge mistake of deleting an entire experiment which …
12:32 Ticket #1666 (Very slow and screen freezing when ssh'ing to ARCHER) closed by ros
12:31 Ticket #1678 (Update on slow Archer and erratic weird behaviour?) closed by ros
12:30 Ticket #1681 (failing to sumbit job due to account) closed by ros
12:28 Ticket #1650 (Working with UM data) closed by ros
12:27 Ticket #1703 (certain folder/file isn't available) closed by ros
12:26 Ticket #1702 (Time limit for MONSooN xcm jobs?) closed by ros
12:25 Ticket #1682 (Small UM change: FCM advice) closed by ros
12:19 Ticket #1707 (Model Failure - INBOUNDA) created by skolusu
My job xlsxf, on XCM fails with bellow error. […] Any help in this much …
11:05 Ticket #1706 (Segmentation Fault) created by webber24
Dear CMS, This is an issue very similar to ticket …
08:17 Ticket #1705 (Adding new STASH diagnostics) created by pringle
Hi, I wonder if you could help me to add some new diagnostics to a UM …


13:37 Ticket #1704 (Job submission error (CRAY)) created by dan2012
Hi, I am attempting to start one of my HadGem? simulations on the CRAY …
11:41 Ticket #1703 (certain folder/file isn't available) created by fadzilmnor
Hi, I run my job, xlwwc, and the leave file is in here: …


15:45 Ticket #1702 (Time limit for MONSooN xcm jobs?) created by csteadman
Hello, What is the maximum time limit (wallclock time) for jobs for the …
13:05 Ticket #1701 (Job running but no output appears) created by charlie
Hi, Sorry to bother you, but I'm having trouble running some jobs on …


18:05 Ticket #1661 (Section 8 horribly tangled in the 4.5 code browser) closed by ros
wontfix: Hi William, Thanks for letting us know. The code browsers are, however, …
11:45 Ticket #1700 (STASH: radar reflectivity and COSP output) created by dsergeev
Hi, I'm trying to validate UM against the radar and lidar products from …
09:20 Ticket #1693 (vn 8.6 UMUI how do I add export OMP_STACKSIZE for my parallel run) closed by grenville
09:19 Ticket #1697 (Can't get any UKCA job to run on ARCHER..... again) closed by grenville
fixed: James Thanks - prebuilds are supposed to increase efficiency (they do for …
09:14 Ticket #1637 (Segmentation fault on Cray) closed by grenville
fixed: Juwon Glad you solved this. Grenville


11:08 Ticket #1699 (Failed idealised build) closed by grenville
worksforme: Carly I copied your job did a full extract and build and it built OK. …


16:55 Ticket #1686 (puma pemrission denied during submit) reopened by ros
16:15 Ticket #1699 (Failed idealised build) created by kz821407
Hi, I am trying to run an idealised set up with a free slip boundary …
15:40 Ticket #1689 (xconv still not working!) closed by jeff
15:38 Ticket #1669 (Error submitting jobs on ARCHER) closed by jeff
15:37 Ticket #1620 (Installing xconv on Mac) closed by jeff
13:48 Ticket #1698 (Query: Outputting UM-UKCA diagnostics over a regional domain) closed by grenville
10:38 UM/GettingInitialData edited by willie
10:15 Ticket #1698 (Query: Outputting UM-UKCA diagnostics over a regional domain) created by ee10hp
Dear CMS helpdesk, I am running a UM-UKCA job (xkzsp) at v7.3 on ARCHER. …
09:21 Ticket #1697 (Can't get any UKCA job to run on ARCHER..... again) created by jsabrooke
Hi, really sorry to be causing trouble again (it's the third ticket I've …


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13:38 Blog: New Xconv version (1.93) released created by jeff
12:36 Ticket #1692 (UMATMOS build failed) closed by ggxmy
fixed: I just found the messages like below, which may have been either not shown …
09:19 Ticket #1696 (No land points problem when reconfiguring from MOGREPS-G to Global grid) created by sam89
I have a MOGREPS-G job which I am trying to reconfigure onto a Global grid …


18:46 ToolsAndUtilities edited by jeff
18:32 Ticket #1695 (Unable to obtain a Cray Compiling Environment License.) created by csteadman
I just tried submitting a job to MONSooN and it didn't finish compiling. I …
17:36 Ticket #1694 (ff2pp on Cray) created by amilt
Hello, I am having trouble converting the UM output file to pp on the new …
15:52 Ticket #1693 (vn 8.6 UMUI how do I add export OMP_STACKSIZE for my parallel run) created by markr
Hello, when I added Open MP to GLOMAP in 2009 we discovered we had to use …
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19:26 Ticket #1692 (UMATMOS build failed) created by ggxmy
My UM job tdziu is identical to tdzit that runs OK, except that tdziu …
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12:24 Ticket #1691 (vn8.5 on XCM) closed by ros
fixed: Seshu managed to solve this problem. He was missing some hand-edits from …
10:09 Ticket #1691 (vn8.5 on XCM) created by skolusu
Posted on behalf of Seshu: Job xlsxb is failing with the following error. …
08:50 Ticket #1688 (reconfiguration failing) closed by grenville


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18:37 Ticket #1690 (UKCA RJ4.0 does not appear to run) created by s1460462
Hi, I am new to the UM and am intending to use the UKCA. Unfortunately …


11:58 Ticket #1684 (Submit UM Job from puma via command line) closed by grenville
answered: Phil Closing this now - open another ticket if needed. Grenville
08:56 Ticket #1685 (resubmit/qsatmos error?) closed by lboljka
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