11:55 Ticket #1789 (UKCA release job reaching esceeding job time limit after changing STASH ...) created by dilshadshawki
Dear Helpdesk, The job xlzyj exceeds the job time limit with very little …
11:27 Ticket #1788 (Wrong vertical levels in output?) created by lboljka
Hi I have been trying to output my model results on the model levels, but …


10:35 Ticket #1787 (Logging into Monsoon: publickey,keyboard interactive) created by wcollins
I have just tried logging onto Monsoon for the first time since about …


11:56 Ticket #1786 (LEM test case 4 does not work on ARCHER) created by cdaleu
LEM test case 4 when submitted from PUMA does not work on ARCHER, but does …


14:15 Ticket #1785 (linking to drhook on Archer) created by markr
Hello, I just completed the UKCA training and took one of the jobs to try …


08:43 Ticket #1562 (Install EndGame UKV job on MONSooN) closed by ros
answered: Ticket closed due to inactivity.
08:40 Ticket #1591 (OpenIFS) closed by ros
completed: OpenIFS was successfully installed on ARCHER and Oscar given access to it.
08:35 Ticket #1584 (Archiving to ARCHER's RDF failed) closed by ros
invalid: This ticket was related to several other of Denis' tickets and for other …
08:20 Ticket #1752 (XCM job) closed by ros
08:09 Ticket #1640 (segmentation fault when converting from double-call to time-stepping) closed by ros
08:08 Ticket #1623 (Routine generating error: UKCA_FLUPJ) closed by ros
answered: No further response was made to this ticket so it is now being closed. …


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10:38 Ticket #1763 (Outputting to local solar time of 1.30pm) closed by willie
10:37 Ticket #1745 (output at selected locations) closed by willie
10:34 Ticket #1759 (Missing diagnostic) closed by willie
10:31 Ticket #1751 (Run the LEM on ARCHER) closed by willie


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UM Training attendees
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15:41 Ticket #1784 (Start dumps request (ECMWF Op.)) created by fadzilmnor
Hi, I would like to request start dumps (ECMWF operational) data for: 06Z …


10:06 Ticket #1783 (Previously working job now not creating start dump) created by ee10hp
Dear CMS helpdesk, Thanks in advance for your help. In mid-December my …


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14:57 Ticket #1782 (Logging onto postprocessing espp1 and espp2) closed by Leighton_Regayre
fixed: This was a problem with my password which has been resolved.
12:47 Ticket #1782 (Logging onto postprocessing espp1 and espp2) created by Leighton_Regayre
I'm having trouble logging onto post-processing nodes espp1 and espp2. …


16:13 Ticket #1673 ("Rosie go" crashing at start-up on exvmsrose) closed by annette
answered: I am closing this ticket, but have added the untidy failure to a list of …
15:55 Ticket #1775 (N02-ncas out of resource) closed by annette
10:20 Ticket #1781 (RRUN-CRUN HadCM3) created by im13009
Good morning, I'm currently running a simulation for 200 model years and …


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10:43 Ticket #1780 (pp endianess MONSooN archiving) created by PUMA_GarryHayman
Hi, I would be grateful for some assistance. I am archiving some …
09:55 Ticket #1772 (Disk quota exceeded) closed by grenville
answered: Irene Yes - the problem is disc quota. I have increased your quota to …


16:57 Ticket #1779 (UM 10.3 reconfiguration segmentation faults) created by swr05npk
Note: I selected "10.2" for the UM version as there is no entry for 10.3. …
16:46 Ticket #1778 (FCM on archer does not recognise keywords) created by swr05npk
I am trying to run the standard GA6.0 N96 AMIP simulation at UM 10.3 on …
16:30 Ticket #1777 ("rosie go" crashes on search) created by swr05npk
I suspect this is really a Met Office issue, but I don't know where to …
14:04 Ticket #1776 (Job stops midway through the run and does not archive properly) created by dilshadshawki
Hi Helpdesk, I am running a job, xlzch, I was able to run it successfully …
11:33 Ticket #1734 (STASH item causing failure) closed by ggxmy
fixed: Resolved as #1760. Thanks for your help! Masaru
11:31 Ticket #1760 (STASH items 2-207 and 407) closed by ggxmy
fixed: It worked. Thank you for your help! Masaru


14:35 Ticket #1770 (Run failed - Failed in model executable) closed by robin
fixed: <user had mis-specified the restart files to be used in the run>
10:19 Ticket #1775 (N02-ncas out of resource) created by webber24
I spoke to Grenvile regarding this a couple of weeks ago and stated how …


19:01 Ticket #1774 (Reconfiguration failed) created by csteadman
Hello, I'd like to report an error encountered during reconfiguration of …
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15:52 Blog: Lustre pruning in the SWAMMA models created by willie
12:36 Ticket #1754 (Archiving failure) closed by annette
10:23 Ticket #1773 (mkdtemp: private socket dir: No space left on device ?) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Will, I've cleared out /var/tmp on puma and all should be well again. …
09:09 Ticket #1773 (mkdtemp: private socket dir: No space left on device ?) created by wroberts
Hi, Upon trying to open a ssh-agent on puma, I'm getting the error: …


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13:45 Ticket #1766 (UM-UKCA job that used to work now fails) closed by ros
fixed: That's great. Thanks for letting us know. Cheers, Ros.
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