14:39 Ticket #1828 (Debugging options on ARCHER compiler) created by ee10hp
Hi, Thanks for your help. I'm running a v7.3 um-ukca job on ARCHER with …
12:42 Ticket #1823 (modify_CICE_header no longer working) closed by annette
answered: No worries. Annette
11:19 Ticket #1809 (vn8.4 release job for ARCHER) closed by ros
08:49 Ticket #1813 (Insufficient amount of resource vntype) closed by willie


23:13 Ticket #1827 (A job xmbqc no longer runs (20160309)) created by markr
This job worked yesterday, I realise some work has been happening "at risk …
21:38 Ticket #1826 (Run will not compile: MPL error) created by ee10hp
Hi, My job (xmnib) compiled yesterday but an identical copy of this …
15:00 Blog: Training Course: An Introduction to the Unified Model created by ros
11:14 Ticket #1748 (My job has stopped as I have unexpectedly exceeded the time limit 10800) reopened by s.varma13
Hi Annette Thanks a lot for your message above. I have been away for the …
09:17 Ticket #1825 (Require advice on changing compiler version) created by markr
Hello, I have been advised by Cray to use a more recent version of their …


17:54 Ticket #1824 (MONC on ARCHER: Slow Writing) created by CCC_MC
I am experimenting with MONC on ARCHER. It seems like the model output is …
14:50 Ticket #1823 (modify_CICE_header no longer working) created by dilshadshawki
Hi Annette, For some reason, the modify_CICE_header tool gives me the …


10:26 Ticket #1822 (emacs on Archer) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Leighton, This should be fixed now. Please let me know if otherwise. …
08:37 Ticket #1822 (emacs on Archer) created by Leighton_Regayre
Hello, After the PUMA reboot last week I can no longer open files using …


13:06 Ticket #1820 (SSH issues PUMA-ACRHER) closed by ros
fixed: Hi Chris, We have now finished the maintenance on PUMA and ssh is now …
12:04 Ticket #1821 (Segmentation fault when trying to switch from 360-day to Gregorian ...) created by s1374103
Dear CMS, I have copied a release job, vn8.4 RJ4.0 CheST+GLOMAP-mode …
11:59 Ticket #1820 (SSH issues PUMA-ACRHER) created by webber24
Dear CMS, I have recently had issues with the ssh agent between PUMA and …
09:37 Ticket #1819 (SCM Namelist) created by DanielSmith
Dear CMS helpdesk, I have been trying to run an experiment using the SCM. …


11:04 Ticket #1818 (Submitting job but it doesn;t go into Q) created by simon.tett
Hi, I have a job (xlwt#r) which when I submit does not go into the Q. It …


10:50 Ticket #1817 (Model crash when outputting UM-UKCA diagnostics over a regional domain) created by ee10hp
Dear CMS helpdesk, Many thanks for your help. For my v7.3 UM-UKCA job …


11:41 Ticket #1816 (xancil does not convert all time dimensions) closed by jeff


17:13 Ticket #1816 (xancil does not convert all time dimensions) created by ucfaako
Hello, I've been trying to create a new vegetation disturbance ancil with …
15:16 Ticket #1815 (Start dumps request (ECMWF Op.)) created by fadzilmnor
Good afternoon, I would like to request a start dump (ECMWF operational) …
10:34 Ticket #1814 (error writing "file4": no space left on device) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Luke, Fixed. I'll check the old files removal script for /tmp and …
10:31 Ticket #1814 (error writing "file4": no space left on device) created by luke
A user in Cambridge is getting the error […] Looking at tickets #616


16:44 Ticket #1813 (Insufficient amount of resource vntype) created by ucfaako
Hello, whenever I try to run a job (that previously worked as well as new …


10:10 Ticket #1790 (SCM) closed by grenville
09:58 Ticket #1798 (model fails with bsend error) closed by grenville
answered: Working after increase of processors
09:56 Ticket #1801 (Disk space on /work [archer]) closed by grenville
completed: Finally answered this after phone-call reminder Grenville
09:54 Ticket #1804 (Archer login slow from PUMA) closed by grenville
09:53 Ticket #1808 (Automatically create SCM namelist?) closed by grenville


13:22 Ticket #1789 (UKCA release job reaching esceeding job time limit after changing STASH ...) closed by annette
fixed: Great glad it's working. Annette
11:56 Ticket #1812 (Compiler can't find MPL) created by MikeN
Hello, I'm getting an error when running my job xlkes, it says the …


10:33 Ticket #1811 (Archiving not working) created by michmcr
I have been unable to get archiving to work on a model (xleln) that I …


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14:43 Ticket #1758 (Error in dump reconfiguartion) closed by annette
answered: Closing ticket due to lack of activity. Annette
14:42 Ticket #1776 (Job stops midway through the run and does not archive properly) closed by annette
answered: Closing ticket due to lack of activity. Annette
14:40 Ticket #1789 (UKCA release job reaching esceeding job time limit after changing STASH ...) reopened by annette
Hi Dill, I took a copy of your job, and the archiving seems to work OK …
10:03 Ticket #1810 (GCR( 2 ) failed to converge in 100 iterations) created by s.mangeon
Good morning, I have been trying to get a UKCA run going (with nudging, …


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12:57 Blog: MONC supersedes LEM created by willie


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12:48 Ticket #1809 (vn8.4 release job for ARCHER) created by akpandeyjnu
Hello, I'm having an issue with the vn8.4 release job (xlavb). I've …


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Move installation notes to the Documentation section
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10:14 Ticket #1808 (Automatically create SCM namelist?) created by DanielSmith
Dear CMS team, I am currently in the process of running my own …
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