21:20 Ticket #1859 (Getting code from Met Office repository of the UM) created by simon.tett
Hi, I've got a job from a friendly person at the Met Office.. which has …


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15:06 Ticket #1858 (MONC Segmentation Faults) created by CCC_MC
I have been trying to run my branch on ARCHER (r756_lba_deep_conv). …
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17:43 Ticket #1857 (Performance of Rose suite on Monsoon) created by cthomas
Hi all, I am running a Rose assimilation suite on Monsoon (and ARCHER) …
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14:53 Ticket #1748 (My job has stopped as I have unexpectedly exceeded the time limit 10800) closed by annette
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13:05 Ticket #1839 (Odd compilation error) closed by annette
12:31 Ticket #1850 (FCM - Commit message editor not found) closed by ros
12:24 Ticket #1832 (Disc quota exceeded on ARCHER) closed by ros
12:22 Ticket #1834 (Standard GA6 N96 job terminated normally with warnings) closed by ros
12:21 Ticket #1851 (failed to login to PUMA) closed by ros
12:21 Ticket #1854 (fcm make problem on ARCHER) closed by ros


19:31 Ticket #1856 (How to transfer Met Office branch) created by ucfaako
Hello, I got two branches from the Met Office (Monsoon) that I would like …
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16:33 Ticket #1855 (permission to use n02-TITAN) closed by grenville
answered: Done Grenville
16:22 Ticket #1855 (permission to use n02-TITAN) created by dpolson
Hi, I need permission to run on ARCHER under project n02-TITAN. This is …
16:02 Ticket #1854 (fcm make problem on ARCHER) created by cthomas
Hi, I am using a Rose suite to compile NEMO on ARCHER, submitting from …
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21:34 Ticket #1853 (Archiving failure) created by simon.tett
Hi, My job xlwt#s is failing in archive. Looking at the instructions for …


17:37 Ticket #1852 (No leave file - run failed) created by im13009
Hello, Every time that I try to run the job tecib, the model fails. …
11:25 Ticket #1851 (failed to login to PUMA) created by anmcr
Hello, I get the following error when I try to login to PUMA. Could you …


19:37 Ticket #1850 (FCM - Commit message editor not found) created by ucfaako
Hello, I'm trying to add a Met Office branch to PUMA but the FCM …


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13:28 Ticket #1849 (Error in reconfiguration : The program was unable to request more memory ...) created by rm024650
Dear CMS helpdesk I am trying to run a copy of the standard N96 GA6 job …


16:00 Ticket #1847 (puma unvailable. ssh: connect to host puma.nerc.ac.uk port 22: Connection ...) closed by ros
14:27 Ticket #1848 (Model write error) created by michmcr
My model xlelm is running on ARCHER, however on Sunday night (Mar 27th) it …
12:40 Ticket #1847 (puma unvailable. ssh: connect to host puma.nerc.ac.uk port 22: Connection ...) created by csteadman
Hi, I've been unable to access puma since around 11 this morning. I get …


09:48 Ticket #1844 (Short Q) closed by annette
fixed: Simon, Thanks for letting us know. Glad it is working again. Annette
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15:24 Ticket #1846 (UM license and use of data) created by fpithan
I am in the process of depositing results in the university of Reading's …
12:42 Ticket #1845 (Natural forcings in VN8.5 HadGEM3-GA6) created by simon.tett
HI, is there a way of specifying time varying volcanic and solar …


09:53 Ticket #1844 (Short Q) created by simon.tett
Hi, has the short Q been (re)enabled today? Looks like not as a load of …


14:56 Ticket #1657 (how does rose bush work?) closed by annette
answered: Hi Till, I have just chased this up, and Rose Bush will now work on …
14:55 Ticket #1655 (using rose, gcylc on exvmsrose and vn10.2 on cray) closed by annette
answered: Hi Mark, I have just chased this up, and Rose Bush will now work on …
14:47 Ticket #1821 (Segmentation fault when trying to switch from 360-day to Gregorian ...) closed by annette
14:43 RoseCylc edited by annette
11:11 Ticket #1843 (Units - emissions, tracer, output) created by s1374103
Hi Helpdesk, I'm in the process of adding new organic …


16:26 Ticket #1842 (HadGAM2 failing in FCM_MAIN) created by jonny
Hi, I'm trying to submit a "compile and run" job on Archer (xmodb). the …
14:56 Ticket #1841 (Ancillary Files) created by simon.tett
Hi I've got a bunch of Ancillary files I want to use to run the model …
14:20 Ticket #1647 (has NEMO3.4 been installed on the XCM?) closed by annette
fixed: I think that the OASIS paths have now been fixed properly in the config …
13:57 Ticket #1779 (UM 10.3 reconfiguration segmentation faults) closed by annette
answered: Nick, I am closing this ticket due to lack of activity. You can, of …
12:45 Ticket #1764 (basename: missing operand, ambiguous error message (urgent)) closed by ros
answered: Closing due to lack of activity.
12:37 Ticket #1793 (COSP Model Output - vn8.4) closed by ros
answered: Closed due to lack of activity.
12:27 Ticket #1811 (Archiving not working) closed by ros
answered: This is ticket is now being closed due to inactivity. If you require …
12:24 Ticket #1812 (Compiler can't find MPL) closed by ros
answered: No further activity on this ticket so now being closed.
12:22 Ticket #1815 (Start dumps request (ECMWF Op.)) closed by ros
12:21 Ticket #1817 (Model crash when outputting UM-UKCA diagnostics over a regional domain) closed by ros
11:33 Ticket #1840 (Serial Q) closed by ros
09:39 Ticket #1826 (Run will not compile: MPL error) closed by ros
09:38 Ticket #1818 (Submitting job but it doesn;t go into Q) closed by ros
09:37 Ticket #1829 (Permission denied, incorrect RSA key) closed by ros
09:36 Ticket #1833 (Compilation failure probably related to module changes) closed by ros
09:23 Ticket #1840 (Serial Q) created by simon.tett
HI, the serial Q seems to be backed up… I've got a compile job sitting …


10:18 Ticket #1839 (Odd compilation error) created by simon.tett
Hi, I'm getting the following error when I try and compile my job xlwt#s. …
08:42 Ticket #1838 (Request for UKV forecast data) created by kz821407
Do you happen to know how I would go about gain access to operational …


13:41 Ticket #1837 (Getting traceback) created by simon.tett
HI, my UM run has crashed… How do I find out where it has crashed i.e. …
11:52 Ticket #1836 (CMIP5 RCP runs) created by ucfaako
Hello, I am searching for standard CMIP5 RCP runs on the UM6.6.3 (PUMA), …
11:22 Ticket #1819 (SCM Namelist) closed by willie


07:49 Ticket #1835 (User diagnostic problems) closed by grenville
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