10:30 Ticket #1884 (Pressure solver convergence failure) created by bharvey
I'm using Stu Webster's nesting suite to run a case study from 2009, …


12:34 Archer edited by annette


17:12 Ticket #1883 (MOSRS account/access) closed by ros
completed: Hi Paul, Your account has been created and you should have received an …
13:47 Ticket #1825 (Require advice on changing compiler version) closed by willie
13:46 Ticket #1841 (Ancillary Files) closed by willie
13:45 Ticket #1872 (start data) closed by willie
13:44 Ticket #1883 (MOSRS account/access) created by ptg21
I am starting work on a short project involving runnning simulations on …
10:40 Ticket #1882 (Access to the PUMA Rose suite) created by atb299
Dear helpdesk, I require access to the PUMA Rose suite (roses-puma) …


12:43 Ticket #1861 (Nesting Suite run with surface heat fluxes switched off) closed by grenville
wontfix: Thanks for the update - we'll close this now. Grenville
08:15 Ticket #1727 (convsh confusing error message) closed by ros
answered: Comment noted. Thanks for the feedback.
08:11 Ticket #1846 (UM license and use of data) closed by ros
answered: Taken to email discussions. Best option under consideration with the …


12:33 Ticket #1881 (problems with mosrs-cache-password & gpg-agent on PUMA) closed by luke
fixed: Hi Ros, Thanks! That seems to work - silly me! Regards, Luke
12:21 Ticket #1881 (problems with mosrs-cache-password & gpg-agent on PUMA) created by luke
I am trying to copy a Rose suite on PUMA, and I am being repeatedly asked …
11:50 Ticket #1876 (setting up a test UM simulation using ROSE on ARCHER) closed by grenville
answered: Bablu ARCHER confirmed your access to umshared - I'll close this now. …


16:38 Ticket #1788 (Wrong vertical levels in output?) closed by jeff
answered: Closing this ticket due to inactivity. Please open a new ticket if you are …
16:21 Ticket #1870 (Making UM dumps) closed by grenville
answered: Simon Wilson has some ERA data in grib which has been made available to …
10:30 Ticket #1862 (Header Record Sizes) closed by ros
10:27 Ticket #1852 (No leave file - run failed) closed by ros
10:25 Ticket #1810 (GCR( 2 ) failed to converge in 100 iterations) closed by ros
answered: Closing this ticket due to inactivity - please reopen should you need more …
10:23 Ticket #1838 (Request for UKV forecast data) closed by ros
10:22 Ticket #1867 (Another test) closed by ros
10:22 Ticket #1869 (permission to read /work/n02/n02/hum/ancil) closed by ros
10:21 Ticket #1860 (quota on /work/n02/n02/) closed by ros
10:17 Ticket #1864 (importing patch from the met office) closed by ros
10:16 Ticket #1853 (Archiving failure) closed by ros
answered: Closing this ticket now - Further discussions on this job are in #1868
10:08 Ticket #1878 (MOSRS account/access) closed by ros
completed: The Met Office have advised that your account has been set up and your …


18:00 Ticket #1880 (My job will not follow re-submission pattern on a CRUN) created by s.varma13
Hello I am having problems after I have compiled a run to Monsoon. The …
16:05 Ticket #1879 (run failure with Error Message: Convergence failure in BiCGstab) created by dpolson
Hi, I'm running an N216 version of HadGEM3-A for 01/09/2000 to 01/09/2001 …
11:51 Ticket #1878 (MOSRS account/access) created by atb299
Dear helpdesk, I am starting work on a new project (ACSIS, PI Dr Bablu …
11:02 Ticket #1877 (xlavb on ARCHER compilation issue?) created by nschutgens
Hi, Trying to get to grips with the UM, I attempted to run xlavb on …
09:44 Ticket #1875 (Insufficient space in Bsend buffer) closed by grenville
fixed: OK - thanks.


11:22 Ticket #1876 (setting up a test UM simulation using ROSE on ARCHER) created by bs
Dear Help, I am based at NOC and have an account on n01 and would like to …


17:11 Ticket #1875 (Insufficient space in Bsend buffer) created by kz821407
Hi, I am running an idealised flow over a mountain simulation and I am …
12:02 Ticket #1874 (Ancillary on xcm) created by JuwonKim
I'm trying to create ancillary files using CAP9.0 on xcm. I've got a …


15:03 Ticket #1748 (My job has stopped as I have unexpectedly exceeded the time limit 10800) reopened by s.varma13
Please note that I had initially thought the 5 days (xmnjb) run had worked …
14:07 Ticket #1863 (PUMA Disk Quota) closed by andy
fixed: Hi Alok, The quotas should be in sync now. Yours certainly looks to be …
12:21 Ticket #1873 (L_TRACER_MASS is unrecognized in namelist input) created by ucfaako
Hello, I'm trying to get a job I converted from the MetOffice? to run on …


17:28 Ticket #1785 (linking to drhook on Archer) closed by grenville
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08:53 Ticket #1872 (start data) created by dploson
I need to run a version of your standard N216 UM8.5 run with various …


15:26 Ticket #1871 (Run failure) created by simon.tett
Hi, my experiment, xldsm, failed with what I think is a qsserver failure …
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